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Top 9 Kirara Asuka best JAV special

I wrote very long time ago that Asuka Kirara was going to be one of the best performers and one of the most relevant JAV actresses ever. But she surpassed my expectations by much. Since then, Kirara improved her game so much. Right now, she looks better than ever. She is the soul and leads her own TV show and also started a career as an entrepreneur. 10 Years in the making at the JAV industry. Possibly the GOAT AV actress. And a miracle she hasn’t retired yet: Our diva Asuka Kirara.

My top Kirara JAV list and criteria:

  1. SNIS-381. Forced to model underwear OL. This JAV makes my head spin, hot as f*ck*
  2. SNIS-576. Cabin Attendant. Asuka as a stewardess is just too cute. I could not ignore this title.
  3. SNIS-951. Himekano Adaptation. I love very carefully made to detail production. Awesome.
  4. SNIS-885. Maid lotion. A classic theme in S1 studio, really hot.
  5. SNIS-789. Asuka in the AV store. Funny, it made me lol so much.
  6. SNIS-553. Fan appreciation crazy stuff. Also funny.
  7. SNIS-596. Kirara Cosplay. Hot cosplay.
  8. SNIS-666. Piston sex. Hot.
  9. SNIS-338. Boss woman at day, maid slave at night. Interesting, I really like Asuka as OL.

A full nine of SNIS titles. I considered her old HMP and ABS titles and almost included a couple. But her looks, body, and acting changed too much ( for the better). Plus the HD era arrived, and her old videos don’t look as good as her S1 stuff.

As always, it’s a purely subjective list made for fun. And I will admit I struggled hard to finish the list, so take it with a pinch of salt 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

Asuka Kirara: Our cutest AV diva

English name: Kirara Asuka
Japanese name: 明日花キララ
Alternative Nick Names: Kyi-chan, Kiitan

  • Height: 162cm
  • Boobs Size: Fake (F)
  • Born: October 2, 1988
  • Birthplace: Tokyo (Japan)
  • Blood type: A

HMP studio. 2007. AV Debut.
Prestige studio. October 2009.
S1 Style 1 studio. June 2013.

  • 2009 Best actress winner.
  • 2017 Special award winner.

Member of the EBISU MUSCATS since September 2015
Ebisu Muscats. 4th generation leader. 2015
Ebisu Muscats. 5th generation leader. 2017

Wiki: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/明日花キララ
Dmm actress profile + full AV filmography (In Japanese): http://actress.dmm.co.jp/-/detail/=/actress_id=23988/
Imdb profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4048450/


Asuka kirara pretty AV

Short Asuka Kirara Biography

Asuka Kirara was born in Tokyo. Her first job was working at a cabaret club in Tokyo. In where she had the opportunity to know a producer from H.M.P. studio. This guy scouted her and Kirara signed for their studio in late 2007.

Kirara said she was interested in joining the AV industry because she had no idea to which career path take, and she needed to start earning some money. The producer who scouted her said he was impressed not only by Kirara looks. But by how outspoken Asuka was, and how she was even able to make some jokes when they first meet.

S0, in 2007 she started shooting movies for the H.m.p studio for the HODV series, for about 2 years. Won the Sky PerfecTV !, HD award in 2009 and got signed by prestige studio. A much more important studio.

On prestige did videos under the label ABS. And in 2012 starred in a movie called “Iron Girl”, things were going well for Asuka Kirara in this time. Yet she graduated from prestige studio in April 2013. And a rain of dollars was about fall the sky for her when she signed up for the S1 studio in June of 2013.

After joining the S1S1 studio her popularity skyrocketed. And her bank account exploded, reportedly being one of the most well-paid JAV actresses, ever. Her S1 paycheck might be around the 100 million yens per movie figure. Not too shabby.

In 2015 joined the Ebisu Muscats, and became the 4th generation muscat leader sometime later. To further increase her popularity.

Asuka Kirara in Playboy magazine
Asuka Kirara in Playboy magazine
Asuka Kirara in Playboy magazine

Interesting facts about Asuka Kirara

So much going on with this girl, I did try to compile as much as I could=

  • Yes, she has implanted breast enhancement. Which looks good on her. Borderline perfect even, so I, for one, don’t mind.
  • Won the 2017 DMM adult award.
  • Appeared in Playboy magazine.
  • As said above, she leads the Ebisu Muscats idol/JAV group
  • Hanami Natsume (夏目花実) insinuated Asuka Kirara smokes weed in the Ebisu Muscats show. Asuka Kirara got pissed off… which proofs it’s real? (LOL, Of course, it could be not true).
  • Also on the muscats TV show. It was disclosed Kirara once bought a 25000 US dollar dog.
  • Released her own line of clothing. http://placelr.jp/
  • She can rap. No, seriously, she can.
  • She has a brother.
  • Her hobbies are eating and drawing… ( Like a 5-year-old, lol, but that’s what she said).

Asuka Kirara has appeared in 4 movies and some other tv shows:

  • Iron Girl 2: Ultimate Weapon (2015) – Kurisu Saotome / Iron Girl
  • Step Up Love Story: Triple Love and Love Forever. Eiga-Ban: Futari Ecchi – Toripuru Rabu&Rabu Fureba. (2012) – Jun Onoda
  • Iron Girl (2012). Iron Girl
  • Step Up Love Story: Second Kiss. Eiga-Ban: Futari Ecchi – Sekando Kissu (2011) – Jun Onoda

SNIS-381. A crazy hot scene, one of my favorite scenes ever.

SNIS-381 Kirara
SNIS-381. By this time Asuka Kirara peaked in good-looks and looked insanely hot in lingerie.

SNIS-576. Asuka as stewardess really won me over. Yummy.

How much plastic surgery Asuka Kirara has?

Plenty. Beginning with her breasts, which have enhancement implants.

But, well, who cares?. I think she has the best breast implants in the whole JAV industry. The size is perfect for her size and height, plus her nipples look really interesting too. And her breast doesn’t look operated which is a big plus, just gorgeous. Best boob implant possibly EVER.

Now for her lips and nose. They have surgery too, notably, her lips have changed a lot since the H.M.P. studio era. But she doesn’t look bad. Quite the contrary she looks really good. Except, for her smile, which looks bit plasticky. But still pretty I think (opinions might differ).

In any case, Asuka Kirara is really pretty. In my opinion, I dont mind.

KIRARA in muscats outfit
1. Kirara’s silly dog. 2. Kirara in the muscats outfit.



SNIS-553 Asuka Kirara fan appreciation AV. Really funny stuff.

My personal opinion about Asuka Kirara

I think Asuka Kirara qualities include:

  • A good body and 2 rocking tits.
  • A pretty face.
  • Knows how to speak and act.
  • Does not use her diva status to avoid porn scenes.
  • she is an active girl, that works hard and promotes her Asuka Kirara persona in any way she can. Be Tv shows or movies, she is not afraid that her family will know she is a porn-star.

All the above qualities automatically put her above the 95% of any other JAV actresses. I can only say that I like her a lot and I appreciate her 10 years working hard in the JAV industry.

I really like her a lot, and I appreciate her 10 years working hard for us in the JAV industry.

Very few other actresses can be compared to her. Truly she is our JAV diva.

Good effort,  Asuka-chan.

Asuka Kirara, JAV diva

Asuka Kirara pre-surgery.Asuka Kirara, in short hair, yummy.
Asuka Kirara post surgery, current looks.

Asuka Kirara comeback announced to launch very soon: SSNI-043

At the time of writing, Asuka Kirara was busy taking a break. And…the break is over!.

Kirara comeback will happen sometime soon, for the DVD SSNI-043, due next month November 2017 probably.  I post this because I know my site has quite a few Kirara fans… LOL.

SSNI-043 apparently is going to be an NTR video. Asuka Kirara will act drunk, in a kimono… and all that mambo.

Asuka kirara latest JAV SSNI-043
Asuka Kirara latest JAV: SSNI-043

Asuka Kirara JAV
Asuka Kirara upcoming new JAV SSNI-043

R18 links:

  1. SNIS-381.
  2. SNIS-576.
  3. SNIS-951. 
  4. SNIS-885. 
  5. SNIS-789.
  6. SNIS-553. 
  7. SNIS-569. 
  8. SNIS-666.
  9. SNIS-338.

Links open in a new tab.

Next, I will do a Shiina Sora post, which will be much easier to do. And an AVOP post.

What girls do you guys want me to do next?. I’m thinking RIO since she came back as muscats PTA this has to be the moment to do RIO. 😀 . Or maybe RION or Aoi. I’m open to suggestions, let me know the comments section.

PS: Links to Asuka Kirara movies, via youtube. (Videos don’t belong to me).
Iron Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T9YoMgWTD4
Iron Girl 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbLL1da2xAA
PS2: Asuka Kirara has a music cd for sale at cdjapan: ASKA money.

And by the way cdjapan.co.jp is a good place to buy stuff directly from Japan, including rare stuff and JAV dvds.

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oh wow! i was thinking if she had breast implant but concluded that she didn’t cause of how it bounces and how it acts while laying down. but as confirmed she had breast implants, id like to commend the doctor that operated her. a really good job! id say she has the best implant among other jav actresses.


I’m here! One of the great Asuka Kirara fans.
It’s no coincidence that they are all SNIS titles. I too would concentrate on SNIS titles.
SNIS-381 is my favorite (I love the office lady, in fact I would have a request for another girl).
Asuka Kirara has always liked me. and she’s my absolute favorite.
As you said, over the years, there has been a lot of improvement in everything.
Surgery has gone perfectly and she has been superbly improved.
I do not like repeating things, but as you said, her breast is perfectly proportionate to her body and I like her lips because characterize her face with their shape.
Then he is a very funny person and lends himself to everything outside the AV world.
Asuka Kirara is my queen!

After Shiina Sora I would like to have a post on these girls: Aoi Tsukasa, Ayami Shunka (my second prefer after Asuka Kirara), Momonogi Kana, Mikami Yua (maybe I had already done it, I do not remember), Usa Miharu, Amatsuka Moe, Tsujimoto An, Rio and Aoi Sola (also just add some videos)… but the choice is yours.
cdjapan is my trusted store.


If you had ABP-418 I would love to see it again. It was the first video I saw of Ayami Shunka (this was the request I was talking about in the previous comment).
For new posts you could alternate a girl with a long career with one relatively new (she needs to have enough video on the asset). What do you think about it?


It’s easy to spot fake boobs. Prime example is the above picture taken from ONSD-088. Fake boobs have a sharp gradient on the boundary of the implants. They tend to stay perky laying down on the back, while nature boobs will flop to the sides and possibly lost a significant volume aesthetically.

All things aside, fake boobs, natural boobs, big or small, I love them all.


Seconded SalvoPanda, aside RIO, especially Momonogi Kana, Tsujimoto An, Aoi Sola would be interesting


does kirara have creampie scenes?

Polisi Tidur


what is the reason for top girl reluctant to do a creampie scene ? do have any idea my friend ?
because it is considered as extreme action or more difficult to prepare or any secret behind it.

I observe well known av idol such as akiho yoshizawa never does a single creampie scene even in her 10 years appereance in JAV.

But in the other hand, I notice wakana nao has many creampie movies


yep watched that one. that was painful to watch. you can clearly see she didn’t enjoy making that. anyway, id like to thank you for making me a kirara asuka fan. im a big jav fan but i didn’t really pay attention to kirara even though i knew she was a top star. but because of your kirara posts, ive become a fan! i now find her cute :).

out of topic; do you have any info an a supposedly married lady who made jav’s without her husbands knowledge? her name is shiori hasegawa. i enjoyed the series of javs she made and was wondering if she was truly married and whatever happened to her.


watching one of shiori hasegawa’s vid messed me up man haha she was doing it with 6 guys in one day! i kept imagining if i was the husband, what would i have felt haha

anyway, speaking of jav actresses getting married, does kirara have a boyfriend?


safe to say kirara doesn’t lack in her meat consumption! haha


Asuka pulls the threads of her life as no other can do.
But surely if she had a man, she would do anything to not let him know (I’m not just talking about his career).


Sooo….any chance you have this mythical kirara cream pie vid and will be uploading it in the future? Happy to see so many of her vids in such high quality this month, but not sure my body will be able to keep up much longer!


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