AV OPEN 2017 is coming, get your dick ready

AV OPEN 2017 is coming, get your dick ready

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75,576 views Posted: August 19, 2017

AV OPEN, a.k.a. AVOP. Is the DVD series that releases to commemorate the Japan Adult Expo even held in Tokyo. It’s main characteristic is high quality. Very well done JAV releases. We have had many excellent AVOP releases in the past, so expectations are very high every year. Recently i posted the AVOP digest title: AVOD-301.

AVOP JAV is best JAV Damn, i’m in.

What’s Japan Adult Expo all about?

Japan Adult Expo (JAE) is basically an expo event held in Tokyo, Japan. Sort of an AV Fan Thanksgiving Day, where AV makers, fans, and actresses gather together and hold and even for the purpose of developing and promoting the adult industry.

JAE is an event held since 2014 as a new attempt to promote the AV industry, and it is held every year.

In this event, as many sexy actresses appear on the stage, also fans are encouraged to interact at the exhibition booths of AV makers.

Japan Adult Expo 2017 happens in tokyo, September 1. And tickets sake from 3500 to 8000 yen, which can be bought online.

Seems this year Ootsuki Hibiki, Kamisaki shiori and Sonoda Mion will attend the event, among others, i suppose.

AV OPEN 2017


For the occassion AVOP series dvd’s release. Which are basically well-done compilations.

Previous years great AVOP releases

  1. AVOP-272. The BIBIANS magical tour, this was so dope. Only the cover is worth a million bucks.
  2. AVOP-105. This Kira-Kira gal heaven, was too much. Awesome.
  3. AVOP-201. Takasho (Shoko Takahashi), JAV debut. Really something special.
  4. AVOP-062. Aika in Africa. Big nosebleed.
  5. AVOP-005. Tsujimoto An heavenly body, we simply don’t deserve her.
  6. AVOP-127. This is number 1 title in Javlibrary, lol.
  7. AVOP-149. To this day i am still surprised this released.

Are this 2017 AVOP releases good?

My expectations are way high right now. And my first feeling is that 2017 AVOP will not be as good as pasts year. But, ofcourse we cannot know yet, we just need to wait to check the actual releases, and i will be happy to be wrong about my gut-feeling.

I am expecting to check this titles:

  • AVOP-378, seems promising as hell. Atomi Shuri + Abe Mikako is the perfect combo, really want to check this one out.
  • AVOP-381, again Abe Mikako and Miyazawa Yukari. Abe Mikako does good 3P with other girl alongside. Everyone remember when she collaborated with Ai Uehara, that was truly epic.
  • AVOP-382, i have little doubt that this is going to be my favorite AVOP 2017 title :]. And i will buy it as soon as gets released. Tsubomi, atomi Shuri among others. A Harem JAV done by Moodyz is always good. And this seems to be a continuation of one of my favorite JAV’s ever: MIRD-167.
  • AVOP-314, another crazy actress stacked JAV.
  • AVOP-320, the last BIBIANS title. Tsukishima Nanako and Shina Soraa will stop doing the BIBIANS series. This one will be huge too.
  • AVOP-374, a lolita harem.

Among a few others.

AVOP-382 is coming AVOP-382 is coming. Already cleaned my fapping schedule, omg. AV OPEN TOKYO Last year expo

2017 will have enough good AVOP releases to keep me happy. But my initial thought is that i expected more.

JAE official website: http://www.jae.tokyo/jae2017/index.html

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