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Last time I made a very casual post about Japanese male AV actors and it peaked well over 100 comments. I decided to make an extended post covering more actors. The idea of this list. Is to put a face and name to as many Japanese male actors as I could. I also link to their Twitter or other information pages if they are known.

Some guys asked why the males aren’t treated same as the female counterparts and they not even get tagged by name by DMM. I think the easy answer is that the male actors don’t draw as much as the female counterparts. The 2nd answer is that DMM (FANZA!) isn’t bothering to give it a real shot. So, in reality, it will remain a mystery.

On this website, I indeed noticed that covers with a male actor on the cover don’t draw as much as the covers with girls. Regardless of how good the movie inside was (And some of them were brilliant). Or in other words, yes, there is an interest for the males but not remotely substantial yet.

Anyways, This list is open and will be expanded with more information, and also (somehow) made a sticky. If you guys have extra info or there are mistakes, just let me know:

Av Male dudes list (no particular order): 

大沢真司 – Osawa Shinji
鈴木一徹 - Suzuki ittetsu鈴木一徹 – Suzuki Ittetsu
Born: February 21, 1979
GENJIN THE GOAT 森林原人Genjin Moribayashi
Born: May 26, 1979
Taito Tsukino月野帯人Taito Tsukino
Born: April 24, 1979

SHIMIKEN 清水健Ken Shimizu
Born: September 1, 1979
貞松大輔 – Daisuke Sadamatsu
戸川夏也 戸川夏也 – Natsuya Togawa
Born: 1965
黒田将稔Yūto Kuroda
Born: October 1975

ウルフ田中 – Urufu Tanaka
田淵正浩Masahiro Tabuchi
Born: March 13, 1967
setSune セツネヒデユキ – Setsune Hideyuki
Born 1972
服部義Hattori Yoshi
Born: February 22, 1977

大島丈 大島丈 – Ōshima Jō
ピエール剣 – Piēru Ken
沢木和也 沢木和也 – Sawaki Kazuya
沢井亮Ryô Sawai
Born: April 2, 1980

italotakahashi イタリアン高橋 – Italian Takahashi
HANAOKA JITA 花岡じった – Hanaoka jitta
阿川陽志 - Yoshihiro Agawa 阿川陽志 – Yôji Agawa
Born: October 10, 1978
based 南佳也 南佳也 – Yoshiya Minami
Born: January 24, 1971

BASED JUN 小田切ジュン – Jun Odagiri
Born: January 12, 1978
志戸哲也 – Tetsuya Shido
Born: January 7, 1979
BASED dude 久保田裕也 – Yūya Kubota
BASED MUMIN4EVA ムーミン (ムータン) – Mūmin

meatball yoshino ミートボール吉野 – Meatball Yoshino
Born: July 26, 1973
TAKA AN UGLYMTF 加藤鷹 – Taka Kato
Born: 1972

tomohiro based dude 阿部智広 – Tomohiro Abe

浅見草太 – Asami sōta
IKEDA AV 池田径 – Ikeda Wataru (?)
忍野雅一 – Oshino Masakazu
ēi Takashima イェーイ高島 – ēhy Takashima

OKUMURA 奥村友真 – Okumura Tomo Shin (?)
野島誠 – Nojima Makoto
タツ av タツ – Tatsu

ジャック天野 – Jakku Amano

TAKU GOAT 吉村卓 – Taku Yoshimura
Born: July 23, 1970
今井勇太 - Imai Yūta 今井勇太 – Imai Yūta
山形健 - Ken Yamagata 山形健 – Ken Yamagata
ダイナマイト幸男 – Dainamaito Yukio

BASED BOKKY 杉浦ボッ樹 – Bokki Sugiura
Born: 1972
BASED TOKUDA-SAN 徳田重男 – Shigeo Tokuda
Born: August 18, 1934
tony_ookiトニー大木 – Tony Ooki
Born: December 17, 1971
yamadamanjirou 山田万次郎 – Yamada Manjirō

畑中哲也 - Hatanaka Tetsuya 畑中哲也 – Hatanaka Tetsuya
畑中哲也 – Hatanaka Tetsuya
三浦屋助六 - Sukeroku Miuraya Born 1957 三浦屋助六 – Sukeroku Miuraya
Born: 1957
小池イットク - Koike ittoku 小池イットク – Koike Ittoku

くるみ太郎 - Kurumi Tarō くるみ太郎 – Kurumi Tarō
manboマンボウ – Manbō (?)
佐川銀次 - Sagawa Ginji 佐川銀次 – Sagawa Ginji
澤地真人 – Makoto Sawachi
Born: 1974

山田裕二 - Yūji Yamada Born June 18, 山田裕二 – Yūji Yamada
Born: June 18, 1968
山田伸夫 – Yamada nobuo
富田 - Tomita 富田 – Tomita
金田たかお - Takao Kaneda 金田たかお – Takao Kaneda

タケル - Takeru タケル – Takeru
染島貢 - Someto Mitsugi 染島貢 – Someto Mitsugi(?)
矢吹涼 – Yabuki Ryō
川本英雄 - Hideo Kawamoto 川本英雄 – Hideo Kawamoto

江戸川啓示 – Edogawa Keiji
志良玉弾吾 - Dango Shiratama Born January 12, 1973 志良玉弾吾 – Dango Shiratama
Born: January 12, 1973
天河 - Amakawa 天河 – Amakawa(?)
栗原良 – Kurihara Ryō

小沢徹 - Ozawa Tōru 小沢徹 – Ozawa Tōru
幸野賀一 - Gaichi Kôno Born October 1, 1962 (age 55 years) 幸野賀一 – Gaichi Kôno
Born: October 1, 1962
工藤健太 – Kenta Kudō
Born: May 8, 1974
小野晃 - Ono akira 小野晃 – Ono akira

笹木良一 - Sasaki Ryōichi 笹木良一 – Sasaki Ryōichi
桜井ちんたろう- Sakurai Chintarou
桜木駿 - Hayao Sakuragi 桜木駿 – Hayao Sakuragi
Born: 1973
Kunio Katayama 片山邦生 – Kunio Katayama

一条真斗 - Ichijō masato 一条真斗 – Ichijō masato
まーくん - Ma-Kun まーくん – Ma-Kun
宮崎 – Miyazaki (?)
堀尾 - Horio 堀尾 – Horio (?)

johnnyokamotoav ジョニー岡本 – Johnny Okamoto
横山大輔 - Yokoyama Daisuke 横山大輔 – Yokoyama Daisuke
チャラスヨシムラ - Chara Yoshimura チャラスヨシムラ – Chara Yoshimura
氷崎健人 - Kōri Saki Kento 氷崎健人 – Kōri Saki Kento

頭田光 - Atama Takō 頭田光 – Atama Takō
星出 – Hoshide
渡辺琢磨 - Watanabe Takuma 渡辺琢磨 – Watanabe takuma
=玉木玲 – Tamaki Rei

安大吉 - An Daikichi 安大吉 – An Daikichi
中堀健二 - Nakahori Kenji 中堀健二 – Nakahori Kenji
杉浦隆志 - Takashi Sugiura 杉浦隆志 – Takashi Sugiura
のび太 – Nobita (?)

ジャイアント廣田 - Giant Hirota ジャイアント廣田 – Giant Hirota
学万次郎 - Manabu Manjirō 学万次郎 – Manabu Manjirō
原口 – Haraguchi
鮫島 - Sameshima 鮫島 – Sameshima

岸 – Kishi (?)
冴山トシキ - Sae-san Toshiki 冴山トシキ – Sae-san Toshiki
Goro ゴロー – Goro
杉山(盛山(?)) – Sugiyama

原 – Hara
平井シンジ-Hirai-Shinji 平井シンジ – Hirai Shinji
橋本誠吾 - Hashimoto Seigo 橋本誠吾 – Hashimoto Seigo
松山伸也 - Shinya Matsuyama 松山伸也 – Matsuyama Shinya

浅野あたる – Asaru Asano
日比野達郎 日比野達郎 – Tatsuro Hibino
ゆうき Yuki ゆうき Yuki
yutzuki 結城結弦 – Yūki Yudzuru

中田一平 Nakata Ippei 中田一平 – Nakata Ippei
柏木純吉 - Kashiwagi Junkichi 柏木純吉 – Kashiwagi Junkichi
羽田 - Haneda 羽田 – Haneda
真田京 - Sanada Kyō 真田京 – Sanada Kyō

ザーメン二郎 - Zāmen Jirō ザーメン二郎 – Zāmen Jirō
藍井優太 - Yuta Aii 藍井優太 – Yuta Aii

レフト左 – Refuto hidari

一馬 - Kazuma 一馬 – Kazuma
onosonojun 園田 – Sonoda
井口 - Iguchi 井口 – Iguchi
山本いくお - Yamamoto Iku 山本いくお – Yamamoto Iku

平田司 平田司 – Hirata Tsukasa
盛高見 – Mori Takami
たむらあゆむ - Ayumu Tamura たむらあゆむ – Ayumu Tamura
望月 - Mochidzuki 望月 – Mochidzuki

有馬芳彦 (Yoshihiko Arima) 有馬芳彦 (Yoshihiko Arima)
夏目哉大 (Kanata Natsume) 夏目哉大 (Nayumi Yayai)
今岡爽紫郎 (Shoshiro Imaoka) 今岡爽紫郎 (Shoshiro Imaoka)

東惣介 東惣介 (Sousuke Azuma)
Chiaki Uehara 上原千明 (Chiaki Uehara)
及川大智 及川大智 (Daichi Oikawa)
椎名流生 椎名流生 (Ryusei Shina)

伊佐美 伊佐美 (Isami)
渡部拓哉 渡部拓哉 (Takuya Watabe)
小田涼 小田涼 (Ryo Oda)
一之瀬悠 一之瀬悠 (Yu Ichinose)

松本哲平 松本哲平 (Teppei Matsumoto)
渋谷一星 渋谷一星 (Issei Shibutani)
ジェントル ジェントル (Gentle)
多田ヒロキ 多田ヒロキ (Hiroki Tada)

阿倍健太郎 阿倍健太郎 (Kentaro Abe)
藤木一真 藤木一真 (Kazuma Fujiki)
安藤太一 安藤太一 (Taichi Ando)
中村ダイキ 中村ダイキ (Daiki Nakamura)

虎之介 虎之介 (Toranosuke)
倉橋大賀 倉橋大賀 (Taiga Kurahashi)
安達翼 橘聖人 (Masato Tachibana)
安達翼 安達翼 (Tsubasa Adachi)

tomas dude AKA Thomas
AKA Black Fattie
dreadlocks AKA Dreadlocks
長谷川直輝 (Naoki Hasegawa) 長谷川直輝 (Naoki Hasegawa)

北澤剛 (Tsuyoshi Kitazawa)


The list if, of course, not “full”. Such thing would be near impossible. But the idea is to include as many as possible if the information exists.

  • Some are retired already.
  • An interrogation mark (?) beside names denotes that information might be wrong.
  • Japanese names come first as they are the “real” name. The English translation is just that, a translation. In many cases just be an approximation. I can’t guarantee the English names to be perfectly correct.
  • Quality wise, pictures are… what they are… bear with me. 🙂 I picked the best picture I could for each actor representative to his usual appearance.
  • Date of birth has been included if known, again, It might not be accurate.
  • I include some links to their Twitter accounts, Wikipedia or blogs if they have.
  • I have no problem helping to identify AV males, but many times I don’t know or don’t remember. If it’s not on this list chances are going to be slim. Rely on this list first.
  • If you guys are going to Google names adding a suffix to the name might help, for example, = ( Japanese name+男,  Name + AV, Name + 男AV, etc.)
  • There might be mistakes. If you notice mistakes or improvements let know and I will fix it. 
  • And If you know more Japanese male pornstars worth to be included, let me know and more info will be added.
  • UPDATE 10.15.2018: 29 actors added.

And so, which is my favorite male JAV actor?

Actually, I have no favorite. 🙂 But I think both Bokky and Taku make me laugh like no other. They both have a very personal acting and perform so well. Plus they make fans pissed off constantly, which is extra points and makes me laugh even more.

Jyun Odagiri, Yoshiya Minami, and Genjin are all incredibly solid actors too. It always surprises me how well they do. I do assume movies would never include blunders, or when they fail to get a boner, but still, good stuff from them. And Suzuki Ittetsu was incredibly solid too. If there is a Mr. perfect in this list that’s him. He is directing movies nowadays.

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Hey any idea who the son character is in this? /motherless.com/533A8E2


What about porn movie director ? Is there anyone good to follow ?


It’s really hard to keep track of directors, especially if you don’t speak Japanese. Few websites ever mention the director, and the ones that do are missing the director on half the films. The only way I know directors at all is from 7mm.tv. But here are four I’ve noticed and really like:

Piero Da – Responsible for some of the greatest films from Minimum, and some other incredibly hot loli stuff. He does great non-loli films too.

Trendy Yamaguchi – Manages to make films with some humor that are also very hot at the same time, which is rare. He does really top-notch work.

Kitorune Kawaguchi – Done a bunch of films I really like.

[Jo] Style – Responsible for a lot of very hot SSNI rapey films.


Seeing this gives us all hope of one day being able to be a male JAV actor! I mean look at some of them, in real life who would even dare to touch them.

I guess they have really good connections or links to have started in the biz? A bit like Nishi-kun right? Controversial but shouldn’t he be considered a male JAV actor?


I agree. JAV actors more realistic to actual guys then America porn stars. JAV male actor are mostly plain and not physically fit. When the last time you see America male actors with big belly under 30?


Ozawa Tōru is the favorite here! Man, he’s the best in drama sequences.


My favorite is Imai Yūta, (or at least I think that’s his photo above). He’s great in loli/JK movies partly because his body is huge, which makes the actresses look even smaller/younger. And he has an easygoing, amused personality, which is a change from the normal intentionally bland or intentionally creepy vibe many male JAV actors have. He’s especially good in the NKKD ‘Your girlfriend is letting me rape her so I won’t beat you up’ series. Two of the films in that series he’s in, NKKD-012 with Atomi Shuri and NKKD-011 with Shiina Sora, are among my favorite JAV’s of all time. —– There’s a somewhat similar male actor I like who I don’t see on the list. He’s got a huge body and an easygoing personality, like Imai Yūta, though he’s much goofier. Two films I know him from are BLK-313 and MIAE-056, both starring Shiina Sora. Finally, I have no idea if the third male I notice and like is one of the photos above. He’s intentionally bland, but he tends to be slow and gentle in his sex scenes in an oddly likable way. Two films I know him from are LOVE-348 (with the notorious uncensored… Read more »


Hey bro any idea who is in last scene of jux-325 movie…i think he is quite a famouse guy in jav


It is good to make the list and it is not so big as the one for AV female actors, maybe 1/100 or even 1/1,000 of it. Thanks to it we can recognize about 2/3 of them – not so bad. They work very hard, for the success of the movies, right? 😀


I complained about the actors of the commercial cinema and the doramas, always putting Idol men now without stopping they do not know how to act.
But what about male actors in the porn world seems something … surreal. There are each type …
I love the POV movies (I think they are called), where you do not see any actor. I already know some that I can not see from the mania that I have. They always call them as if that gave credit to a movie … sure they give that credit … but the viewer like me can not stand it and good movies that have gone then spoil to appear in the last scene the kind of always …. the old man, the bald, the fat guy, the cool beach … etc
That male porn consumer wants to know something about no actor?
The best movies are those where there are “actors” anonymous where the voice is the woman … as it has to be.


Hi Love your website. Do you know how cocasion people can act in AV movies.
I saw few with showing faces of them. Sometimes I just dream to be one in a constant shootout movie for example 🙂


Hey bro any idea who is in last sex scene of jux-325 movie…i think he is quite a famouse guy in jav


Hello,.your original male actor’s blog,brought me to register here at “Jav.Guru”..I figured, these fans,know their stuff,and you really out did yourself,with this new extensive list,of actor’s..By far, “Sagawa Ginji”,is my favorite,and I’m thrilled to finally place a name,to his face.he’s followed by an older gentleman (with many years in the industry),that’s not on either of your list.he’s on the cover of both NSPS-587 & NSPS-599.

Matsushita Saeko
Matsushita Saeko

Matsushita Saeko


Please I need the name of this old man name and all of his video source.



Hi admim, do you know whos this jav actor? https://www.xnxx.com/video-ny0gzd3/asian_2


Hello! Does anyone know the name of the actor in this video?? -> TOMN-146

nguyễn Long
nguyễn Long

please help me , the name of the first in film ( silk 105 another side) tks !


JAV Series:

JAV Actress: