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Short introduction to male JAV actors

Truly there is little information about male JAV actors going around, even more compared to female JAV actresses. This is simply because DMM neglects the males and put all the effort in the female actress. I kind of agree, actually, with this point of view. But then I get curious to know about the actors and it’s a desert out there, even hard to know their names at times.

Also, it is well known, that the Japanese male pornstar universe it’s a bit of a mess. And generally, they are underpaid at their work. Another characteristic of male JAV actors is that their careers span much longer than their female counterparts. It’s pretty common that they will have 10 or 20+ years careers. The industry relies upon a small crop of male porn actors.

So well, I‘m no expert either in male JAV dudes, this I will say in advance, but I will try to compile some of the relevant JAV dudes and put a name to the face:

1. Genjin Moribayashi – 森林原人

168 cm tall is all our good dude Genjin needs, to reign supreme the JAV world. And become the Alpha male of Japanese AV actors, lol, no kidding. Probably he is the actor on this list with more releases?, I don’t have this fact, but I guess he should be up there.

He’s to be one of the very few JAV actors, who took the central spot of a JAV cover and became the center of attention, namely SERO-039. Where he got to screw 10 girls, at once. Make no mistake, Moribayashi, born in 1979, is the ultimate JAV male porn actress. The ultimate male god of this list.

10 girls for Genjin-san is a walk in the park. The dude is a beast, has a huge dick. Never screws his scenes, and he well-known to be a top performer. That’s why he always has a job here, and we often see him everywhere.

Another awesome fact about Genjin is that he formed a Japanese male porn association. Wew.

And this receding hair dude performs so well that he even has a book in which he explains the secrets to have a happy sex and love life. LOL.

Moribayashi Twitter link here

2. Sugiura Bokki (杉浦ボッ樹)

I called him Bakky or Bojju Sugiura in the past. But seems Sugiura Bokki, might be more correct. He was born in 1972, and perhaps even, he might be even the most notable dude in this list, for the high number of movies this dude appears on, and the incredible quality of girls he had sex on with.

With her retarded face gimmick, he is the ongoing joke in the industry. “Look at the gazillion of supermodels this retard dude has had sex with”, jelly much?… OMFG, yes!, I’m so jealous of him!, I admit.

Because, yes, probably Bojju is the dude that appeared in most JAV covers of this list. And unless I’m wrong, this dude would be the actor who also fuck*d the most cuties from this list. Don’t get me started.

Bojju sugihara

Above: Bojju doing what he does best…

Really, I don’t want to begin listing the cuties Bojju has screwed, it would never end, but to make you guys jealous enough, he had a way with Suzu Takachiho, Tsuchiya Asami, Shiina Sora, Iori Kogawa, Tsubomi, Julia, etc.

3. Ozawa Tooru (小沢とおる)

Also known as the rugged face man. Or dirty uncle, lol.

I remember him from the DVDES series. I subbed one of his movies too, in which he portraits a perverted uncle, who goes a little bit too far.

He does always a good job, both on the acting part and on the sex-scenes.

Now look at these 2 retards, the image above…is the most shocking image I found while making this post.

4. Jyun ODAGIRI (小田切ジュン)

The English name might be wrong. But something like that. I believe I saw him in a bunch of Shota videos. But the dude is, by now, already 40 years old.

I also remember him from AVOP-104, and with having sex with Sora Aoi, the lucky creep. 🙂

Jyun ODAGIRI with Masahiro KOBAYASHI. In the picture up there.

5. Masahiro Tabuchi (小林政宏)

Can be also be known as Masahiro Kobayashi. In any case, he has one of the most recognizable faces in the JAV industry. And he gets plenty of camera time when he gets to be cast in the films.

He starred in the series, ” Let Me Introduce My Bitch to you”, by Masahiro Tabuchi. Which belongs to the YRMN series. YRMN-023 to be more precise. In this series, the male porn-star introduces the female girls and then proceeds to have sex with them. Sadly, this series only lasted 4 episodes.

He was in S1 too for a while, where he had sex with Kojima Minami and Asuka Kirara. And hundreds of other films, not a bad run, for a dude that is right now 51 years old.

6. Taku YOSHIMURA – 吉村卓

Taku YOSHIMURA is the dude who looks like a perverted uncle. The dude is ugly as f*ck, but the thing is that he wasn’t that ugly when he started. His looks worsened and evolved over time. Since he has been in the industry a whopping 23 years already. Being born in 1970.

His trademark is the “perverted uncle smile”, very characteristic and equally funny. And the “perverted uncle licking young girls”. See pictures below.

Nevertheless, he is one of my favorite characters. Because he always make’s me lol. And don’t get fool

God, why. Guess who was lucky enough to have sex with Suzu Takahachiho, Yes indeed.

7. Masatoshi Kuroda – 黒田将稔

Might be also known as Akira KURODA, Yôta AKAGI, or Kuroda-kun.

He is the muscular dude, he often plays a more handsome dude role. He also has been almost 20 years in the industry already.

Probably it’s easy to recognize his abs. 🙂

Masatoshi Kuroda with  Jyun ODAGIRI up there. And a hipster(Edit: Yoshiya Minami (南佳也)).

8. Yeah Takashima – イェーイ高島

Also known as Ehy Takashima, this dude is dangerous. You would not want your sister to cross his path on a lonely street with this dude. Takashima-kun is a crazy b*stard, and rough sex is his trademark.

And when I say rough, and I say, Takashima. I mean TOO ROUGH and TOO crazy.

I remember one of his scenes in which he r*ped a girl, and it was so rough that I thought it was real. It was sickening. For a long time, I thought that bald meant danger, lol.

He also played the bad dude on SNIS-442 vs. Sayaba Miyabi. (Pic below)

Takashima twitter: takashimaehy

9. Ginji Sagawa (佐川銀二).

10. Makoto Nojima

I remember him creeping on Matsumoto Nanae at SNIS-958. And on Ayano Nana. (Pictures below).

Another of my favorite characters. He look nerd and sleazy as fu*k. But he always delivers consistently.

Makoto creeping on Ayano Nana.

11. Yukio Dynamite (ダイナマイト幸男)

He plays the, obvious, bum dude. Or homeless creep that is supposed to be disgusting. And yes, he does a good job at it too.

This ugly bast*rd has been used extensively in covers too.

12. Mori Takami (盛高見)

This tabby is probably my least liked character from this list. He always plays a repulsive character that we are not supposed to like, the fat slob pervert.

I will also not talk much about him, because I don’t know much about him either. Nor I want to begin to know.

The fact that he f*cked Tia on her prime makes me extra mad.

Above: Tabby and friends.

13.  Mondo (紋℃ )

Might also appear on MON C. He is a more notable AV director than an actor, but still, he acted in a few movies. Like in SNIS-951 with Asuka Kirara.

He is also the dude I would like to know more about, but I can’t find much other than the bunch of films he directed. He also has a twitter and posts nice pictures related to the industry quite often: https://twitter.com/monpower

He also stated in the past that his favorite AV actors are Taku Yoshimura, and Genjin Moribayashi, among others.

So this is it.

Final conclusion and thoughts

Are there more than those listed on this list?. Yes, of course, many many more, but this list is long enough. And I cannot extend this post much more without losing my sanity.

Also worth noting that there are other dudes that I cannot find much about.

My final thought is that Japanese male porn actors are miles behind American porn actors. In terms of recognition and star-power, it doesn’t even compare. American dudes get much more recognition. Performing sex-scenes same story. The only aspect in which Japanese male actors can compete is in the “real acting” or entertainment wise. Probably in this aspect, Japanese actors do a better job.

This is like that because the JAV industry wants to focus exclusively on the females and often disregard the dudes, certainly, they don’t want to explore these possibilities in depth.

PS: Sorry in advance for the many typos, mistakes, sh*tty pictures and all other things about this article. I did what I could.

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Looking at JAV for years and years I know them all.
My “favorite” is Moribayashi. When you know he’s there, you can be sure that the sex scenes will be superlative.
Among those you have listed there are 2 that I never watch and are: Yukio Dynamite and Mori Takami. I can’t watch videos where they are.

However, the beauty of the JAV is that they show beautiful girls who f*ck or get f*cked by both handsome men and abominations.
They represent what are the wishes of the average Japanese (and not just Japanese), while in American porn the actors have more or less the same body.


I recognize most of them but I only knew the names of Genjn and Kuroda. Even though Genjin is the GOAT , Kuroda seems to be the “most popular”. He seems to appear the most on shows.

Even though I prefer JAV to American porn, one thing I like more about American porn is that the male actors are more aggressive. I don’t mean like choking or slapping but they actually FUCK the girls. I feel like in most JAV the guys are just going through the motions. Sometimes I want to watch a Japanese girl get pounded without watching a BDSM or rape theme movie. One thing I like more about JAV male actors is that their more quiet tho. In American porn dudes are moaning and grunting as much as the girls lmao.


Bro I am legit offended that you called Yoshiya Minami (南佳也) a mere hipster. Anyways anyone know if someone subbed that old documentary about jav male actors “The Other Side of The Sex”?


Excellent and very detailed post. Sure it misses out a couple of names (Shimiken, Jo Oshima) but still a massive work admin.
You know there are not many male porn stars in Japan, when you not only recognize the guys from face but you can pretty much guess the roles they play or how they fuck the girls. You can easily tell the creepers from the passionate ones and the powerful ones.
Also there is a guy whos name I don’t know he but brings out the same “oh God not him” feeling Yeah Takashima does. Tall, very muscular, dark skin, looks like someone straight out from a yakuza film. Saw him in titles like WFS-003 (first scene) or SNIS-541 and I absolutely hate the bastard he is so rough with the girls (even with rookies). In fact I remember a scene where he fucked Asuka Kirara so violently, it was borderline real rape. Very dangerous dude.


Which video of Asuka Kirara are you referring to?


HODV-20480, third scene (around 47 minute mark).




Maybe I’m fucked up but that scene really turned me on =/ She looked like she was enjoying it


Or maybe you’re just into rough sex more than I am. To me it seemed she’s in pain half the time, but on the other hand Kirara was very whiney in her early years.


Of all them. maybe Masahiro Tabuchi is my fav: good-looking, always gentle, very technician, takes care of partners etc.


Will there ever be tags for the male actors?


Do you know the name of the actor in the last scene of EKDV-213? (Amazing Tsubomi scene btw) He used to appear in lots of videos of those series and for a while seemed to be one of the most active actors in JAV, but then he kinda disappeared. I think he’s also the actor in the last scene of FSET-293, which is one of the greatest ever.


Wow this is absolutely the greatest article ever written about Japanese porn stars. I was really astonished to see this. As a Japanese reader who is an ardent fan of JAVs, I’ll give some corrections to some remarks.
First, the pronunciation of 杉浦ボッ樹. It reads as Sugiura Bokki. So your first guess is right. In Japanese vocabulary there is a word 勃起(ぼっき, bokki) meaning errection.
Secondly, one of the images of Yeah Takashima. The person In the above one of the two seems Sakurai Chintarou(桜井ちん太郎), who’s also one of the most famous icons in the industry.
I like your blog. I’m becoming a big fan of it.


Who’s the guy who often being in these loli videos like LOL-039, LOVE-114, MUM-133?
Every time I watch some loli stuffs more often there’s this guy.


Does anyone know the last male actors name in RTP-049 ,the guy who plays ” Kongo Makagawa “

Prusha Glli

What is that guys name in this one the main charachter??


#2 i really hate this guy, the reasons? too many..

btw, thank you for the great article


Hi Admin, thank you so much for the incredible list. Do you happen to know who the male actor in [Caribbean 022415-814] with Sena Mao. The doctor who had sex with Sena Mao. Thank you.


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