Fanza 2019 awards predictions

Fanza 2019 awards predictions

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92,677 views Posted: April 18, 2019

Fanza adult award 2019 ceremony will be held 2019.05.12. I believe tickets were still on sale if anyone wants to attend (here). On this occasion, the event will be presented by Arina, Takasho and Sakura Momo. Rio and the Ebisu Muscats will be present too. The Oscars of Japanese porn!!! Well, not quite… but still fun.

How does it work? In theory, the nominations are based on sales numbers data from the videos that FANZA handles. And final vote winner is determined by FANZA users, or in other words, by popular vote.

To be able to vote one must register in FANZA website (by credit card), and I think that says it all about what this awards about. Marketing. But that’s often the case on events of this nature. And like I said, there’s entertainment value in watching our favorite pornstars outside of a movie environment.


1st Row : Best actress. 2nd Row: Best rookie.
1st Row: Best actress nominees. 2nd Row: Best rookie nominees.

Best Actress:

Aizawa Minami. Videos in 2018 = 12.

If the popular vote thing, it’s true predicting a winner would be much harder. But in fairness, I think Aizawa Minami has been the best actress from the whole list. Her videos are fun, she acts very well, and she incredible pretty, with a combo of body and face that it’s hard to match.

She has been pretty popular during 2018, with 83K followers on Twitter and her popularity has been constantly growing. She’s an incredible performer, very well spoken and gorgeous. Perfect body and perfect body. Nuff said she’s my number 1 pick.

Twitter= @minami_aizawa_


Aoi Tsukasa. Videos in 2018 = 14

Tsukasa Aoi is one of the most impressive ladies we have had since forever. Her looks declined a bit recently and her short hair doesn’t say much to me. But the trade-off is that her recent videos have been more interesting. She has been shifting to more drama based videos, and that’s a great thing.

If she’s gonna win, this is probably her year. So I say her chances are pretty decent.


Amatsuka Moe. Videos in 2018 = 16

When it comes to raw acting talent, Amatsuka Moe probably easily smokes anyone on this list, and 2018 has been a decent year for her.

With 253K twitter followers, @amatsuka_moe. I think her winning chances are high too, on par with Aoi.


Ichikawa Masami. Videos in 2018 = 14

The SOD candidate. To be honest, I’m surprised she’s even nominated, I think her chances are pretty low.


Shiina Sora. Videos in 2018 = 48~ Shiina Sora AV

With so many videos filmed in 2018, it’s easy to pick a few good, in fact, she had more than a few good JAV movies in 2018. Especially the collaborations she had with Miyazaki Aya and other girls.

Sadly by late 2018 and 2019, the quality of her videos has dropped very sharply. The exclusive contract deal she has now doesn’t help much either, her new videos are pretty dull so I wonder if that would affect her in this voting.

I don’t see her winning. But even so, she’s incredibly popular and I think she has some chances because of that. She has 104K followers on twitter @shiina_sora712


Nanasawa Mia. Videos in 2018 = 16

The MOODYZ candidate. Granted she is incredibly beautiful, but I think nominating her for best actress is a bit of a stretch. She only has like 25 videos in her whole career, and she’s only 20 years old, so I guess this is a good push for her career, maybe.


Hoshina Ai. Videos in 2018 = 164 (Including VR and everything else)

160 videos in 2018!! OK, I’m impressed… damn.

In all seriousness, Hoshina Ai gave us an amazing 2018. I love this girl and I love all the JAV jewels she gave us. I would also love to see her win, but I think her chances are medium, medium-rare ;D.

She’s a fantastic actress with so much swag tho.


Miura Sakura. Videos in 2018 = 13

If Miura Sakura wins an acting competition I will lose my faith forever in these awards. Is she pretty? Extremely. But I’m shocked she’s even nominated at all.

53K followers at Twitter = @archemiura


Mitani Akari. Videos in 2018 = 150~

I don’t think her acting or popularity is on par with some of the girls on this list, so I really don’t see her winning.

But much like Hoshina Ai, her nomination is a good recognition to her fantastic (And prolific) 2018 year. So I’m glad she was nominated. She has starred in a lot of movies, some of them were truly good, the list is really impressive.

35K followers at Twitter = @akari_mitani17


Yoshitaka Nene. Videos in 2018 = 13

S1 studio is invested heavily on this girl and that explains her nomination.

Granted her acting has improved a lot during 2018, but I don’t see her as so good of an actress. What saves her is that when comes to looks she’s (maybe) one of the most pretty here, she can even compete with Minami Aizawa and that’s saying a lot.

48K followers at Twitter = @yoshitakanene

So those are the 10 nominees in the main category, in a nutshell, these are my winners =

  1. Minami Aizawa
  2. Aoi Tsukasa
  3. Amatsuka Moe



Best Rookie prediction is way easier =

  1. Honjo Suzu.
  2. Sakamichi Miru.
  3. Kawai Asuna.

Honjo Suzu outperforms and outsells anyone here but maybe there’s a surprise. I really don’t see how this will not end in a Honjo Suzu sweep?. But maybe there are surprises. In any case, she will get some recognition for sure, even if it’s only for her debut video STAR-888.

Sakamichi Miru is a pretty solid actress and a really impressive rookie as well. She’s a really pretty girl and I always have a blast watching her videos.

Kawai Asuna is the other girl that I think have solid chances to win, she is pretty popular. Other than that I also like Ito Mayuki, and the SOD rookies. In fairness, the rookie nominations list this year is seriously stacked and many of these girls are really popular right now.

The whole Best New Actress nominee list =

  • Arimura Nozomi.
  • Itou Mayuki.
  • Kawai Asuna.
  • Sakamichi Miru.
  • Takarada Monami.
  • Tadai Mahiro.
  • Tomita Yui.
  • Narumiya Rika.
  • Honjou Suzu.
  • Masuzaka Mia.

Past year winners can be checked here. With Arina Hashimoto as 2018 winner who will be present at the ceremony.

So whos your winner?? Drop your favorite girl name on the comments section. 🙂

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Lê Nguyễn Trọng Nghĩa
5 years ago

sakamichi Miru <3

5 years ago

I agree with your top 3, but in a slightly different order:
1. Amatsuka Moe
2. Minami Aizawa
3 Aoi Tsukasa
I loved that Thanksgiving video that had all 3 of them in the same scene !!

5 years ago

Aizawa Minami and Sakamichi Miru

5 years ago

“If Miura Sakura wins an acting competition I will lose my faith forever in these awards.”

But if there were a Best Special Effects award, Miura Sakura should definitely win for her tits.

5 years ago

My vote would go to Akari (such a hardworking girl and an AV maniac herself) and Miru (perfect mix of beautiful,shy and nasty)

Most likely winners would be Moe and Suzu though

5 years ago

Aoi Tsukasa and Asuna Kawai

5 years ago

I think the favorites are Aizawa Minami and Amatsuka Moe for the win (I hope Amatsuka win).
As a rookie I think Honjou Suzu will win, although I hope Sakamichi Miru win.

P.S. Last year Sakura Momo won as rookie and not Yoshitake Nene.

5 years ago

Aoi Tsukasa and Itou Mayuki

5 years ago

“suzu hounjou outperform and outsells anyone here”. I probably agree with outsells except for outperform ed other rookies. Ito and kawai did perform more better in movies. honjou suzu is still quite passive in either act or sex performance. maybe if you count beautifulness in as part of performance, that’s her only win. well still,she might be the most popular among them and having highest chance to win this.

5 years ago

Has Kana Momonogi not won this yet? She’s soooooo beautiful. She deserves her time to shine!

5 years ago

Wait, is Yua Mikami not even nominated? I thought she would’ve been one of the biggest sellers?

5 years ago

And if someone wants to do more accounts you know … 4 guys every movie (counting on them all being 2 hour movies and not repeating guys) … well the numbers They overwhelmed me. And they seemed a lot like Tsubomi’s two monthly movies. My favorite actress now only makes a monthly movie. I pity the guy who follows the Hoshina menuda coleccion.Y mencion also for Akari Mitani … 150 movies !!!. About the awards I’ve seen something of … yes, by Ai Hoshina. With 164 movies like not seeing something and she is a good actress. But if you say she does not deserve it for something, it will be. I do not know about porn as much as you do. Shiina Sora (48 movies would have thought they were more), is very good and I like her a lot. Even if you have a bit of mania I think she is a great actress. I think I saw something of Suzu Honjou but I do not remember. The truth is that I am slowly moving away from the AV although I know it is impossible at all, since I have three or four actresses that I think I… Read more »

5 years ago

I don’t I would want to meet or see an JAV idol in real life. It would make it too real. I’m content fantasizing about them, I think I would feel bad for fapping/objectifying them once I see them in real life as a human. Also I’m pretty sure I’d just pop a massive boner the moment I see Yui, Kurea, Arina, or god forbid Yuu Asakura. Way too conditioned at this point to their faces and bodies.

5 years ago

Moe Amatsuka has given great performances for several years now. I think she deserves it.

5 years ago

They’re all deserving,.and as much as i think, Aizawa Minami is a standout. my vote would go to Hoshina Ai, followed by Mitani Akari, who as of late, has captured my recent attention.

Lakad Matatag
5 years ago

Seriously no Kana Momonogi?

5 years ago

The sad and stunning thing is, now matter what each of these ladies could take the money and run! Meaning, get paid and have their catalog wipe from existent lol Unbelieveable

5 years ago

From the list, I do like Mitani Akari most, I love her hairstyle especially XD

5 years ago

shiina sora for best actress
for the rookies, you’re right it’s thought to decide because it’s a stacked list.
i’d still go for kawai asuna as the best rookie of the year. maybe rika narumiya at 2nd and suzu honjou at 3rd.
Damn Prestige’s roster is pretty stacked to me
kawai asuna, minamo nagase, mion sonoda, aine maria, fujie shiho, airi suzumura, and don’t forget the new additions remu suzumori (looking forward to this gal), riona mana and atata nonoura

5 years ago

Here are the results:
Best actress Aizawa Minami (2nd place Amatsuka Moe);
Best rookie actress Kawai Asuna (2nd place Sakamichi Miru).