Arina Hashimoto’s new idol unit: un panopticon girl

Arina Hashimoto’s new idol unit: un panopticon girl

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16,008 views Posted: September 2, 2018

Last August the group was formed and recently debuted under the name of “Un panopticon girl” (アン・パノプティコンガール). The lineup consists of 3 active JAV stars=

  1. Hashimoto Arina (橋本ありな). 21. @Arinahashimoto1
  2. Kiritani Matsuri (桐谷まつり). 22. @matsuri_kiri
  3. Kimiiro Kana (君色華奈). 19. @kimi_kana_

And 9/2 they had a mini debut CD released in an event which happened at Roppongi. The music itself is feel good MOE J-pop, produced by MILKY POP GENERATION, I am really not sure to what type of fanbase it aims for.

The most notable girl of the group is S1 superstar Arina Hashimoto, who won recently the best JAV actress of the year award in 2018.

Kiritani Matsuri who is an exclusive actress for SOD. Yep, the one with the huge pair of t*ts.

And Kimiiro Kana, AKA Kimiiro Kanon. The girl who debuted last year for IP.

Is not that rare for JAV actresses to do part-time gigs in the music/idol industry, and they benefit greatly from the marketing work. The music itself doesn’t say much for me yet, to be honest. So I am waiting for any upcoming videos to make my mind about this. They posted some pictures with dancing rehearsals on their twitter account, so that caught a bit my interest. Really interested to see Arina dance! to be honest. 😀

Will they feud with Yua’s honey popcorn band?… I hope so…

Will we ever have an Arina X Yua JAV crossover?… I hope that even more…



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5 years ago

The “un panopticon girl” is a J-pop group, while the “Honey Popcorn” is a K-pop group, so I see it difficult for a feud between the two groups. Among other things, the “Honey Popcorn” have started a casting for a new member (or maybe more) and 2 of the current ones are Ebisu Muscats (Mikami Yua and Sakura Moko).
Kiritani Matsuri had passed the audition for the Ebisu Muscats but then left to create the group with Arina.

5 years ago

Yeah Ichikawa is the new leader. Muscats also had auditions for new members including Kano Yura and Hinana Hanon.

5 years ago

Yes, she’s the new leader. Honestly I was expecting Yoshizawa Yuki, Minato Riku or Kogawa Iori who are the most in the spotlight from Asuka Kirara’s farewell. But I’m very happy with the choice because Ichikawa is my favorite.
However the new Ebisu Muscats are 16 of which 5 (or 6 I don’t remember) AV actresses.