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Arina Hashimoto wins DMM adult award 2018

Dmm adult awards happened tonight in an event hosted in Tokyo. The results were fair and everything went as expected:

  • Best actress: Arina Hashimoto.
  • Runner-up award: Shoko Takahashi.
  • Best rookie award: Sakura Momo.
  • Best rookie runner-up: Sakura Miura.
  • Special award: Nanami Matsumoto.
  • Playboy award: Arina Hashimoto.
  • Award given by the host staff: Akari Tsumugi.
  • Video award: TEK-089
  • Rental award: EBOD-563

Arina Hashimoto won the big one, crowning herself as best JAV actress from 2018. Plus she won another prize from Playboy Japan. She was looking stunning tonight, way more beautiful than the other girls ( OK, it’s subjective, but in fairness, I think so, see pics below and judge.). She looked really happy and cried and all.

Shoko Takahashi was the other favorite tonight, and she won a runner-up award. She looked happy and very thankful to all. But I bet she wasn’t that happy, with all the build-up and hype that was built around her.

On the rookie’s category, there were no surprises either, Sakura Momo won the best JAV rookie award, as expected. And Sakura Miura was the runner-up.

So it was a night for the pretty girls.


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Well, they certainly managed to subvert my expectations with these choices. Good for Arina, super talented, super cute and beautiful girl who deserves every bit of success in the industry. Same way I feel about the rest of the winners as well, glad to se Miura in the runner-up, she improved a ton since her debut.

Unfortunately, my happiness over the winners got soured by a sudden and unfortunate announcement: Kaho Shibuya announced her retirement, in fact, she pretty much shot her last film yesterday with Fitch.


Sad to see her go, and I didn’t even realize she was in the industry for only 4 years, it feels like she was in much longer. But I guess that demonstrates the impact she and majestic boobs made. 🙁

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