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August 2018 JAV digest + Newsletter

Below I sum up some of the changes I made to the website last month. Nothing major, but a few improvements:

August changelog:

  1. As maybe you guys have noticed… I ditched the yellow vomit watermarked videos. You know which ones I’m talking about… I will not be using those ever again unless strictly necessary. Thank god.
  2. Fembed and Rapidvideo streaming options added. This will cover the needs of those who wanted true HD*, and SD options.
  3. I recommend to install Ad-block, or you guys will be toasted with pop-ups. Fair warning, invest a little time in installing Adblock, especially mobile users.
  4. FHD section was removed. Because now we have real HD streams, and because HD download links will be offered by default. Hence this section didn’t make much sense anymore. Old posts from this section can still be found on the main feed.
  5. Filejoker will still continue as usual. I will be testing with Uploadgig to consider the possibility to have an extra mirror.
  6. Random post button works normally again.
  7. VR AV section will have streaming options from now too. So all the sections are streaming again, basically.
  8. The server was upgraded to tackle the slowness we had in August. Big apologies to everybody.
  9. Still testing the member’s area.
  10. The rotated version of Jav.guru works well on mobile devices now. Rotate/unrotated on mobile devices looks normal too.

Streaming services 1080 explained (Or my try to explain it, at least)=

*True HD= All streaming video services actually do re-encode down the videos and will still claim the videos to be 1080. The way I see it, it’s a very watered down HD version of the video. This is partially normal, and actually a good thing because the videos end up being smaller and stream way faster. But it’s not really true raw quality. EXAMPLE =

  • Original video = 7 GB
  • Resulting Fembed 1080 = 3.4 GB
  • Resulting Rapidvideo 1080 = 2.35 GB
  • Resulting Openload video (no quality switch, I guess between 480? to 720?) = 1.6 GB

Do the reencoded-down videos still look good?. Yep.

Want the best quality?, buy in R18. I myself still buy JAV in R18 despite having the video from the net. If you catch my drift. My only complaint is that the DRM is so annoying…

Best quality video anywhere? get a physical blu-ray copy.


  1. ABP-762. Reina Kashima sex beast mode.
  2. ABP-767. Ren Yoshikawa out of control amateur gangbang and a crazy intro.
  3. T-28537. JK girls running from rain stories.
  4. HNDS-057. Mari Rika and friends tribute.
  5. SSNI-279. Every Mikami Yua new video breaks the internet.
  6. MIMK-056. Shiina Sora awesome drama adventures.
  7. MIDE-572. Chinami Ito… please marry me?.
  8. TAAK-024. A hot Taiwanese chick likes to 啪啪啪。:D



  1. DASD-430. An American man homestay in Japan
  2. KAWD-913. Wonderful Hentai doujin adaptation.
  3. GVG-128. Real sex education time.
  4. MIAD-866. Crazy story about Shotacons and a loli.



  1. MER-02-B
  3. Paco 080218_312
  4. S2MBD-011
  5. [1pon 081218_727] Mizuki Miri
  6. FC2PPV-873147
  7. FC2PPV-303366



  • 2018 Taiwan Red expo (TRE), happened in early August. Plenty of big JAV actresses attended, Arina, Julia, Asuka, Shiina, Takasho, etc. ( Some videos below).
  • Sena Kirari might retire for good due to sickness.
  • Rumors that Mizuno Asahi might retire soon too.
  • So it seems Matsumoto Mei will get married to an MMA dude.
  • As I said in another post R18 sells VR videos on demand already, for iOS, they will add Android devices soon.

As a final note:

I might add a new section, but was I wondering which one should be, or what everyone wanted.

Someone suggested a leaked uncensored videos section, but tbh I’m not really interested in doing that. We don’t want to make Shunka cry again… or do we?.  I was more thinking about either:

  1. Dedicated JAV for woman section. A section that focuses on the males, although materials might be scarce.
  2. Picture sets, photobooks section.
  3. Idol/Gravure section. (But I’m skeptical since I already cover gravure on Gravuretube.com.)
  4. Not really adding any new section, but posting instead way more JAV related news and gossip on the blog section, etc.

I don’t know, let me know in the comments section. 

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no need a new section sir
just focus on jav news or blog
its much better than added new section
thanks admin


may i know where to watch leaked uncensored video


Holy crap! I loved this site before and love it even more now. Didn’t shunka had an uncensored vid out there till I read this. Just google her name and uncensored and you’ll find several vids. So nice to see her sucking and f’n with no mosaic. Got spoiled, wish there was more to the vids that focused on her uncensored parts.


Thanks for the rundown on the varying quality of FB/RV/OL. I’ve been using Openload as my download of choice for various reasons, but I had zero idea I was getting lower quality versions as a result. This is very useful info!

I’ve bought a few videos from R18, but the DRM chased me away. I like to do a quick edit on videos that seem interesting to get a smoother fap-viewing, and DRM stops that. And I’m generally very happy to pay for content, porn or otherwise! Support the art you like! If I could buy DRM-free video from R18, I’d honestly do that for most JAV. (I suppose I should buy discs, but I’d have to buy DVD since Blu is such a pain to strip the DRM from, and I guess I’m just too lazy.)


I found your page a few weeks ago (looking for the movie MUM061 … very good indeed), and I like it a lot, I was waiting for this topic to comment on some things although I have already commented on some movies. I like to do it so I hope you do not mind , although I do not comment on all that I see … I do not want to be heavy. The good thing about your page is that you put a lot of movie, although the best thing is the news that you put like this theme I always wanted to know things about the AV, to have news about actresses and others and you do it in the movies that you put. I hope that the new section is more news of the AV world … I would like very much. The bad of your page (there must always be something), is the server you use. Your reasons will be, but the Joker is bad, not to say horrifying. It is a torture to download movies with me. To me, 500MB movie costs me 3 hours, those of 1GB … 6 hours !!! … and those… Read more »


Man i hope you can upload uncensored leaked video from kiss jav cause when ever i tried to play the video it only says sorry,video cannot played
I see a lot of uncensored video there just like from yua mikami ,marie aine, miyuki and etc. Please man upload thanks in advanced and God bless


luv your sites!(both this and patreon).Thanks a lot for your hardwork kind sir. Agree with some of the previous comments. A JAV news and gossip section would be a nice addition to this already AWESOME site.


I really love this website, especially the blog section and I really want you to add more JAV gossip and news.

Just asking, is there any website in any language that also talks about gossip and news about JAV universe?

*ps: really likes this web, keep up the goodwork


more in news and gossip would be great. love the blog posts.


Really enjoying the blog/jav news content.


A few videos of Sumire Mika, please?


“Not really adding any new section, but posting instead way more JAV related news and gossip on the blog section, etc.”

The news/gossip I’d really like to see is any print interviews with JAV female actors, male actors, directors, studio producers, or whatever. Basically, I’m interested in reading interviews with or articles about pretty much anyone who works producing JAV.

And the best part about this is that Bakayaro doesn’t need to translate! If the URL of an interview or article is provided, I can just plug the page into google translate to get a rough idea. (I’ve tried googling in English to find such interviews or articles, but I’ve had no luck at all.)

Also, I don’t care at all if the interview/article is new or old. For example, I’d love to read a three year old interview with Atomi Shuri or Piero Da. I’m just curious what these folks say about their work and art.


I’m feeling like,I struck Gold,finding this great site…A Blog,where we,like-minded Jav fans,can hold discussions.recent AV news,new video releases,and english-subbed video’s.it doesn’t get any better than this.


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