July 2018 JAV digest, best of last month

July 2018 JAV digest, best of last month

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183,605 views Posted: July 31, 2018

Ah, full-blown summer…, I don’t know about you guys but it’s in hot here. This month releases are way weaker than last month stuff… Truth be told. But still, we had a few remarkable releases.

Girl of the month in July was Shunka Ayami and her stuff has been impressive, I posted like 95% of all her videos, and generally they are very good because Shunka body is very good, story-wise not so much, is like they release the same video again and again, but there are a few jewels in there too.

For next month, we will have Iori Kogawa.

Best JAV’s of July, more or less:

  1. PPPD-679. JULIA Sweating buckets.
  2. KAWD-912. Medical Checkup Sexual Harassment aimed at beautiful girls – Suzuki Koharu.
  3. SSNI-258. Arina dick sucking techniques.
  4. ABP-756. Harusaki Ryou sweat buckets too.
  5. GVG-707. Thomas from America stays with a Japanese family.
  6. MIAE-275. A horny son gets horny with a horny mother in the middle of the night.
  7. MIDE-566. Itou Chinami the Ejaculation Management Trainer, god bless her.
  8. MIDE-565. Sakura Miura in charge of being awesome.
  9. STAR-844. Mana Sakura x Makoto Toda double combo.
  10. ABP-758. Sonoda Mion x5.
  11. OAE-156. Yura Kano.
  12. MIMK-055. Takasho.

How I picked these?. A combination of the most voted up videos and I handpicked a little too.


My favorite subbed JAV from this month was SSNI-152 and MIDE-441. The rest of the videos are pretty decent too, worth a watch.

  1. IPX-044. Mizuki Miri.
  2. SNIS-990. Okuda Saki.
  3. MIDE-441. Konomi Nishimiya.
  4. SSNI-154. Tsukasa Aoi.
  5. SSNI-241. RION.
  6. SSNI-152. Yua.
  7. SW-331. Various actress.
  8. TEK-067. Yua.


  1. Carib 072718-716. Miri
  2. HEYZO 1773. More Miri
  3. FC2PPV-877460. Nice slut 1
  4. FC2PPV-879291. Nice slut 2
  5. FC2PPV]-867947. Nice slut 3
  6. HEYZO 1779. Nice maid.


I have not posted much VR this month.

Being honest VR is boring me badly and terribly, I don’t know if there are many VR fans out there and so I’m sorry. But is anyone really enjoying VR?… I don’t get it.

But well, the good thing that I found a good way to add VR streams without destroying the stream quality… so, that’s promising.


  • Tsujimoto An (辻本杏) announced her retirement the in the middle of July. The weird thing is that she herself leaked her own retirement the day 26 of June when she claimed on twitter she was not working already. So is not clear if she really had planned to announce her retirement this month, or if her own blunder forced things up. In any case, she will be missed xD. August 19 we will have her retirement video already.
  • Suzuki Koharu (鈴木心春) seems to be retiring as well, or something weird is happening to her.
  • Sena Kirari (瀬名きらり) retired by surprise due to health reasons and canceled a tour. Really sad, she was very promising.
  • Ex AKB48 member Riku Yamaguchi (やまぐちりく) decided to delete her past and ordered to have her AV releases wiped (stuff from 6 years ago). I wonder if she will return the pornstar money too?… Good riddance.
  • The Aso Nozomi freak show continues. First, she announced she was pregnant, then she had a premature birth with the baby at 6 months, and then her premature daughter passed away. Knowing Aso Nozomi is a well-known junkie and drug user it was crazy she was having a baby, to begin with. I feel sad for her but I for one don’t feel interested anymore in her mambo-Jambo and she should stop using her AV name persona because of 1. We don’t care. 2. Just because she had an AV past, doesn’t mean they have to force-feed us the stupid shit she does nowadays.
  • Takeuchi Makoto (竹内真琴) retired.
  • Amaki Yuu (天木ゆう) retires.
  • AV male god Shimiken (しみけん) got married in a shocking move that I still don’t fully understand. Come on man…you had better… pussy…coming…your way…
  • Fukusaki Ren (福咲れん) retires.
  • Interesting: Mizukawa Sumire (Mizuki Miri), revealed in a show what she earned in one month, In which she shot 10 movies, equalling a whopping 2 million yen.  Almost 18K US dollars for a single month, not too shabby.
Mizuki salary.
Mizuki monthly salary in JP yens. No wonder plastic surgery is rampant in AV.
Bye Kirari-chan, we hardly knew ye.

Bye bye Koharu?

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5 years ago

I think it’s normal for non-exclusive actresses to have lower compensation. They shooting dozens of films every month for a “normal” salary. While the exclusive actresses shoot 12 films a year (sometimes they skip a month too) but there’s a lot more work behind, in addition to a much higher fan expectation.

5 years ago

“Ex AKB48 member Riku Yamaguchi (やまぐちりく) decided to delete her past and ordered to have her AV releases wiped (stuff from 6 years ago).”

Okay this cracked me up a bit. To me this purge attempt makes sense if this was 10-15 years ago when everything was less digital and more physical media, or the girl would had done only one or two AV thus making a realistic chance that pretty much everybody forgets about it. But in Riku’s case this is the 2010’s and she’s done like two dozen videos (one with her IRL sister). Good luck trying to erase that from the internet. Especially for someone who was as popular as she was (even if it was just a short career).

5 years ago

AV male god Shimiken what happend to his career is he retiring or still continuing his career ?, cause recently i have seen him appearing in new jav videos.

5 years ago

What happen to Koharu??
I could cry!!!

Where do you get the news?
Her Twitter already 1 month without update..
Last time she said she is in ill condition..

5 years ago

Whatis her new twitter?
I cant found it

Had you get any new news about her.

5 years ago

What has happen to Himekawa Yuna? I haven’t seen her retired yet but she has been on hiatus for about 4-5 months with movies not including VR or compilations.

5 years ago

Is Risa Onodera retired? Or is she just taking a break?

5 years ago

what happened to Rina Ishihara ?? did she retire ???

5 years ago

what happened to Rina Ishihara ?? did she retire ??? !!

5 years ago

damn she will be missed …. she was perfect 10 in my book ..

5 years ago

Riku’s has dozen of videos with her irl sister? Were us that treasure? 😮