April JAV digest, best of last month

April JAV digest, best of last month

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104,153 views Posted: April 30, 2018

Girl of the month in April was Sora Aoi (Check her full collection clicking her name here). Next month will be Aino Kishi. Thanks to the 800+ people who voted for her, she finally won for just 2 votes. Some of my recommendations or stuff I enjoyed:


  • STAR-888. The holy grail JAV debut (not really, but a nice effort).
  • ONEZ-135. Atomi Shuri Gf returns.
  • MIDE-542. Shoko Takahashi in beast mode.
  • OAE-140. Nude goddess Takasho in gravure mode.
  • WANZ-744. Julia moves to WANZ, and looks better than ever, plus she receives cum in mouth.
  • KAWD-889. Suzuki Koharu toasts my brain, what a bombshell.
  • BLK-363. Kawana is pissed off, and my dick loves it.
  • SSNI-186. Yura Karo, our new hero.
  • SSNI-178. Yua Mikami is too much, man.
  • SNIS-706. An old repost of Amatsuka Moe. But it’s perfection.
  • IPZ-866. Top tier Himawari.
  • MIDE-537. Stop, Itou Chinami time.


  • DVDES-970. Amazing Shotacon story with Fukushii Rena. Top notch.
  • SNIS-958. Matsumoto Nanae wants to be Idol, but that’s hard.
  • MIAD-941. Super Idol Abe Mikako doing Mikako things, fun.
  • NHDTA-649. Lolitas doing peace signs, nothing wrong about that.
  • SNIS-986. Yua Mikami English subbed JAV, a huge hit.
  • STAR-775. Iori Kogawa bizarre story.
  • PGD-766. Satomi Yuria, in one of the best JAVs ever.
  • SNIS-951. Asuka Kirara English subbed JAV. Cool story.



  • All latest subbed JAVs in English have been uploaded to FHD (See above).
  • A variety of IPZ releases.
  • And Rukawa Rina stuff in remarkable high quality (Unwatermarked too).


I’m working on a huge update for this section. I will post way more this upcoming month.

Other assorted JAV gossips:

  • Wakana Nao retired. The amazing fact is why (Almost certainly). She posted a picture on Instagram of a boarding pass when she made a trip to Hong Kong. The thing is that boarding pass contained her name, her Real Japanese name. Fans noticed. And after that, I bet shit hit the fan and Miss Erina she was forced to retire. 🙂 Sad, cuz we are taking Wakana Nao, for sure, she still had a lot of gas in the tank.

Above, Wakana boarding pass.

  • Atomi Shuri returned to JAV from her break.
  • Mizuki Miri changed her artistic name to Mizukawa Sumire.
  • Julia joined WANZ as an exclusive actress.
  • Ai Haneda returns to JAV.
  • Makoto Takeuchi retired.
  • Natsukawa Akari retired (Great performer, this retirement is a surprise and she will be missed). Rewatching some of his older releases, she is quite good, so sad she’s gone this early and I didn’t pay more attention to her. :/
  • JAV actress Aso Nozomi got arrested, once again, 2nd time arrested on drugs charges/possession. As per Japanese laws, when arrested, real name + age gets revealed. The amusing thing is that we found Aso was not really 29. Her real age was 33. Wow. 🙂 A handy proof that JAV girls/studios/promoters lie on age too.

Miss Nozomi, above.

  • Asuka Kirara has graduated from Ebisu Muscats. She has been the leader of the formation for a few years, so it will have an impact on the Muscat group. In a statement for the media, she said she wants to focus on managing her side clothesline business.
  • Airi Kijima became an exclusive actress for Taimeke Goro studio (MEYD series).

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6 years ago

You didn’t write about Aoi’s return.

6 years ago

Forgive me for the double message.
Okita Anri gave birth to her daughter.

6 years ago

do you know something about Imanaga Sana whereabout?

6 years ago
Reply to  Kendil

Imanaga Sana, after a period of inactivity, has returned with an Idea Pocket release in April (IPX-126) and this month IPX-140 will be released. She also changed her name to Matsunaga Sana.

6 years ago

Hasegawa Rui’s twitter was deleted and her Instagram was renamed to “usagichan_24” (and all the previous content was deleted aswell) … so it seems her transition out of AV seems to be completed

6 years ago
Reply to  Skapp

Okay her new Instagram is @erika_okym and she has started working as a hostess at a club called “NightStyle”

Fans Sumire
4 years ago

please add Sumire Kijima YSN-403 HD… please

4 years ago

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