Poll: Girl of the month may 2018

Poll: Girl of the month may 2018

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15,042 views Posted: April 9, 2018

The last poll was fun, Sora vs Aino Kishi was unexpectedly close. But there can only be a winner my lads. This time let’s make it more fun, or should I say hard: 8 girls, 2 votes. 🙂

The poll close will close 30 April. I will post a sizeable juicy collection of JAV from whoever wins, to be posted on May, including exclusive videos (if any, depends). Or in other words, hard to get.

Pick your poison, the poll

Aino Kishi
Jessica Kizaki
Aya Miyazaki
Mizuno Asahi

Ayami Shunka
Aya Sazanami
Abe Mikako
Aoi Tsukasa

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6 years ago

This poll will be bloody.
My Shunka-chan must see her against two sacred monsters (Jessica Kizaki and Aoi Tsukasa), not that she is less important;
One of the most loved girls on this site and not only here (Abe Mikako);
The loser of the last poll (Aino Kishi);
The girl who recently made a lot of visualizations with BBZA-003 (Mizuno Asahi);
The two outsiders who still deserve the attention of the voters, Aya Miyazaki and Aya Sazanami (among other things, my second vote went to her because this girl has bewitched me).

6 years ago

If in these months that I frequent the site I had understand at least a little your tastes, I think I know at least one of your votes.
For the other one I’m undecided between 2 of these wonderful girls.

6 years ago
Reply to  SalvoPanda

Boss, I was thinking about the poll for the next month (I already think about the future).
Will you do the poll with the same girls and add a name to replace the one that won this month? Because I was thinking that not including Asami Yuma is a capital sin.

6 years ago

Have you already decided or can I propose names?

6 years ago

More than 4 names came to my mind:
Asami Yuma;
Ootsuki Hibiki;
Sasaki Aki;
Shinoda Yuu;
Hasumi Kurea;
Sayama Ai;
Yume Kana;
Kanae Ruka.

6 years ago

your old list was good an tsuimoto ,Iori Kogawa and add naomi to that and you have quite a list

6 years ago

Dream to see a Uta Kohaku month…hahaha

6 years ago

Since you know alot about jav, any news about Suzu Mitake? Another babe is Kitano Nozomi, any chance that she comes back?