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Poll: girl of the month for April… Sora Aoi or Kishi Aino?

Hi guys, for April I will make a poll. Question is: who should be the girl of the month for April?. Sora Aoi or Aino Kishi. Both have been requested in the past so I’m gonna open a poll to see who wins. Also, both are retired so it’s more fair. Vote below!.

Vote: Girl of the month for April.

  • Sora Aoi (58%, 293 Votes)
  • Kishi Aino (42%, 213 Votes)

Total Voters: 506

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Sora, On the left. Hands down, the most successful girl in JAV history.
Aino On the right. One of the best girls from Idea-pocket studio golden era.

If you don’t know WTF I’m talking about, is just that every month I pick a girl to post her full collection or at least the “best of” part of her collection. This is good and interesting because I get to recover some hard to get videos and share them, I also often rediscover things about the girls in question, and sometimes I even post exclusive videos. Like for example some I recovered this month for Minato Riku, and last month for Okita.

In past months, I already posted collections for:

  • Julia.
  • Atomi Shuri
  • Suzu Mitake.
  • Yua Mikami.
  • Shoko Takahashi.
  • Asuka Kirara.
  • Shiina Sora.
  • Kojima Minami.
  • Okita Anri.
  • Tia.
  • Minato Riku.
  • Rio.


PS: I voted for Sora, but I was tempted for Aino…mmmm 🙂

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23 Comments on "Poll: girl of the month for April… Sora Aoi or Kishi Aino?"


tsubomi #1 :), HAHA I voted Sora too, way too many memories.


there’s a new girl Satou Karen who really got my attention, you guys should check her out


Could you do one for Marie Todo or Rola Misaki next?

(What actually happened to Rola? Did she really take the millions to be that Chinese businessman’s pleasure girl?)


If Aoi Sora wins, Aino Kishi’s videos will be published the following month or will you do a new poll?
I changed my mind and I would like to see Aino.


Can you post Runa Takai and Ryo Harusaki vids please? 🙂


Oh please lets have a Aino month

Boku no Pico

Aino is the GOAT.

John Smith

Admin, need more Memori Shizuku / Rumina Asahina videos


Can anyone recommend me some top tier kishi Aino JAVs. The pic of Aino in this blogpost looks very intriguing, would love to know where it is from, thanks <3


JAV Series:

JAV Actress: