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KAWD-847 Banned from DMM

Interestingly enough this video, KAWD-847, got dropped overnight and retired from DMM. And is not the first time such thing happens, in fact, is somewhat common. No explanation was given, but we can guess the reason for this movie getting pulled:

  1. Since it’s a debut production, the model regrets getting into porn and stops the release.
  2. The actress entered incognito into the JAV industry but she got recognized by a family member or a schoolmate. (Most probably the case here, and the reason of Sakura Yura retirement).
  3. Legal, copyright issues.
  4. The model did this movie forced. (Unlikely).
  5. The movie did not pass the censorship standards, or digital-mosaic was not thick enough. This also might be the case, and it happens sometimes.
  6. Other reason.

If I had to guess I would say number 2 is the reason here.

In any case, KAWD-847 movie can be watched here:

TYOD-364 pulled off as-well

Also, TYOD-364 got retired as-well. And in the case of TYOD-364, it will probably never the light of the day and we will never have a chance to watch it.

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off topic but i jusk want to know if Manaka Minami had retired already?


Wow, the considerate side of JAV. I am always of the impression that once the idol signed the JAV contract, they relinquished rights to the content being published, like they cannot pull/retract videos. Wondering whats the financial repercussion


Thank you for the article, it always interesting.

Following swongy comment, I wonder if you’d like to make an article about the JAV business. Like how they treat girls, how they remunerate them, the forced filming etc.



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