Hashimoto Arina why u so cute

Hashimoto Arina why u so cute

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29,905 views Posted: August 21, 2017

Arina, doing it

Arina Hashimoto is so freakin cute, lately, one of my favorite girls. She have a face that is worth a million bucks. A precious and cute smile that blows my mind every-time. If only she was 5 to 10 cm taller, she could easily be the most spectacular girl there is in JAV. Sadly shes just 166, which is not bad by Japanese standards. In any case an amazing JAV actress.

Arina Hashimoto Profile

Name: Arina Hashimoto

Japanese Name: 橋本ありな
Birthdate: December 15, 1996
Height: 166 cm
Blood type: A
Measurements: B: 83 W: 56 H: 83 (cm)

Twitter: Arinahashimoto1

Hashimoto Arina Photo goodies

Hashimoto Arina so cute

About Hashimoto Arina

She is currently a star for S1 STYLE ONE studio. And as of today gaining popularity fast.

Her theme is slender beautiful girl. She has almost no boobs, and is not super tall, just 166. But she has a very cute face and a sharp personality. She does well.

arina hashimoto AVOP
Recent colaboration for AVOP

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I will finish soon to publish her full collection in this blog, check all the videos of her here: Hashimoto Arina.

Her DVD’s can be bought on VOD here: R18 Hashimoto Arina.

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5 years ago

Yowza! Yes, she is too cute. Somehow, I’m just now discovering her. I guess she didn’t look ‘mini’ enough to catch my attention at first, but she is truly outstanding. And this is the moment where the demise of j*vfor.me really hurts. Almost all of her videos from her first year or two are only available watermarked. And I bet j*vfor.me would’ve had more than half of them unwatermarked. Unless I end up paying heavily for old DVD’s via proxy buyer, I’ll never have a good collection of her early stuff.