Mikami Yua profile and full collection

Mikami Yua profile and full collection

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34,399 views Posted: July 20, 2017

Mikami Yua is one of the biggest JAV sensations of 2017, and surely one of the top 5 most wanted JAV actresses of the moment. The stuff she is doing lately is really impressive, her POV and Bukkake videos are just awesome.

She is enjoying great success and everybody loves her.

Mikami Yua JAV actress

Who is Mikami Yua?

An ex teen-idol singer, and currently a JAV top actress. Born in  August 16, 1993. 24 years old at the time of this publication. Absolutely in her prime.

  • Real name(supossedly): Kito Momona (鬼頭桃菜)
  • JAV name:  Mikami Yua (三上悠亜)
  • More nicknames: Yua-chan (ゆあちゃん), Yuanya (ゆあにゃ), Momo (もも)

She is only 159cm tall (she strikes me as taller). And was a former singer and member of the girls group SKE48 for 6 years, by the name of Kito Momona.

This alone explains her huge popularity when she debuted in porn. She was already well-known and had a huge legion of fans.

She has had a huge evolution in appearance. From a bit nerdy an ugly to a  JAV goddess that would drop you dead.

Oh and also she loves to dance K-pop, and often publishes videos in YouTube of photos in instagram.

Mikami Yua JAV actress Mikami Yua JAV actress Mikami Yua JAV actress

Actually Yua Mikami is part of the girl group Ebisu Muscats. A group formed entirely of JAV actresses and gravure idols.

And probably the prettiest girl of the whole group.

Mikami Yua full filmography

As a quick note i have to add that i finished up my Mikami Yua collection, and also my Takahashi Shouko collection. This means that i posted on this blog every single JAV release they got. Cool.

Kito Momona is yua Mikami! Yua Mikami as Kito Momona in her SKE48 times, I was not kidding when i said she evolved a lot!.

My dream JAV would be a Mikami Yua + Takasho JAV collaboration. That would be incredible, and if well-marketed it could break the record of most sold JAV ever easily. It would be so epic.


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6 years ago

Wow. What a great info on Mikami Yua.

Could you upload a couple videos of Rio, previously known as Tina Yuzuki? And maybe upload a post about her on this blog. Especially on her work as a singer.

4 years ago

Did Yua get a nosejob? I think her profile seems to has changed over the years. She pretty both ways, but as long as she likes it that’s all the matters.

Jonni P
3 years ago

Thx admin for her story. I read and watch some ske48. Japan is a very unique Country