My Top 5 JAV actresses, July 2017

My Top 5 JAV actresses, July 2017

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38,111 views Posted: July 1, 2017
  1. Suzu Mitake
  2. Kokonoe Kanna
  3. Shoko Takahashi
  4. Yua Mikami
  5. Sakura Yura

1. Suzu Mitake.

Suzu is a rather personal favorite. Her appereance in EBOD-454 became one of my all-time favorites, truly a maid goddess. In SNIS-867 S1 studio tried to repeat the formula. SNIS-886 is also another masterpiece and one of my 2017 favorites. I love how she performs, and how good looking girl she is. The way she smiles and acts literally leaves me breathless every time. Tall and slender 10/10 Japanese girl.

Suzu on the far-right. SNIS-886.

2. Kokonoe Kanna

If you never heard of her, that’s because Kanna Kokonoe is a new girl that debuted not so long ago. She only has 5 releases so far. I only needed to watchMIDE-442 to instantly fall i love with this girl. Good god. Her acting really improved. And in the aforementioned MIDE-442 she does one of the best hand-jobs i have seen in porn. Such fapping speed, wow haha.

3. Shoko Takahashi

No doubt 2017 certainly is the Takasho year. She is releasing amazing titles, her popularity skyrocketed, she is earning piles of millions of yens, and recently won an DMM award. I wrote more some stuff about her story here. Her gravure stuff was good, but her JAV videos are leaving everyone breathless. If she really was forced in to JAV we don’t deserve such a beautiful girl :p.

4. Yua Mikami

Yua Mikami shares a whole bunch of similatires with Shoko and they both come from gravure. I think everyone is waiting for a Shoko/Yua Mikami JAV togheter. That would be amazing. And the JAV world would literally explode, and it would sell copies like donuts. They belong to different big JAV studios (MOODYZ and S1) so we cant be sure that would happen anytime soon. But is not crazy to think and hope it will do happen.

I did almost put Yua Mikami number one in this list. She is so damn great, big boobs and slim waist. I love SNIS-940 and SNIS-915 are her most recent great releases, an absolute must watch. She is the personal favorite of many people and i understand why.

5. Sakura Yura

To close this top JAV actress list i will treat myself with another very personal favorite: Yura Sakura!. Why?: KAWD-815. This JAV is so good it let me shaking for a couple of hours. I am a sucker for Maid costumes and slender girls (perhaps you guys already notice by cheeking some of the titles of this list). This JAV have it both.

KAWD-815 is so good. It took me a couple of days to be back to my senses and be able to watch something else again. I got my hands on this on a Saturday and it left me literally shaking. I spent the rest of the day on bed trying to let what i just witnessed sink it. By Sunday i was feeling better although still numb. By Monday i had to call work sick. And this is when i had strength to watch some other JAV titles. And in the afternoon after having a pizza, i had the energy necessary to rematch this again. Damn. I was then again stunned by this petite girl that looks literally perfect, talking trash, spitting on a dick while jacking it. Doing a footjob. An angel in a maid costume. Thursday and wednesday i kept on watching this.

KAWD-815 is gonna be in my 2017 TOP-10 favorite JAV list for sure. KAWD-815 is available for sale in r18 clicking here. In R18 you can buy JAV in HD safe and cheap.

KAWD-795 is also good. Shameful thing is i never properly noticed this actress. So i will need to research on her past releases.

Very honorable mentions

Sakura Momo. I really really  wanted to add Momo to this list, and she could perfectly be in.  She is a fairly new JAV actress with just 2 releases and a new one coming up. She is so pretty and a good performer. If she continues on releasing stuff she might dominate the JAV scene in the coming months. IPZ-958 was very very good.

RION has also done well recently. Surprised? :), the veteran still doing well. SNIS-939 was nuts. SNIS-895 was good too, but perhaps a missed opportunity.

I am also growing a new-found liking for Miharu Usa, i am kind of looking forward to see how she evolves in the next releases.

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6 years ago

I wonder how much top jav actress like Shoko Takahashi or Yua Mika actually earn in a year or in a month

Do you have any idea my friend ?