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Shoko Takahashi, from disgraced Gravure idol to number 1 JAV actress

Imagine one day you have a bright career and a promising future as a Japan TV actress and TV star. Imagine your fans numbers and fame is skyrocketing and you start to get recognized for your work in the whole nation. Imagine the next day they leak a scandal video of you, they tag you as a prostitute, your own family gets to know you was whoring and they tell you your career is over. All is lost. This is exactly what happened to Shoko Takahashi on 2016.

Shoko takahashi the JAV goddess, looking so good

2016, the falling of Shoko takasaki, gravure star

In those days she was known as Shoko Takasaki, a prominent very well-know gravure bikini star. Who was also on a band. She was very famous as a gravure idol and pursuing a legitimate career as a TV star. However suddenly some photos of her were leaked on the social media. Apparently Shoko was engaging in to prostitution to earn some extra cash. It is very-well possible she had a sugar-daddy who was helping her make some money.

After the leak she attempted to deny the incident on the social media, tagging it as fake. And she seeked some help and support from the studio. But the gravure studio did panic, because surely these news did spread  wildfire. Some time later she quit social media was forced to resign or she was fired from the studio.

2017, Rise of Shoko Takahashi JAV super-star

At this time, things were looking dreadful for her, she was publicly humiliated and job-less.  was very big. But, she decided to take on a smart move, as she decided to start a career  in the JAV industry, not hiding her past identity.  She changed her name because copyright issues, but just a bit, because she wanted to keep the gravure fanbase.

Sure, many other gravure idols have move from Gravure modelling to doing Japanese Adult videos full-time. But none as famous as Shoko. And Shoko is certainly one of the hottest and best-performing JAV actresses that did this move, not any minor ex-gravure idol.

Now in 2017 things are looking bright for her. She is one of the biggest JAV sellers in the industry. She is wildly loved by the fans, and her popularity is higher than ever. She has also won a DMM award this year ( although not the big prize that went to Usa Minami). And i am even sure that if she wanted to pursue her legitimate TV star actress she could have the leverage to do.



The future

I for one i am very happy for her, and this proofs that even when life sh*ts on you, talent and hard-work overcomes anything. Now she is 24 and on the peek of her carreer. She was clearly struggling to make the end of the month as a gravure idol. And it is well known she was earning like 150000 yen per month then. Now for a couple of work-days a week she makes millions of Yen, clearly she is doing well now and will continue do well.

Shoko Takahashi doing sex

Takasho fearless staring while doing it. Niiice.


Shoko Takahashi Complete Filmography

In order by release date, updated July 2017.

Shoko Takahashi Gravure works, no particular order:

I have everything listed here published on this blog, except perhaps a couple titles that i can add later on. To find them just use the search bar, use the links. Or browse clicking here:  https://jav.guru/actress/takahashi-shouko/

If i missed something let me know in the comments section. If you want to suggest another actress that’s good too.

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3 Comments on "Shoko Takahashi, from disgraced Gravure idol to number 1 JAV actress"


Man, can you tell me if Takasho is part of a music band?
I’ve seen some photos but I would not know if it was a “one night only”


Thank you! I’m glad she does something she likes. but I would have preferred her to go into the muscats.
Thank you for the videos of Yoshizawa Yuki. In her twitter profile I saw that at the end of the month or the beginning of the next (I do not remember) should come out her new dvd, I think WSP-126.


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