July 2019 JAV digest

July 2019 JAV digest

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64,956 views Posted: July 31, 2019

Nagase Yui is the rage lately, she is gained a lot of popularity really fast, and after watching plenty of her new vids can confirm she’s awesome. Hazuki Reira was really interesting too and Minagawa Chiharu from SOD. Also, Arisaka Miyuki regained a lot of momentum thanks to her good latest releases. Other than that, the usual suspects remain popular.

So this month I enjoyed these videos (among others) =

2.  WANZ-878 

  1. MIMK-067. A good doujin adaptation.
  2. WANZ-878. Julia is the boss.
  3. CESD-791. Hibiki is never coming back.
  4. MVSD-393. Arisaka, showing disregard for her own safety.
  5. MVSD-395. Sexy teacher gangbanged.
  6. SSNI-521. Nene the teacher.
  7. DASD-560. Eimi in school costumes.
  8. IPX-342. An Aizawa Minami documentary, in which she looks awesome.

Honorable mention to MIRD-190.

Other stuff:

  • Kikukawa Mitsuha to retire.
  • Kurokawa Sarina will leave prestige.
  • Akira Eri will return to JAV.
  • Haduki Nozomi will return too.
  • Kawakita Haruna to return too after a 2 years absence.
  • Nakanatsu Yukari will return with a new name.
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4 years ago

I remember many retired JAV actresses gone into being a youtuber. Any names or recommendation where to look?

4 years ago
Reply to  Ichina

Kaname Ootori is one of them that I know

4 years ago

Yume Kana has become an exclusive actress for Moodyz.

4 years ago
Reply to  salvopanda

Certainly a major step-up from Maxing (which is pretty much dying at this point).

4 years ago
Reply to  Definiant99

Sure. But I think she won’t stay long. She could do as Ayami Shunka who moved to S1 for only one year and then retired.

4 years ago

Sakamichi Miru is best girl

4 years ago

did sumire mizukawa retire admin her IG removed “AV” on it

4 years ago

Did Aoi retire?

4 years ago
Reply to  ABC

Afraid so

4 years ago

I found some ex jav became otaku cosplayer (shibuya kaho)

4 years ago

When will Mita An comeback?

4 years ago
Reply to  dimdim


4 years ago

what happened to RION?

4 years ago
Reply to  Foreskin

retired long ago

4 years ago
Reply to  Foreskin

I Dont think she officially retired, according to admin, she is “gone, on limbo”. I hope she returns, she cant act but she has a perfect body and face.

4 years ago
Reply to  Cbomb

i really hope she returns. i cant find the same perfect tits and sultry smile like hers from all the jv ive watched so far. so sad.

4 years ago

¿Akiho Yoshizawa volvera a la industria JAV?.
Porque en un articulo de un blog decia que ella desde su retiro comenzo su propio: Poscat Radio.

4 years ago
Reply to  Douglas

Please come back!!!

Remy Rizal
4 years ago

Whatever happen with Anju Minase a.k.a Hikari Anzai?

Great body, good looks…is she done with JAV?

4 years ago

Akira Eri returned? wow, her last video where she shaved her hair shocked me to death 😛 she is in wanz factory now

x d
4 years ago

What happened to Isumi Nonoka?

4 years ago

Anyone know what happened to Nao Yuki or L(R)isa Morisawa ? Are they retired or what ?

4 years ago

I got a video titled STAR-005 from a JAV site. The film disappeared when my external hard drive died. I really liked the film which featured a male teacher in a classroom with four young girls. A team of “nurses” comes in to inspect the girls’ sexual development. Can anyone point me at a source for this film?

4 years ago

Jessica Kizaki just warpped her last AV shoot. 11 years, one of the best and most commited IdeaPocket actress…..

China Matsuoka
4 years ago