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JAV studios official websites

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848,526 views Posted: January 17, 2019

Some guys asked me to explain JAV studios and codes. And at the same time, I have been in need of a bookmark list with studio website addresses, so let’s this serve as both (sort of).



Short description
SOD STAR STARS http://www.sod.co.jp Conglomerate
S1 STYLE ONE SNIS SSNI http://s1s1s1.com/top.html Glamour Av Idols
MOODYZ MIAE MIDE http://www.moodyz.com/ Glamour Av Idols, models
ATTACKERS ATID SHKD http://www.attackers.net/ Drama, simulated rape
IDEA POCKET IPZ IPX http://www.ideapocket.com/ Av Idols, models
PRESTIGE ONEZ ABP http://www.prestige-av.com/ Conglomerate
KM Produce REAL SCOP http://www.km-produce.com/ Bazooka, Scoop, REAL, MDTM, M
HMP HMPD HODV http://www.hmp.jp/ Founded in 1981
E-BODY   EYAN EBOD http://www.av-e-body.com/top.html S&M Big tits, fitness
ALICE JAPAN DV DVAJ http://www.alicejapan.co.jp/ Founded in 1986
PREMIUM PRTD PRED http://www.premium-beauty.com/ Glamour
GLORY QUEST GVG http://www.gloryquest.co.jp/ Many sub-labels
CRYSTAL EIZOU NITR EKDV http://www.crystal-eizou.jp/ Founded in 1984, many labels.
MADONNA URE JUY http://www.madonna-av.com/top.html Specializes in MILF, also own Fitch
MAX-A MXSPS MXGS http://www.max-a.co.jp/top.php Founded 1992, also owns Calen
OPPAI PPSD PPPD http://www.oppai-av.com/top.html Tits
KAWAII KANE KAWD http://www.kawaiikawaii.jp/ Young fetish and schoolgirls
Kira☆Kira KISD BLK http://www.kirakira-av.com/ Gals
MUTEKI TEK http://www.mutekimuteki.com/top.html Celebrity debuts
GORO TAMEIKE MDYD MEYD http://www.tameikegoro.jp/ Mature fetish
DOGMA DDB DDK http://www.dogma.co.jp/index.php Extreme fetish. Founded by Tohjiro
DAS DASD http://www.dasdas.jp/top.html Simulated rape, extreme
WANZ FACTORY PPS WANZ http://www.wanz-factory.com/ AV idols & Big boobs
Aurora Project APKH APNS http://www.aurora-pro.com/ No makeup
ROCKET RCT RCTD http://www.rocket-inc.net/ Bizarre and weird porn
TMA SAIT T28 http://www.tma.co.jp/ Cosplay, schoolgirls
BIBIAN BBAN http://www.bibian-av.com/ Lesbian
GIGA GHKO http://www.akiba-web.com/ Cosplay, bizarro fantasy & drama
DEEPS DVDES DVDMS http://deeps.net/
I.B.WORKS. IBW http://www.ibworks.jp/ Loli
Knights visual KV http://www.knights-visual.com/ Bukkake, amateur orgy
MOUSOUZOKU BDA HIKR http://www.mousouzoku-av.com/top.html Big tits
First Star FONE LOVE http://www.first-star.co.jp/ Loli
DIGITAL ARK CHAE FLAV http://www.digital-ark.com/ Legs fetish
Aroma Planning ARM https://www.aroma-p.com/ Extreme maniac
AKINORI MANE FSET http://www.aknr.com/
HONNAKA HNDS HND https://www.honnaka.jp Creampies
Minimum AV MUM Loli
IENERGY IESP IENE http://www.ienergy1.com/


Short description
Rookie RKI http://www.rookie-av.jp/top.html
SILK SILK AV for woman, handsome boys
Momotaro MDB Independent producers
CINEMAGIC CMV http://www.cinemagic.co.jp/ Founded in 1983. Bondage, S&M
MARIA MARD Mature Housewives

There are many more JAV producers. But this list covers the vast majority of studios I am usually interested at.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese studio’s code system, some important things to consider:

  • Studios produce series of porn movies under labels, which receive unique codes. Usually consisting of a few letters (which identify the maker), followed by a hyphen, followed by numbers (usually up to 999), though there are exceptions to all of this.
  • The product code is usually printed on the sides of the DVD. Codes are useful for collecting purposes, to quickly recognize the maker,  to identify the fetish at a glance, and to even identify if it’s an old or new release since codes are chronological (usually).
  • These code series are usually niched and focused on a particular fetish. IE: BBAN for lesbian, PPPD for big tits, TEK for debuts, etc.
  • Some of the biggest studios rely on their name and their series might cover many multiple fetishes.
  • Some of the biggest studios also employ actresses and directors exclusively.
  • Currently, there are 2 conglomerates dominating the Japanese porn industry. Soft on Demand and Fanza (formerly DMM.com, Hokuto). Most studio producers belong to these 2 conglomerates. There are some indies too. Even so, studios usually work as independent units.
  • Sougouwiki.com is a valuable resource to find more information about JAV studios, also with some links, but the website is in Japanese.

Any other thing or correction, let me know.

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Tommy Lo
5 years ago

Paradise-TV forgot to include into the list

5 years ago

Sougouwiki.com is a valuable resource to JAV studios. How is it valuable to the studios? Please forgive my arrogance?

5 years ago

ohhh i see Administer. Thanks.

5 years ago

hi im just wondering if you happen to know which title this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKCpkEklunQ ? thank you so much for all your hard work in running this site admin!

5 years ago

found it! it’s VRTM-349 thanks a lot admin

4 years ago
Reply to  mee

I want japanese porn sites with english sub title

5 years ago
Reply to  mee

Maybe it’s MIAA-012 and it will be released in February.

5 years ago

There are studios that have too many labels. Just to name a few.

SOD in addition to STARS (which is the continuum of STAR) has as its second arrow to its arc SDMU, then there are many others (SDNM, SDEN, SDDE, SDAB, KMHR, SDJS, SDAM).


Prestige has ABP, ONEZ, CHN, BGN, DOCP, SIM, DTT, AMA, DIC, CPDE, TUS, NZK, KKJ, TEM, RIX, PXH, MGT, GOAL, GETS, FIV, ESK and, I think, much more.

This is one of the reasons why I appreciate S1, IDEA POCKET and other studios that all go under the same label.

5 years ago

Brilliant work. Well done admin.

5 years ago


5 years ago

My humble contributions (missing descriptions):

Honnaka creampies
Aurora Project genuineness, no makeup

Also, I feel the description for Moodyz needs an addition. It is the same as S1’s (“glamour AV idols”) even though there’s a clear difference: Moodyz’ more softcore (mostly DIVA) and S1-like track is popular thanks to its actresses (Takashou, Itou Chinami, Hatsukawa Minami, etc.) but there’s also a more extreme side with a long history (I’m thinking of ACID and GATI there). There’s nothing even close to the “Dream Woman” series in S1… The Crimson stuff could also deserve a mention.

1 year ago
Reply to  javver

Dream Woman series is great

5 years ago

RBD is also part of attackers label. one of the most favourited actress in this label is Rina Ishihara i think.

5 years ago

Thanks Admin, great reference material. I needed those websites.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Unrelated to the blog but I’m having some issues with staying logged in lately. For some pages I’m logged in but when I click to another page I’m not signed in.
Has anyone else reported this issue yet?

5 years ago

Looks like it’s fixed now. Awesome!

5 years ago

Would it be possible to make a list of different series each site has, or what they specialize in if they do (ie PPPD big tits?)

5 years ago

admin, do you know any website same as javlibrary but for gravure ?

5 years ago

Not every studio, but Caribbean is always providing some free sample videos 😀

5 years ago

Is there any reason why so few movies from the FSET series get posted? Some of the best quality productions I’ve seen can be found in those. One of the very best ones imo.

agathakata delo
5 years ago

am looking for an english sub of juy-263. could this be possible

5 years ago

Didn’t know where to post this since you don’t have ADN-065, but at 00:12 they spell Attackers wrong. LOL They spell it Attackars.Presents.

Jay Ben
5 years ago

Do any of these studios, or any that is known, offer a custom video service?

5 years ago

Do you have any info regarding the studios doing labels RBD and STC? Btw STC is awesome can you please include?

4 years ago

We need mother vedios English subtitles

4 years ago

anyone know venus studio home page ?

El Jefe
3 years ago
Reply to  cole1358
3 years ago
Reply to  El Jefe

Tikitikicomer website

3 years ago
Reply to  warashfal

The Best

International jav lover
3 years ago

Dvdes English site version available ?

3 years ago

Can you update ?

3 years ago

ive been watching movies from vess and mess anyone heard of these??

3 years ago

Rd series upload kro mc

2 years ago

Hello, can someone give me link to aquamall/hero official site?

2 years ago

What about “AND”??

1 year ago

How can i get the “Japanese wife cant forget the worker” video?

1 year ago
Reply to  Noname

I wondered if you succeeded. Saw there was no response here, but wondered if you found how by other means

1 year ago

This was a pretty good list. If it gets revised, I’d hope Nagae Style and Red Faced Girl get included

1 year ago

good job industry…im from malaysia…i want join fucking alll girl with my mentor

1 year ago

I know this is an old post but what is the jav or actress in the picture?

11 months ago
Reply to  hentaik

Untuk studio SDMU ada link nya ?

11 months ago

my dream is to break into this industry and be able to fuck every japanese bbw woman i can find with my 6.5 inch black penis. I really wanted to know how to apply to become a jav actor?.

jihad jihad
11 months ago

Where i can find mom group s x

10 months ago

anyone can help me in finding a specific JAV? been searching it for a while

9 months ago
Reply to  samjum

Try the subreddit /JAV for identifying codes]

7 months ago

I need full of father in law sex tubes

7 months ago

please tell me sex tubes of father in law