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13 days ago


13 days ago

The “tragedy” in this series was usually that a tiny, creepy-looking brother got to her sexually.

But the plot was always varied with this series.

Here, a nice younger brother has his eye accidentally stabbed with a kitchen knife.

(And then the sex. . . while his eyes are covered with gauze . . .)

13 days ago

There’ a 2018-10-04 Greatest Hits compilation (RVG-077) that has the covers of 8 movies from this series on it

[GVG-433] Tragedy at Husband’s Family Home Aya Sakurai released 2017-02-02

GVG-467 A Tragedy That Happened At Her Husband’s Home Yuikawa Nozomi (aka Mogami Kasumi) released 2017-04-05

[GVG-499] Tragedy at Husband’s Parents’ Home. Imamiya Izumi released 2017-06-01

GVG-528 The Tragedy That Happened At Her Husband’s Parents’ Home Nakamura Hisaki (aka Shirakawa Mai) released 2017-08-02

[GVG-560] Tragedy at husband’s family home. Mori Mairi released 2017-10-05

GVG-576 A Tragedy That Took Place At Her Husband’s Family Home Konno Hikaru released 2017-11-01

GVG-598 A Tragedy That Happened At Her Husband’s Home Hanasaki Riko released 2017-12-06

[GVG-627] Tragedy Happening In My Husband’s Parents Home Yui Hatano released 2018-02-01

But RVG-077 also has photos of Shibuya Kaho 澁谷果歩 and Matsumoto Mei 松本メイin its bottom right corner. Haven’t figured out why. . .

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I love 3p where the girls kiss
13 days ago
Reply to  Mike

GVG-372 is the one for Matsumoto Mei, Mike. Well, at least I think so. I don’t know Kaho’s but it shouldn’t be too hard to find

13 days ago

I’ll check it out

I love 3p when the girls kiss
12 days ago
Reply to  Mike

GVG-401 is the one for Kaho

12 days ago

I had a chance to look. Seems like the plot was roughly the same, with the young couple arriving to where the wife would be “taken” by the problem guy, but the titles were different,.

GVG-372 Rape Demon lurking on the second floor Matsumoto Mei released Oct 05 2016

GVG-401 Rape Demon lurking on the second floor Shibuya Kaho released 29 Nov 2016.

I see that the same creepy tiny guy who did all the sexual things in [GVG-433], [GVG-560] and [GVG-627] was also the Rape Demon lurking on the second floor in GVG-401.

Thanks so much for your comments

12 days ago

Such a stupid plot but damn that was some hot sex scenes, even without the moan.

billu SANDA
12 days ago

10/10 HELL YAA
the actor playing blind was licking her body soooo good and ofcrs izumi is the Goat, her sex and acting skills are Lit.