Top 10 hafu JAV actresses (mix blooded girls)

Top 10 hafu JAV actresses (mix blooded girls)

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470,218 views Posted: September 9, 2018

A Hafu is basically a Japanese word to refer an ethnically half Japanese, half foreigner girl. A biracial person with mix blood that is. This term emerged in the 1970’s. The word Hapa has the same meaning as is often used too.

Also worth noting that much-mixed blood Japanese nationals are often directly deemed as Gaijin… like they will put in the same bag anything with a bit of foreigner. But well, that is another story.

The thing is that I was writing a little thing about Takagi Amina, a mixed-blood girl who is set to re-debut for Kira Kira studio as Anna

Robert (more on this below), and it struck me that it was a bit more interesting to talk a little bit about JAV actresses who have mixed blood.


When we talk about Hapa JAV actresses, in the past we had quite a few AV actresses who were really epic and left a print in the industry. So here’s a little list of 10 good hafu girls that I compiled:

1. Maria Ozawa, half-Canadian, half Japanese.

Ozawa Maria (小澤マリア) is the quintessential JAV hafu girl. AKA Hayama Mari she is half Canadian born in Hokkaido which has a really powerful “foreign flavor”, which was very evident by just looking at her. Ozawa-chan just needed 5 years to take the industry by storm.

Her English language abilities have been proven several times, including more than a JAV in which she used the English language to tease the viewers. For example, she had a role as an English teacher, and another as a news announcer who gave the news in English.

Nowadays she is retired and living in Manila.


2. Rio. Half Portuguese, half Japanese.

AKA Yuzuki Tina (柚木ティナ). She was born in Tokyo but her mother is Portuguese. And Rio itself it’s very proud of her heritage, as she speaks fluent Portuguese.

Oh, and one of the most successful actresses in JAV, ever.


3. Monika Hasegawa. Half South American, half Japanese.

Monika Hasegawa (長谷川モニカ) was my favorite half-foreigner JAV actresses the time she was active. She was incredibly beautiful. Her foreigner flavor was seriously strong, she looked so out of place in the movies, as if she was not comfortable in front of the camera.

But I always had a blast watching how quirky and how seriously beautiful she was.

I was very tempted to type she is Half Brazilian and that was what I remembered. But at this time of writting, I could not find anything that confirms that. So I will say, that she is half South American. Certainly, she has those latina features… it seems. She is dope no doubt.

hasegawa monika

4. Anri Okita. Half British, half Japanese.

Anri Okita (沖田杏梨) was born in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. And so that’s where her good English comes from. She drops some English lines in her movies sometimes.

Anri Okita retired from porno in 2016.


5. Shelby Wakatsuki. Half Portuguese, half Japanese.

Shelby Wakatsuki (若槻シェルビー) was extremely short but she was hot… I mean, seriously hot.

And to think right now she is only 26 years old and she only did like 10 movies in Japan. Damn, so sad.


6. Misaki Rola (Laura Takizawa). Half Russian, Half Japanese.

Rola has a Japanese mother and a Russian father. She debuted for Prestige studio in 2012 under the alias Rola Takizawa (滝澤ローラ). Which she changed to Rola Mizusaki by April 2013.

In November 2013, she left Prestige and joined Idea Pocket.

Although her initial name of choice was Laura (or Lora), because of the problematic reverse romanization of the L sound in Japanese, everyone settled to spell it as Rola, Rora or Lola.

She was… seriously stunning. And 172cm tall.


7. Karen Uehara. Half American, half Japanese

Uehara Karen (上原花恋). Also known as Ayase Ameri, Ayase America, Ayashiro Rinka, Irodori-jo, Sasaki Carla, Chachra Seira. Was born in Kanagawa Prefecture but is half American.

A very juicy girl, she occasionally twits in English @karenyapp_ppppp

Ue Karen

8. Saori Hara, 25% German, 75% Japanese.

Hara Saori (原紗央莉) is Japanese by Mother, and her Father is half German half Japanese.

This former SOD actress retired quite a long time ago, actually.

Sara Haori

9. Mei Matsumoto. Half Spanish, half Japanese.

Mei Matsumoto (松本メイ) is actually half Spanish, and she spent her childhood in Spain.

Somehow I always thought Mei was Filipina or half-Filipina. I mean, she looks sooooo Filipina to me. Might also be because Filipinos have quite a high % of Spanish blood in them. Or I don’t know… lol.

Mei Matsumoto AV

10. Tia ( ティア). Half USA (or maybe a quarter?), half Japanese.

Okay, this one is tricky. And it always puzzled me a little bit. Because it was impossible to find reliable information on Tia that confirms she is a real hafu. And somehow I always felt it was an agency stunt (maybe?). It was also said that her foreign features come (since many years ago) just come from surgery. And I can believe that because Tia loves good surgery…

In the Ebisu Muscats show, it was referenced several times that she was the “Yankee” girl from the USA. However, I found Tia’s lack of English language very unconvincing and suspicious.

In any case, regardless of she is half-foreigner or not she shipped herself as hafu so much that telling a lie so many times makes it true, I guess. So I will accept her as a hafu. Lol.

She initially debuted as Kurokawa Meisa in 2010 and was active at the same time as Asama Alice. She also used the Asama Arisu nickname. But she finally gathered huge success as Tia (ティア), the blonde chick with a killer body.

Tiatan AV

Are they other Hafu actresses?. Yes, a boatload.

Are they all really half foreigner?. On this list, yes. The majority of others who claim to be, yes. But I don’t doubt some will claim to be just for the gimmick.

And, perhaps my favorite actress for half foreigner flavor was Monika Hasegawa. An extremely pretty girl.

The Japanese obsession with Hafu

Many Japanese girls long for the “half” looks. This is big eyes, long eyelashes, tall and sharp noses, etc…  There is a common belief in Japan (and all Asia), that mix-blooded are cute. And they believe in this formula:

Asian x Foreigner = 1/2 mixblood = Cute!. 

Well, maybe. Not always. I think it’s a pretty wild assumption to think that a baby will be automatically cute just because he is mix-blooded, but this is actually a pretty solid belief. Perhaps this encouraged by this, many Japanese nationals have grown an interest in marrying foreigners. The number of marriages between Japanese nationals and foreigners peaked in 2006, with nearly 45000 marrying couples. And last year there were still a respectable 23600 international marriages in Japan.

What is certain is that many Japanese males fancy foreigner white women like a sort of impossible dream. And many Japanese girls fancy the foreigner looks. Or it all maybe not so serious, and just a case that exotic is just sexy.

And talking exotic, who could forget Ariana Miyamoto (Half Japanese, Half Afro-American). The first Mixed-Race girl to win the Miss Universe Japan 2015 contest, which sparked quite a debate in Japan because quite a few people said she wasn’t even Japanese. And that a black girl wasn’t even Japanese. But oh well, she’s still OK in my book.


So, about Takagi Amina

Takagi Amina debuted for KAWAII studio in 2016, as a half Japanese half Spanish girl, did some movies a couple of years without much glory. She was also working for (Caribbeancom) under the name of “亜美”.

Actually, this kind of re-package with a new name is not fully strange. But this one caught my attention. Since she is a mixed-race girl in JAV. And we don’t have many at many at the moment.

Now, she will change her name to Anna Robert Maipu (ロベルト美浦アンナ), and repackage herself as a half-Brazilian/half-Japanese. To re-debut late this month for kira☆kira studio in BLK-378.

Something that quickly caught my attention is the new nose she has. And so, unless I am wrong, I think she might have done some surgery?. Her nose looks way different, and sharper. Just a feeling.

Considering she debuted at 18 years old, she aimed for the loli role before, which made sense. But, later on, it was known she wasn’t really 18, but actually 21. Anyhow, it seems that her new gimmick will be a much more matured and aggressive Gal role, which also fits her well.  Because she can accentuate her “white girl” looks, which I’m sure will gather her more attention.

I don’t mind the repackages, and many times they are just inevitable regardless of how popular a girl is. For example the recent Mizuki Miri name-change.

Takashiro Amina set to re-debut for Kira Kira studio

Takashiro Amina set to re-debut for Kira Kira studio

In the not so distant past…

So who do you guys like the most, who is your favorite Hafu? 🙂

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5 years ago

Interesting Read. The amount of research spent on this is astounding. Saori’s section was surprisingly brief.

5 years ago

When I saw the article with the image of Tia I was hoping she was back to JAV but not
Do you know when she will return? 1 year or never 🙁

1 year ago
Reply to  starlock

tia has her own onlyfans now

5 years ago

When I saw Tia’s picture I hoped she would come back but not
Do you know when she will return? 1 year or never

5 years ago

Oh man, Maria Ozawa, Rio, and Saori Hara… That really takes me back. They were my favorite back when they were still active.

3 years ago
Reply to  Sabishiiryuu


5 years ago

I thought Julia is also haafu?

4 years ago
Reply to  aho

U r so beauty

5 years ago

great list! didn’t know most of these girls.

you know what else would be a cool? a list of asian-american (or other foreign countries) porn stars…

but NOT those same old washed up hags you see everywhere. there ARE some gems coming through the ranks on occasion, but it can be hard to find them. meiko askara was one, but she seems inactive for a while. may thai is also not that bad, but i’m sure there is better out there.

anyways nice work on the post.

5 years ago

“Are they other Hafu actresses?. Yes, a boatload. Are they all really half foreigner?”

One or two of Shiina Sora’s early releases claimed she was Hafu, but I have no idea if she ever claimed that herself. It seems plausible because of her face, but her body seems more Japanese to me…

5 years ago

Nishita Karina is she mix blooded ? What do you think about this girl ?

5 years ago

there was also Sarah, whos very pretty and released some movies under SOD around 2010’s

8 months ago
Reply to  m8d

Yeah Sarah so cute

5 years ago

how about jun aizawa, is she mix blooded girl?

ricardo gomez
5 years ago

Meisa Hanai, Anna Natsuki missing from the list. Quite of few other too. Admin, do you know much about the two I mentioned? What are they doing now

5 years ago

Mia Shiozaki only 2 videos out there. Why can’t they bring her back for more?

5 years ago

You should really interlink those blog posts. Will be good for us fans and for your seo as well 🙂

5 years ago

From what I remember Karen Uehara used to identify herself as half japanese and quarter french/quarter iranian, never seen that america stuff, but never dug up too deep neither

Mr. T is God
5 years ago

I stay away from the exotic and mix blood JAV stars. I want pure Japanese. This list is interesting but I think many are promoted by the studios to say mix blood. But I could be wrong lol

5 years ago

I just recently discovered “Tia”.she too beautiful for porn (see her in Juy-349),but I’m so happy,she is!

5 years ago

How about Yutsuki Aisha? Definitely an Africano-Japanese, interesting, but regretfully very few movies 🙁

5 years ago

Jessica Asakura is my fave! What’s up with her now? Couldn’t find anything more of her in the internet aside from those 6 delightfully hot DVDs.

verman dorman
5 years ago

DNA shows only a few minority of Filipino have Spanish ancestry.

5 years ago

As far as I know, Airi Kijima is half-Filipino and Nozomi Aso is as well (if we base it in the Japanese Wikipedia.)

5 years ago

I recently stumbled onto Tia’s YouTube channel where she also does livestreams on top of making videos. She’s definitely very fluent in English on stream and interacts with her English speaking fans too and just plays up the whole broken English act when she was on the Ebisu Muscats show. Also, she seemed to have surgery not too long after the show ended and now is kind of unrecognizable. All the features that made her look like a hafu are gone and she actually looks more Korean. It’s a shame. She looked great before that.

5 years ago

Surprised that Emiri Yoshikawa wasn’t mentioned on this list. She was definitely one of the hottest ‘Hafu’s of the early 2000’s being half Japanese and half Puerto Rican. Last I heard she was a high priced featured act in Japanese ‘Soap’ parlors.

5 years ago

I watch Tia when he plays role as a Stewardess. She speaks english perfectly.

5 years ago

Yuka Osawa (aka Elly Akira) was a favorite of mine. Half-Japanese, half-Arabic.

5 years ago

Is that Maria Ozawa real name?

Harry Potter
5 years ago

Anna Ohura is one of hafu that caught my attention.

4 years ago

What about Aono Seira? Can somebody confirm if she’s really Russian-Japanese?

4 years ago

Jessica Asakura is my all-time favorite with only 6 solo titles. Whatever happened to her?

4 years ago

Can i know the title of this movie of #7 Karen Uehara ?

Verman dorman
4 years ago

Filipino rarely have Spanish blood in them let alone high which is a very few. There are Filipino with mixed Spanish ancestry but they either 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and even people who are only 1/32 Spanish claim Spanish descent.

tae mo
3 years ago
Reply to  Verman dorman

it doesnt matter. lmao … filipino hates spanish. and majority of mix marriages in japan is between filipino-japanese. so its spanish its loss

3 years ago
Reply to  Verman dorman

majority of half japanese in japan are half filipino

4 years ago

Nevermind i finally found it! Fujisaki Cecil!

4 years ago

Just praser

3 years ago

Sarah half brazilian half japanesr

3 years ago

What is certain is that many Japanese males fancy foreigner white women like a sort of impossible dream”
Lol what crack are you smoking? Maybe its to do with the fact Asian males don’t fancy white female anywhere as much as white males idolizing Asian women (to the extent they would date any Asian no matter how fu**y)?

3 years ago
Reply to  Tim

yes.. asian men don’t really like white females

3 years ago

“What is certain is that many Japanese males fancy foreigner white women like a sort of impossible dream”
Lol what crack are you smoking? Maybe its to do with the fact Asian males don’t fancy white female anywhere as much as white males idolizing Asian women (to the extent they would date any Asian no matter the looks)?

3 years ago

What about Maria Nagai? Isn’t she half Spanish?

3 years ago

Or Sakuraba Hikari. Her IG says she’s half Spanish too

Want to fuck a Porn star
3 years ago

There’s also Sofia Takigawa, who’s Half Portuguese. She spoke it as well in one of her movies.

Anri is my favourite for a long time, still is.

Maria Nagai pre-make over did have that Spanish look.

zacky z
2 years ago

i downloaded before but its missing with my file
jav that shoot in philippines… anybody know?

2 years ago

Oh, without a doubt my fav is the rarely seen “Chloe” (Kuroe) .. after seeing one JAV on this site, i looked and found a few more of her. If you like Ariana Miyamoto looks, then you’ve GOT to check Chloe out.

2 years ago

You had me at Rio and Maria Ozawa

2 years ago

Reona Kirishima is my favourite. she just lacks movies and acting. Is she retired?

2 years ago

Would love to see this list updated. I remember loving Shibiru Matsuda (who I only saw in RCT-407 Real Female Announcer – displaying her English speaking skills) And the name Muto I’ve read can be Japanese or Italian, which makes me wonder about whether Ayaka Muto’s amazing beauty can be at all hafu beauty . . .

Bero T
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Totally, that would be interesting to see an update.

Bero T
2 years ago

I think I’m just becoming less conscious of ethnic traits (regarding many Japanese models) over time…. a lot of them just look to me like very beautiful women… full stop.
My favorite model is Mizutani Kokone…. in some of her vids (to me) she absolutely looks western-European, but in others she really looks ‘Japanese’.

1 year ago

I think Sarah could be considered Hafu, right?
She’s half Brazilian I suppose.

1 year ago

Yuka Ozawa???
where is she??

1 year ago

Anna Hizaki
Nana Kamiyama
Paolo Imai
Toda Ira

1 year ago

Looks like even Dina Kato wasnt mention on the list why she stop & she is also half…

8 months ago

Seshiru Fujisaki. She’s half French

6 months ago

Yuka Ozawa. She happens to be my fave JAV star.