Simple guide to NTR, what is Netorare?

Simple guide to NTR, what is Netorare?

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514,304 views Posted: November 14, 2018

Netorare, often abbreviated NTR (寝取られ), is a Japanese slang term which literally translates as “taken away by sleeping with”. Or in other words: Mad as hell. That bitter feeling of betrayal to see you girl being taken away. The central part of NTR is that rage feeling someone who has been cheated (not the cheater). If we talk about the genre, yes, it’s cuckold or infidelity.

This fetish has seen an increasing popularity in recent years and it’s becoming more popular.

What counts as Netorare and why should we care?

NTR It’s all about getting Rekt. Life gave you lemons and unpolitely stuck them up your ass. No lemonade for you here, buddy. Netorare stories are commonly categorized by a woman who cheats the husband. Although a Wife/husband relationship is not a requirement to count as NTR. A mere girlfriend or a school crush counts as NTR.

In Japanese porn movies is a pretty common situation when the woman is coerced or tricked into an unsavory affair. If the woman is violently r*ped, it ends up counting as NTR too… As weird as it sounds. Even more, if she sexually enjoyed the happening. The husband feeling wronged is an essential part of the film.

The mood is often dark and depressing. Most emotional drama situations are regretful, blatant betrayals and humiliating situations that set the mood for the video.

So to sum up, in NTR… =

  1. The male gets cheated.
  2. The male gets humiliated.
  3. Why is it fun?, because the situations are fun, and because of the sheer pleasure of watching such a man getting R3KT gives the watcher a boner. His manhood and dreams destroyed. God, I even hope he cry manly tears.
It was the guys fault all along, what is NTR?
Yeah, right! But I loved you!

Is NTR just a Japanese thing?

It’s a mere Cuckolding thing. The main component of NTR, the “rage” or the “fear” of getting cuckolded is about the same as in the west.

Even more considering that “in the west” the cuckold porn genre is incredibly popular too nowadays.

The Japanese guys find NTR truly amusing and the component of humiliation is more “heartfelt” if that’s even possible. Especially for the intricate range of emotions that an NTR situation displays. One thing that truly shocked me while compiling information for this article is the amount of supposedly illegitimate children conceived by a woman in Japan. A survey said that in Japan, like 1%-2% of children are illegitimate, which might not seem a high percentage, but when you think about it, it’s a crazy high number.

The Japanese man is often depicted as weak or puny, and sometimes they don’t show their most masculine side, now that’s true. There are plenty of cliches going on about our dear Japanese dudes, but not this one.

Why are Japanese man so beta?

Now I don’t really like to generalize about 61.77 million Japanese males, which would not very fair. But I guess it’s fair to talk about the general perception foreigners have about Japanese males.

There is a concept in Japan coined: “Herbivore men or grass-eater men“, (草食(系)男子 Sōshoku-kei danshi). The term is used in Japan to describe a man who has lost interest in their “manliness”, and they completely gave up on finding a girlfriend or a wife. And they will clearly identify this man as weak and not very masculine. Even more, many of these men are apparently are not attracted to “independent” or strong women.

All this might explain the eternal Japanese birth declining ratio meme… But that’s another story.

The point is, the Japanese man, don’t have the best of reputation. To sum it up:

  • Often perceived as weak.
  • Often perceived as not masculine.
  • A great societal pressure in Japan.
  • Great importance of family, and family values.
  • Most man as generally shy and awkward.
  • Being a rebel is not perceived as a pro in Japanese society.
  • Assertiveness is discouraged in Japan.

Couple all this with the fact that Japanese woman dislikes the guts of NEET man.

Well played, lad.

Are Japanese woman prone to cheating?

The answer really answer would be: some cheat, some don’t. I don’t really know what Japanese ladies do in their private time. But I can trust my perceptions. Or even better, I will quote a survey published online in the Japanese language here. I did read it this year and it talks about cheating in Japan, plus they pull up some interesting numbers:

  • 38 percent of Japanese women said a boyfriend or husband has cheated on them.
  • 31 percent of Japanese woman said they’ve cheated on their man.

Worth noting that in Japan, hugging a platonic friend or an opposite male friend to say hello or goodbye is highly rare… And many women would consider holding hands or kissing another man, cheating already.

Finally, the survey asked if the women had ever been caught cheating by their lover. Only six percent said they had got caught.

The woman, when asked why they cheated, 43% of them said because they were attracted to the other man.

Now another important thing to consider is that in Japan the wife is usually left at home alone, or looking after the child, the husband is away working as a salaryman until seriously late. When the hubby gets home from a long day at work and from a long commuting trip at the train he is exhausted, hence no sex Maybe just at weekends.

With such a boring and frustrated life the chances of having a cheating Japanese wife are not slim. There are many tales of guys who been cheating in Japan.

So in conclusion: Yes. Japanese woman does cheat, and more than girls from other countries. All of them? No. Probably even the 31% number from above seems a tad high. But around that.

What happens after the cheating gets discovered?

Most times, break up, but not always.

Assuming the significant other found out: Cheating does not automatically cancel out a marriage or relationship. Most men or women will not act out violently after finding up. They might even accept the situation and try to get on their life just to avoid divorce.

Because In Japan divorce is not that common either.

In the west, this would probably be perceived as a sign of weakness. Where such cheating situations almost certainly guarantee a breakup.

What is the point of NTR movies?

As I said, the point of NTR movies is to enjoying fetish and the fantasy itself. Enjoying the complexity of emotions and the spiciness of the situation. This genre is very popular but I am also aware that many people don’t enjoy it that much, or simply care about it.

I often thought that NTR can only be enjoyed when you are a spectator to the situation. Because if I was to suffer a cuckold in first-person, and I get cheated by the wife in real life I would be too pissed off to enjoy any of it.

Then, If I push my wife to cheat me or I motivate her into swinging, or couple swapping then I guess is not NTR or cuckold anymore, but mere swinging. Another lovely fetish…

If I watch someone else getting cucked then I guess I am just getting entertained by observing the husband getting humiliated and the wife being slutty. And yes, humiliation is a huge fetish.

Somehow same as when we obtain some kind of pleasure by watching someone cumming in the face of a girl, we don’t really do it, but we enjoy someone else doing it. Moreover, there is a strong Taboo component in this fetish that adds flavor to it.

Having a look at DMM NTR catalog:

So I made a quick search in DMM to the NTR tag and it returned 6800 results. The same search in R18 returned 5500 results or so. I will assume that many videos are not tagged or wrongly tagged, so perhaps there are easily more than 10000 JAV videos with NTR as a fetish.

As impossible it is to watch them all I will comment about just a few of them I sampled.

Some common situations in NTR JAV releases:


Lead actress: Meguri.

So MIAE-076 is both the latest I watched and one I subbed to English. And Meguri is one of the queens of NTR for her naturally attractive wife-material looks.

Plot: Meguri host a party for his husband and coworkers. And the coworker lay a trap with a hidden camera because they believe all girls are cheaters. They force Meguri while on hidden-camera and she ends up feeling some Kimochi.

So she has no other remedy but to admit to her husband that she is a cheat. Then his humiliated and cucked hubby enrages and decides to convert the situation in a Gganbang. For much of his coworker’s delight.


Lead actress: Kazama Yumi.

Plot: JUX-786 plot breaks a little the pattern, but it’s beautiful. A newlywed couple moves to live with the mother-in-law. And she can overhear them having sex, and she can overhear too their frustrations.

The mother in law cannot help her impulses and can’t endure masturbating. The pressure is too big she also tempts the son in law.

She can not hold back the increased temptation, but she tries to endure and not masturbate, but she still hopes to get fucked… Yumi who noticed that her son’s honor held emotions beyond her parents more than himself stimulated his inferiority. However, it comes to a point that Yumi cannot resist anymore and does the forbidden thing.


Lead actress: Kanno Sayuki

NGOD is a solid series which features many good NTR JAV stuff. For example, this video which belongs to the series “Please Listen To My Cuckold Story”.

Plot: A repairman comes to Kanno home to do some repair work on the bathroom. Talking about  “customer satisfaction”, Kanno-chan gets plenty from the repair dude.

One day the husband returns home early just to find out why her wife Kanno Sayuki was being so happy lately. 🙂


Lead actress: Shino Megumi

Plot: Shino-chan has been married for 2 years. But she attends an old students reunion and meets her ex-boyfriend Mr. sexy she literally loses her mind and her marital fidelity alongside…

I saw this type of plot a lot lately. Ex-students reunions. Co-worker parties. Meet with friends, etc.


Lead actress: Tsuno Miho

OGPP-011 was a serious eye opener for me and re-sparkled my interest in the NTR genre, awesome situation and acting. And I seriously felt bad and a bit sad for the husband. Or in other words: Triggered!.

Plot: Tsuno Miho is married to a guy who is too worried and stressed about the future and about Japan economy. To the point, he cannot perform well in bed. One day when they are having dinner with the father-in-law the son gets too drunk and passes out.

The father in law is a more practical man and doesn’t worry much about the economy, and decides to bang Tsuno Miho, in a real scumbag move.


Lead actress: Momose Yurina

Plot: Momose’s father in law Tabuchi is another case of a father in law who touches too much. One of those situations in which the wife initially refuses but the situation escalates until she ends up feeling good about it. Forced into pleasure kind of situation. Behind the husband’s back.

And Momose Yurina, what a babe.

SOME NRT SERIES (By Code series and studio:):

From the top of my head, a non-extensive list:

  • JUY (Maddona).
  • MEYD (Tameike Goro)
  • NTRD, NTR (Takara Eizo)
  • NSPS (Nagae Style)
  • ADN (Attackers)

And a big etcetera. Many studios touch the NTR fetish at non-exclusive series from time to time. The whole R18 cuck catalog can be found here.

In conclusion

Besides those listed above, there are many more other good NTR JAV. Way more than what I could ever watch or list here. A common recipe for NTR success that I observed includes:

  • A pretty actress, slightly on the mature side. Better if married.
  • A girl who is not slutty and can prove some initial loyalty (Good girl gone bad case).
  • A plot that has a base and unfolds in the first 15 minutes, otherwise it can become really boring really fast.
  • Some drama. Doesn’t need to be too complex but needs to be there.
  • R*pe and Inc*st are very popular when they get mixed with NTR videos. I believe just because these fetishes are pretty popular by themselves, to begin with.
  • And finally and absolutely most important, the husband needs to find out about the betrayal. A grand finale in which the hubby gets humiliated and REKT like the astronomical cuck he is.

As a final note, I include above the video done by Asian Boss in which they discuss cheating. Asian boss, who is another dude who can’t get a boner even his life depended on it. (Admitted by him :D, LOL), but he makes some decent videos. With a lot of interesting points.

For example, None of the interviewees including the females think that prostitution in cheating. Ok then, rock on. 😎

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5 years ago

Wow, this was an incredible write-up!

I’ve of course been familiar with NTR going back a good while to manga scanlations. The reception to the theme is almost always negative, and I can understand why. The first netorare story made me kind of angry, even though I found the sex to be super hot. I asked myself “Why couldn’t that guy stand up for himself?” and etc.

Of course, being a porn fan for so long has more or less desensitized me to the bitter feeling, and this might sound crude but I find the idea of a random guy being humiliated while his beautiful significant other having debauched sex in front of him to be rather exciting.

But wow that Asian Boss video is surprising. “Anything emotional is cheating but a soapland is fine.” lol k

Anyway, when it comes to rape + ntr, I just can’t get into it. I know this is another thing you’d only see in drama, where if a girl is caught being raped the dude gets jealous, but for me personally I don’t get the cheating feel if rape is involved or the woman isn’t enjoying herself.

ben gridley
5 years ago

yurino momose was hot. she had a twitter account even after she retired. but no more i think?

5 years ago

Those “My girlfriend’s sister seduces me…” series counts as NTR too don’t they? (just that the roles are reversed).

Speaking of soaplands and cheating, I remember watching an interview where the guy married a girl who works at a soapland (it wasn’t mentioned if she’s STILL working) but damn!

5 years ago

NTR,is what originally brought me to Jav. my attraction is watching a man,catching/or watching his wife having sex willing or unwilling ,with another man.I have seen so many, i couldn’t site a favorite (okay,maybe MOND-014)..i don’t think Takara Eizo,are producing the NTR label anymore (one of my original favorite).Thank you,for this in-depth article.I do hope,you may sub some of the more recent NTR video’s.

5 years ago

The amount of research you did to write this articles is probably more that what I am doing for my Ethics paper in my college. lol. Anyways, I just wanna share some thought. For a long time, I have always enjoyed NTR but not from the guys’ perspectives. I mean I do feel bad for the guys that got cucked and all but to me, they are not the main factor. So I guess the humiliation part isn’t what excites me. What I a really interested in is the transformation of the girls from loving chastised wifes or gfs to completely slutty whores. The presence of the cucked husbands or bfs is only important for me since it helps portray the girls in their initial settings with an uneventful life, stable family and uptight but responsible partners before all hell breaks loose and they forgo all their pride, self-respect and morality and become a total trainwreck just for the temptation of the flesh. As a result, it is unimportant to me if the guys figure out or not as long as the girls act super slutty at the end, that’s good enough. Unless the girl got busted but she still… Read more »

5 years ago

I agree with you Administrator. To be honest most men are not going to take being cheated on too well. I don’t find these videos appealing. Its only good until the wife is enjoying it and the dude sits there accepting .

Your stepmother/mother in law is better than your wife/my wife series is NTR. I only felt bad for one girl in the series because she seems gorgeous and a good wife. What was that dude problem LOL

5 years ago
Reply to  tpt

“What I a really interested in is the transformation of the girls from loving chastised wifes or gfs to completely slutty whores. The presence of the cucked husbands or bfs is only important for me since it helps portray the girls in their initial settings with an uneventful life, stable family and uptight but responsible partners before all hell breaks loose and they forgo all their pride, self-respect and morality and become a total trainwreck just for the temptation of the flesh.”

This is a really good description of one reason folks enjoy NTR.

I also enjoy this kind of thing, and it goes beyond just NTR. For example, I enjoy rape JAV’s where the girl is horrified at first, but ends up really liking the rape halfway through, as she transforms from innocent to slutty. It’s also why I enjoy some aphrodisiac videos. But you are 100% correct that NTR is a great way to create the conditions for this kind of appeal.

2 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

Thumbnail movie code please

2 years ago
Reply to  Jay

Yes thumbnail code please

5 years ago

Thanks for the writeup, these blog posts and the active comments section are the reasons why I visit this site over others.

NTR is a familiar concept to me due to its prevalence in doujinshi. While I am not a fan of the concept, I find that stories revolving around NTR usually has pretty good production and that extra spark of creativity that makes the movie better. So while I dislike the cheating plot points, when the action comes around it is usually good, so I watch it.

I think the nondirect and passive aggressive nature that most asian social cultures are prone to makes this genre especially prevalent in JAV. Not only does NTR have to be cuck porn, but it seems to try to really invoke some negative emotion.

Anyways, PRED-096 was great, and I recommend fans of the genre to check it out.

5 years ago

NTR’S purpose is to trigger the viewers, especially the rage. I’ve read some of NTR hentai manga when I was still new to JAV and hentai and it really haunts me, even to this day. On the other hand, I really like the molester genre in Jav. Especially the male actor at ADN-105, I always see this man in any molester content series, mainly in Apache/AP. Can someone name this male actor? He’s my favorite alongside Tabuchi. Beautiful actress + this 2 actors really clicked in my taste.

5 years ago
Reply to  Javlord

NTR in hentai is always ugly. Its push to the extreme where i can’t get off.

5 years ago
Reply to  Guest100

The more extreme the better!

5 years ago

This is why we love you, Senpai. You are the best, Administrator. You give us these wonderful thought provoking blogs. I will say as an outsider and not an expert that I knew long ago that Japanese women were some of the biggest cheaters in the world. I had visited many forums and this was always mention now and then. I couldn’t believe it at first because I always assume the Japanese woman to be more loving and wife material. But the world of JAV has open my eyes to the true facts of many things for years now. Also I knew that Japanese men was preceived as weak and non masculine; like I now hear of Korean men. I realize the long hours working has play a part in the home life of the Japanese family. I have read article where many sleep at the office or at certain hotels. This could ruin a marriage and make a wife seek outside attention. I also know Japanese social norms puts the man at an disadvantage and women too. And I do and hear Japanese women live foreigners and cheat.. alot. This article wasn’t a surprise as finally someone had the… Read more »

5 years ago

Dam even the Japanese MILF are cheating too? I need to move to Japan! LOL

3 years ago

Hi, bro, I like you website alot. But, can you make/ name me any porn where two best friends swap their mothers. Or, a club just for mothers porn. Kudos!

5 years ago

This is a great blog post! NTR is an interesting topic, and you’ve written down a bunch of excellent thoughts. In that spirit, I will share some of my thoughts.

“What is the point of NTR movies?”

I think there are a few different ways folks could enjoy NTR. You could be just an observer, identify with the cucked guy, or identify with the guy or guys doing the cucking.

I enjoy selected NTR films a lot. Some are among my favorite JAV’s. My approach is much like the Tyler the Creator tweet. I watch NTR while imagining I’m the one doing the cucking.

The appeal is forbidden sex – getting a girl you’re not normally allowed to have. If you’re watching like I am, the appeal is not that different from rape JAV, or stop time JAV, or slip the girl an aphrodisiac JAV, or have sex with a girl while her parents almost catch you JAV.

And watching this way makes having the husband/boyfriend there add excitement through power dynamics. They are powerless to stop having fun with their girl, and you are powerful enough to humiliate them by them watching.

5 years ago

“Is NTR just a Japanese thing? … about the same as in the west … “in the west” the cuckold porn genre is incredibly popular too nowadays.”

Here, things get very, very weird.

While I think there is probably a similar demand for cuck porn in the west as there is in Japan, like many fetishes, cuck porn requires story, and porn outside of Japan no longer really has the ability to do story.

Cuck porn in America is a very weird niche that is, bizarrely, all about race. Almost all American cuck porn is about a black guy screwing a white girl while her white boyfriend/husband watches. The audience is mostly white guys who have … weird feelings about race.

Non-racial cuck porn is kinda rare in the West, again, because it requires more effort and story than western porn producers are capable of. The only good non-racial NTR series I’ve seen in the West was from Russia around 5 years ago or so, called something like ‘Witness Rape’.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

Sorry to disagree on western cuck porn being about race. There are many western cuck porn that’s non racial. Many dating back to the 60’s and the 70’s was full of it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Guest100

“Many dating back to the 60’s and the 70’s was full of (non-racial NTR).”

No doubt. Just trying to describe the modern industry.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

Yes and you are doing a good job with your write-up, bro. I like your insight.

5 years ago

“A pretty actress, slightly on the mature side. Better if married.”

I think you are correct that this is the most common NTR. But since I prefer loli/JK JAV, I prefer a sub-genre of younger girl NTR. There are a few common plots among the NTR’s I like:

– A similar age bully (or bullies) semi-forces a girl to have sex while her boyfriend is too weak to stop it.

A few good examples are Atomi Shuri in NKKD-012, Rena Aoi in OYC-127, and the crazy HND-381.

– A dad steals away his son’s girlfriend. Or any older guy steals away a younger guy’s girlfriend.

Mai Nanase in DASD-409 is a great one here. Shiina Sora in the ‘sold for marriage’ MIAE-056 is weirdly similar, even though the cuck is her brother, rather than her boyfriend.

– Drunk party mischief

Chinami Ito in MIDE-476 and Rena Aoi in OYC-110 are good ones.

Of course, being JAV, there are many highly creative variations of younger girl NTR beyond those plots, but they do seem to be common ones.

5 years ago

And finally, my very favorite NTR JAV’s:

NKKD-011 with Shiina Sora and NKKD-012 Atomi Shuri.

There are two of my favorite JAV’s of all time. Girl tries stop DQN Imai Yuta from beating up her boyfriend, gets raped in front of him, then falls in love with the DQN in front of him. The key to these is they never show the cuck! He is the camera. Good stuff.

There are more of these from NKKD, but those are my favorite girls.

DASD-409 with Mai Nanase.

The usual dad steals son’s GF, but perfectly executed. As a bonus, the son gets to have sex with the girl too, which is unusual in NTR. It has a perfect final scene where the son finds out his dad made Mai pregnant.


Absolutely demented JAV where a husband sells off his wife and daughter to deal with debts, and then has to watch the rich guy have sex with them.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

And a few more unusual ones:

HRRB-029 with Rena Aoi.

Her boyfriend convinces her to do amateur porn, and it ends with the porn crew taking off their condoms and creampie-ing her in his bed, while he can’t get a hard-on.

STAR-552 with Mayu Yuki.

A high school student is having an affair with her teacher. Some students find out, and rape her in front of him.

MIAD-926 with Mio Oshima.

This is a common plot, just well exectued. She gets drunk with her boyfriend and a bunch of guys and the obvious happens. This series is unusual cuz the guys force her boyfriend to screw her in front of them, which she then hates him for.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

Oh, and one last favorite I should mention:

OYC-127 with Rena Aoi.

Rena Aoi is one of my top 5 JAV actresses, and I think this is her single hottest performance. In other words, if you enjoy her at all, I highly recommend.

It’s a simple plot where she is an innocent girl and a gang of DQN’s force her and her boyfriend to play ‘truth of dare’ and use that to screw her. Her acting is simply perfect, and the filmmakers do their job very well.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

OK. One more NTR favorite I think folks will appreciate, since Amatsuka Moe is popular enough around here to have won the November poll.

SNIS-746 with the lovely Moe-chan.

She is a high school student, and she flirts with a boy at school who really likes her. But first a PE teacher, then the school principal, and finally an older guy at home have sex with her while the boy tries to stop them. But he fails and has to watch instead.

Like the NKKD videos I mentioned, you never see the cuck. The camera is his POV.

This is my favorite Amatsuka Moe video by far, so if you like her and don’t mind NTR, check it out. It’s even got a great translated title: “Sex Ravaged Schoolgirl Begs You To Save Her From Dirty Old Middle Aged Men”

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

I will be checking some of these. I’m burnt out on the shotacon videos LOL.

5 years ago

For me, I could do without the rape/ntr plots. I really like the mother in law, sister, or aunt plots. Is it just me or do the Japanese men seem to be very “handsy” in their attempts to get with the girl? It seems like they are trying to destroy their boobs instead of having fun with them. Reminds me of something Richard Pryor said” black men are always trying to hurt a pussy, you don’t hurt it you love it”. For me, I like plots that seem more likely to happen, instead of the total fantasy, not in a million years plots. Maybe that is why NTR doesn’t really appeal to me. If truth be told, I really like the ones with an aunt in it. Too bad there are not that many of those. I really enjoyed the one that was translated not too long ago where the aunt and mom come to visit. Thanks admin for making my day with that one.

5 years ago
Reply to  Acehole

Women love to have their boobs touch differently. I had some women who felt I wasn’t squeezing hard enough and some say I could be more gentle LOL.
NTR is ok but it gets old fast. The scenes are easy to film but its mostly the same stories IMO.

Ace Hole
5 years ago
Reply to  Guest100

True, but it seems that in most of these vids the man seems overly rough. I have watched some of these with a close lady friend and she felt that the way the male acted was way over the top. Too much grabbing and not enough stroking. Thankfully she showed me later what she was talking about.

5 years ago

I actually don’t find NTR AV interesting unless the girl is someone I got so attached to. Watching random NTR AV just don’t made me feel like getting rekt by the NTR train. Just having a random beautiful actress doing it just isn’t enough for me. However, for example, watching an AV actress I really like and dreamed of being my girlfriend/wife (Yes, I’m talking about you Nao Jinguuji…www) getting fucked in a good NTR drama, man, my body and mind was so crushed by the NTR train. I sometimes cry while watching it, get depressed and unable to finish fapping to it, but the excitement just gets you every time you see the girl you like enjoying getting fucked (yes, I’m not a fan of NTR rape, well, every or if not most NTR starts with the girl getting forced anyway…) by other men superior than you. I think having a NTR fetish is enough to fully enjoy such genre, but I find it more enjoyable if you get emotional watching NTR AVs…w

5 years ago
Reply to  iloveNaoJ

This is why NTR is a such an interesting topic. You get a completely different kind of enjoyment out of NTR than I do. You watch it in a different way, identify with different characters, feel different things, and yet we both enjoy the genre.

Most JAV genres are not like that. Most folks watching a rape JAV or a young wife JAV or a stop time JAV would be feeling similar things. But I think a lot of people who get enjoyment out of NTR feel different ways about it.

5 years ago

Come on, Guys! NTR drama is the only reason I’m watching Japanese AV. For sex without drama, you can watch whole lot of Western porns with no censor, no mosiac. I prefer jav drama with 3 star actress than straightforward jav with 6 star actress. I’ll never accept or support the idea or actions of NTR in real life. But, here is kind of an art guys, jav performers are kind of actors and actresses in their professional ways. That is what i see, in my opinion, drama series are the rock that builds jav famous and keep them more successful in long term. So let me request more NTR eng sub translations from Admin, especially MEYD & Attackers ADN series. However, appreciate all your efforts!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jack

“For sex without drama, you can watch whole lot of Western porns with no censor, no mosiac.”

I agree with Jack. I first started watching JAV for the lolicon. (3/4 of the first bunch of videos I watched were MUM or IBW.) But I kept watching JAV because of the drama and story. The basic ‘story’ in 90+% of western porn is “Hey, let’s fuck a porn star!” And that’s fine, but…

And NTR is probably the JAV that is most reliant on story and drama. At its heart, NTR revolves around shame, on someone’s part, either the cuck and/or the girl. And portraying shame and humiliation while being hot porn at the same time requires a lot of careful storytelling that only JAV can do.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

FWIW, there is one US porn producer that has been trying to do some NTR and other JAV-like videos that rely on drama and story. They’re called P*retaboo, and while they’re light-years behind JAV in every respect, it’s still the most ambitious effort from western porn in a loooong time.

5 years ago

out of the topic, but I really look forward to your blogs. it’s really interesting for me. good job admin

teach me senpai
5 years ago

(non jav qsn)just a question … how did u make this website from the ground up using html scss js php or using some kind of online editors?

Bùi Quốc Khánh
5 years ago

Good theme for JAV discussion. I also often search JAV for rape or cuckold, of course only in rather light, “reasonable”, no sadism or too violent. And the two search terms join, ie rape first then cuckold, it is even better. So, i am glad I’m in the same with most JAV viewers. For JAV series, I think SHKD (Attackers, again) is also popular for this categories of JAV.

5 years ago

I enjoy NTR because I get a schadenfreude pleasure out of seeing a guy get cucked. That’s why I love Hana Hook so much, she’s got a real sick sense of humor and she has a knack for utter destruction of the cuckholded guy’s life.

5 years ago

One of the best, or maybe the best Ive ever seen is NGOD-010.
You should definitely translate it!

Peko Mamushi
5 years ago

having read this, made my knowledge is broader

5 years ago

A song all JAV husbands, fiances, boyfriends, et al in any of the NTR incarnations should listen to is “When you’re in love with a beautiful woman” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine show from years ago, it’s on YouTube. (Don’t know if there’s Japanese version out there or not) It pretty well sums things up about what they should be paying attention to and don’t. I bought the vinyl when it first came out and it saved my ass. A lot of interesting things in this blog Admin sir.

4 years ago

I love all of this cheats genre (include NTR) but in real life i hate the most of it(cheat stuffs)…

4 years ago

Admin este fue el mejor blog donde hice una pequeña lectura y le puedo decir que ahora tengo un mejor conocimiento sobre NTR.
Personalmente siempre tuve curiosidad por saber cual era la reaccion que sufre un hombre japones al encontrar a su mujer (esposa o novia) teniendo sexo con otro hombre en su misma casa y especialmente en el dormitorio matrimonial.
Ademas los ultimos NTR son muy intensos donde muestran al esposo suicidandose al descubrir el engaño de la esposa y que esta enbarazada de su amante.
Como sugerencia quisiera decirle, porque no crea una etiqueta NTR donde podremos encontrar todo el contenido (peliculas) NTR.
Todos los estudios realizan NTR y es dificil de encontrar, solamente las encuentro en las etiquetas “mujer casada y cornudo”.

4 years ago

Hello I am from Brazil, adept of this fetish, and is addicted to cuckold from Japan. Even not knowing the Japanese language. I would like to know how I can get the subtitle .srt file so that I can translate it even roughly by the google translator of the ntr movies I really appreciate.

3 years ago

I’ve wondered.. watched (SDMM 067) is it real? They look for some couple and didn’t say anything about having sex with the woman, they only asked the couple for participating in a “game”in the magic mirror
and the woman loses in the game, the man was doing “punishment”game (which is doing baseball batting outside).

Without telling the man, they had sex with the woman, and doing creampie. is this legal? (It’s without their permission)

3 years ago

I’ve wondered.. watched (SDMM 067) is it real? They look for some couple and didn’t say anything about having sex with the woman, they only asked the couple for participating in a “game”in the magic mirror
and the woman loses in the game, the man was doing “punishment”game (which is doing baseball batting outside).

Without telling the man, they had sex with the woman, and doing creampie. is this legal? (It’s without their permission)

I was just curious because most NTRs are acted, right?
Or at least have permission with the couple or telling them beforehand about it

3 years ago

Has NTR really gotten to a point that Japanese men are secretly hiring or finding men to seduce their wives without the wives knowing it? Like real stuff and not porn. Any real case of this? Or is it still just all fantasy?

3 years ago

The thumbnail movie name please?

3 years ago
Reply to  Yoko

yea ive been meaning to ask this too

2 years ago
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3 years ago

I just wanted to say this like I point out some few things even hentai to go with this too like alot of few boyfriends or husband’s can’t fight back all the sudden Because somehow they always have ended up by a chair and never stand up they always, getting tied up by the way bed too it’s kinda fucked up to be honest on every hentai it’s just sound’s stupid how these husband’s and boyfriends just go behind someone’s back and snap their necks or stab then by the chest like seriously, they should honestly do that for a living like come on hentai they should at LEAST give a chance to and beat the shit outta guys for good

3 years ago

I think cheating is not a bad thing if you look at it the correct way. Monogamy isn’t natural. If both parties openly discuss their honest feelings at the beginning of their relationship I feel that having an open relationship/marriage can be both satisfying and fulfilling for both husband & wife. Sex is sex. Emotions need not be involved. Love is not sex nor is sex love.

2 years ago

the thumbnail pleaseeeeee code??

2 years ago

Anyone please tell me movie code for the thumbnail pic…..

2 years ago
Reply to  Jay

JUY 435

2 years ago

Sir. I already watch it but regret not download it and now it’s gone. really looking the ntr which girl ask her bf to r*pe her friend (lonely wife) then 3some.

Ali Ando putra S
2 years ago

Ah ah

2 years ago

Can anyone tell that pic which is in front of simple guide to ntr

1 year ago

“Japanese woman does cheat, and more than girls from other countries” is the most laughable thing I have ever read, truly ignorant of other countries such as in Europe like England and the Scandinavians, and then Thailand lol.. when will someone finally tell that truth just to keep the Japanese fantasy alive lmfao

1 year ago

I doe like must all Japanese porn NTR is Willy good for drama story but they need to work on they ending because must start with rape so it is not about cheating second they take pic of the wife after so she has a no choice but to keep getting fuck to the point she start to like it know to make the drama the husband find out ok I get it but you going to tell me Avery Japanese man are looser and just leave the house or cry or get the ass kick and the man that fuck the wife have the ball to keep fucking wife has the husband leave or cry I know if I catch my wife fucking someone in my house two way it can go one if is forcing her them break both is leg and it back he will never fuck again but if ear oh baby fuck me out of her I leave the house come back with divorce paper and she lose Avery thing so I hope for her that guy is better off them me lol but that is me for the drama about you make the ending… Read more »