Poll: Girl of the month June 2018

Poll: Girl of the month June 2018

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31,073 views Posted: May 7, 2018

The poll is up for next month, let’s vote up, 4 girls 1 vote, choose wisely =

Last month of April was the  Sora Aoi month, it was more boring than what I predicted. Undeniably, many of those releases were very interesting, especially for watching porn videos of another era. But well, the low quality was disappointing.

This month we have Aino Kishi collection. And it’s the contrary, because it’s a full collection of Aino Kishi videos, in remarkable true 1080 quality, and I should remark the true, because it’s the real thing, not re-reencoded videos or screen recordings. The good stuff lads. Aino is fantastic and those Idea Pocket videos are really good. I recommend checking the FHD section and start piling up videos in MAX quality before they disappear forever.

For this month I tried to pick 4 very different girls. I would be happy with any of them. Enjoy.

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6 years ago

You took me by surprise with these 4 names.
Luckily you have put 2 that I like very much (Okuda Saki and Kaho Shibuya). My vote went to the S1 girl.

P.S. The cover of the post misled me, I thought I would find Kanae Ruka XD

6 years ago

Just watched this interview with Okazaki Emiri (all english subbbed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfVwr2F26mQ

6 years ago

Okazaki Emiri!!! I would die for her!!!

6 years ago

source of the picture for this post?

6 years ago

will you post any vids of the girls that dont win this poll in the future? im looking at the results and it isnt lookin too hot for my choice lol(aoi ichigo).

6 years ago

Sadly all 4 not my type. oh well maybe next month^^ have fun boys and girls

6 years ago

How do you vote cause I’m picking Shibuya Kaho. not up there vote Reiko Kobayakawa lol