Top 3 Favorite JAV actresses – May 2018

Top 3 Favorite JAV actresses – May 2018

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45,678 views Posted: May 3, 2018

1. Suzuki Koharu (鈴木心春), Age 24.

Suzuki Koharu is a scandal. I have been rewatching some of her old stuff, and her recent releases and it’s incredible. Suzuki Koharu is the ultimate perfect 10 girl.

I loved when Koharu debuted a few years ago, she had a beautiful long hair that was stunning. However, not long after, she did cut her hair, which was a bummer. She looked much different then.

On recent releases, she appears with long hair again. Looking awesome, more experienced, just killing it.

She has always been a top-girl during her career. She has been on EBODY, IDEAPOCKET studio, and now S1.

Her skin is so milky, her smile and attitude are so mild and soft. She has the body + face, she just has it all. Awesome and beautiful.

Some recommended Koharu releases:

And her upcoming release MUCD-193, looks soooo promising. 🙂

Full Suzuki Koharu catalog for sale here < Many on discount 🙂

2. Hatsukawa Minami ( 初川みなみ), Age 23.

Minami is also the whole package. She has the ass, great presentation. What I really like from Minami-chan is her acting, she feels confident in front of the camera and she can do some good talking too.

Moreover, she has a pretty face, good smile, awesome body. Great sex technique too, awesome girl all around I really enjoyed some of her recent releases.

Some good releases from Minami:

I loved MIDE-514, especially. I really enjoyed watching that release this year.

Full Hatsukawa Minami catalog for sale here <

3. Aizawa Minami (相沢みなみ), Age 21.

Aizawa Minami is the balls. She is probably the best girl Idea Pocket has (with Yanagi). Like watching old glory days style when they had Rio and Aino Kishi, Aizawa is on that tier.

She has a slut sexy face that makes me nuts. Seriously. Check the images below.

The good stuff:

I have also noticed my lack Aizawa Minami videos is alarming. Will post more of her soon.

Full Minami Aizawa catalog for sale here <

You guys can also check what was my favorite stuff last February here.

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6 years ago

Ok mate, they are all 3 deserving of the top3. Maybe I would put Sazanami Aya in place of Hatsukawa Minami. Choosing only 3 is really difficult because there are also Sakura Momo, Sakura Moko and Takasugi Mari who could be there.

6 years ago

Glad that Koharu Suzuki, my fav, is on top of the list. I like her face, figure & acting. However, her early videos, w naivity, youthfulness etc. seem best to me

6 years ago

I have to tip my cap towards Suzuki Koharu …. not that she is that much better then the other two… they are all three cute and sexy as hell. But Suzuki Koharu has the most drama titles in her inventory. And I’m making it my mission to promote Dramas on this site whenever possible. Who knows, we might even get the random drama with English subs every now and then.

Well, I guy can dream.

Thinh Huynh
6 years ago

You should add the video code in the pictures dude! That would help very much!

6 years ago

Love Suzuki Koharu & Aizawa Minami!
Something about Aizawa Minami’s face, eyes, lips everything just shouts sex! she was born to be a porn star.
And although usually I love long hair I prefer Suzuki Koharu with short lol. I’ve just become used to her with short hair. long haired Suzuki Koharu is just weird to me lol.

4 years ago
Reply to  anon1

There will never be another Meguri…but she will get close

4 years ago

I wish Suzuki would do more in the “cheating wife” area…And my fave of hers is Kawd-701