Top 3 Favorite JAV actresses, February 2018

Top 3 Favorite JAV actresses, February 2018

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167,399 views Posted: February 1, 2018

1. Hoshina Ai

The Hoshina Ai mania is running wild brother!!!. First, a hard to believe fact: Hoshina Ai debuted just last September 2017. At the time of writing, that’s 4 months ago. But she has starred already on over 100 JAV movies. Phew!. Damn girl, not losing any time huh?.

Hoshina is 22 years old and 156cm tall. By western standards, that’s very short, but despite that, she doesn’t look short and she is not selling her petite “lolita” side. On the contrary, she is usually doing glamorous, beautiful idol girl kind of JAV’s. No doubt, she has the physique to do so.

Hoshina-chan is extremely pretty, has the face and body. Plus she is outspoken, knows how to joke and smile and she knows how to stand in front of the camera.

NOT ONLY that, but she also performs over the top sex scenes, and she has the ability to take creampies and cumshots in the mouth, Awesome!. (Many girls refuse to do such stuff and other things).

Or let me put it this way: Hoshina Ai is a perfect 10 girl. She has completely blown my mind and I’m following and buying all her new titles like a maniac.

Le good Hoshina Ai JAV selection:

Among many many many others, and the list of good stuff from her is growing very quickly. Kudos!.

Hoshina Ai Twitter:

Hoshina Nami Awesome JAV collection

Hoshina Nami

Hoshina Nami JAV

2. Kanae Renon

Kanae Renon is also a Rookie that debuted just last April 2017. Kanae-chan is extremely beautiful with a very well-defined and unique face. She has a slender, bendy figure that enables her to get into some pretty unusual positions. You guys have to watch this girl for yourself, she is the balls.

Same as Hoshina Ai, Kanae-chan also debuted for Kawaii studio (god bless those guys, what an eye for cuties!!!).  And another good similarity with Hoshina Ai, Kanae Renon also takes creampies and cumshots in the mouth. Like a queen.

At the time of writing, she is only 20 years old. And 166cm tall. And I always have watched her stuff, because not only she is pretty and her sex scenes are awesome, but she also bends and turns, and twists her body like a goddamn circus acrobat. Plus those legs, my god.

Le Kanae Renon good JAV handpicks: 


3. Itou Chinami (伊東ちなみ)

The number 3 on this list was much more disputed and the gap of quality is kind of evident ( If only because number 1 and 2 are crazy good). And I almost included Arina Hashimoto in this spot here. Because Arina-chan did a very solid job in one of her latest JAV’s, SSNI-081, but I would rather talk about Itou Chinami, which has been doing a few very good JAVs lately.

Itou Chinami is 21 at the time of writing and she debuted 3 years ago at 18 years old. She is 163 cm tall, and rely on her pretty face plus slender body. Lately, she has also been developing some big boobs. Interesting.

She is a MOODYZ studio exclusive actresses and one of their best girls. But this overprotection, of course, creates a problem from the creative point of view, which shows in her lack of hardcore stuff. Nevertheless, no complains.

Itou Chinami decent stuff: 

Other honorable mentions: 

  • Arina Hashimoto.
  • Yua Mikami.
  • Takasho.
  • Akari Tsumugi

Among others, for sure I’m forgetting some. But such is life 🙂

R18 actress collection links: 

  1. Hoshina Ai R18 full catalog, sorted by popularity.
  2. Kanae Renon R18 full catalog can be checked here.
  3. Itou Chinami R18 full catalog.

What JAV actresses did you guys like in the past 2 or 3 months?. Let me know in the comments section!. 😀 Also taking requests.

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6 years ago

my fav is Itou Chinami <3

6 years ago
Reply to  m8d

me too <3

6 years ago

No surprise you put Ai at No 1. My top pick too.

5 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Me too

5 years ago

Seems that Kanae Renon also played, in the first episode, in SDMU-822 very good.

3 years ago

100 videos in 4 months its not a lot…..if u have 4 pussy!!!