Foreigner-friendly escort service in Tokyo, with JAV stars too

Foreigner-friendly escort service in Tokyo, with JAV stars too

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155,564 views Posted: January 4, 2018

A few guys have asked me in the past about good soappys-massage places or escort-services in Tokyo. The problem is that Tokyo sex places are somewhat limited for foreigners. But there’s still hope 🙂

The main obstacle usually is the language barrier. Some Japanese places might even refuse entrance to foreigners because they don’t want to deal with the hassle. Also, because foreigners really stand out in a place where everywhere else is Japanese, and some business owners might be biased. But there are still some places where good results can be scored.

Foreigner-friendly escort-service in Tokyo?

Tokyo Hentai Club (THC) is the place I recommend. For the following reasons:

  1. Not only is foreigner-friendly, it is foreigner oriented. They claim to focus on serving only foreign-customers and refuse Japanese clients. For me having a foreign-friendly place is about enough 🙂
  2. THC has 2 branches. One is centrally located in Shibuya. A popular shopping and entertainment area. Probably also famous for the intersection in front of the Station of Hachiko Exit. The area is very good and it also has a lot of love hotels. The other is located in Shinjuku
  3. Girl selection. Her girl selection is really wide. And of much importance: they cater a few girls that have starred in JAV movies. At the time of writing, exactly nine. Not bad at all!
  4. Many of their girls do speak English. To what level or good English it really varies. Might range from good to super basic, but it’s a good thing that some of their girls are very fluent in the English language.
  5. They have a majority of Japanese girls. Some guys might value going to Japan to get laid with a Japanese girl (I know I do!), some other might not care. In this place, the selection of Japanese girls is pretty decent. Some other joints stack up with Thai or Chinese girls and pass them as Japanese, having pretty much zero real Japanese girls on rotation.
  6. Their service menu is clear and their operation is straightforward.

Mako, a very special girl with gorgeous eyes, the most beautiful smile, and a lot of energy.She really is prettier than the pictures 🙂

How their operation works? how to order their services?

There are 2 ways of ordering services:

  • Incall:
  1. You show up at their Shibuya or Shinjuku office.
  2. You ask for info: Check who is available, watch their catalog with uncensored pictures and. Check prices/services, etc.
  3. Once made up your mind, choose the girl and sevices and pay.
  4. Girl shows up in a while, they claim 10 minutes, but the time might vary.
  5. Go to a nearby love hotel. Love hotel is usually 10 minute away and cost 3000 yen. Another place can be selected if the customer wants to splurge more.
  6. Enjoy.

Directions to reach the office can be found here.

  • Outcall:
  1. You already have a hotel/place in Tokyo.
  2. From THC website check the girls, prices, and services online.
  3. Order the appointment and services online.
  4. Pay.
  5. Girl will show up at the appointed time.

A telephone number might be useful, in case something happens. For example, if your hotel requires an elevator key, the staff from THC will call you once the girl arrives. So you can help the girl get on the elevator. Hence a telephone number, while not strictly necessary, might be important.

Differences between Japanese escort service Vs. other countries

In essence, operations are the same as Thailand or Philippines (incall and outcall), but with some important differences:

  • Girls are selected by looking a book of pictures or online pictures.
  • Vaginal sex prostitution is prohibited by law. So they don’t want customers to ask about it. But what happens inside a love hotel remains there.
  • A wide variety of services are appointed before-hand.
  • Pricey. Cost can be really more high, then again we are talking about Tokyo so is kind of expected.

My recommendation and how-to:

  1. Go online and check their website and plan beforehand. Check schedules, girls and prices.
  2. Pick your girl of choice and a second and third option in case the first one is busy. My recommendation is to pick a JAV star and make it a memorable experience. Especially for those who visit Tokyo for a short period of time.
  3. Get directions to their place.
  4. Show up at their place. Arrange everything and go to the love hotel to have fun.

A matter of opinion but usually, I have enough with the 60-minute services. In 60 minutes sessions, the time fits just right, in longer sessions the girls usually kill time by talking more or wasting time doing things more ceremoniously. Only on very few rare occasions, I feel that 60 minutes weren’t enough. But even then if that happens, it’s a good excuse to visit again.

Half Japanese girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

Do they really have JAV stars?

Yes, and it’s not that rare. JAV stars sometimes are escorting part-time too. And vice-versa, escorts get scouted and appear in AV too because is very easy that girl that is working there will accept to act in JAV releases.

Basically, escort girls is a natural source for scouts to recruit some girls to act on their movies because is very easy that girl that is working there will accept to act in JAV releases.

At the time of writing they have:

  • Umi Mitoma, a super chubby girl appeared in many titles this year. Such as KTKQ-011
  • Ayumu Kase, this girl debuted in MOODYZ in 2006 and later on appeared in a lot of cosplay movies.
  • Ichika Hayano, This girl was in ZUKO-097. And in some other AGEMIX, SW videos.
  • Leina Kitamura (Rena Kitamura). Probably the girl I would choose to get laid with from this list. 🙂 She appeared in XRW-179, GHOR-42, ZUKO-124, ARM-563 etc. She has a large tongue and she can blowjob like a demon.
  • Hikaru Konno. Probably the most successful JAV star from this list and a cutie. She appears in KV-198. She also starred in LOVE-299. Among many others, she has starred in a boatload of JAV titles.
  • Shiho Egami, another well-seasoned JAV actress.

The problem can be that JAV actresses in there might be harder to hire since they have fewer days available or are in higher demand. So, some planning in advance might be required.

Shiho Egami. Nice curves. Classic Japanese beauty.

Leina Kitamura as she appeared on the cover of XRW-179. Now that’s what I call snake tongue.

Umi Mitoma services can be hired too. See if you can finish up that ass.

In total, they have around 60 models. The current full catalog of girls can be checked here=

The price question and conclussion

Prices start at 22000 Yen + 3000 love hotel fee for 60 minutes. That’s 25000 yen total for the minimum cheapest option. In US dollars 220-250$. For longer time and other options, more money should be paid.

Girls get divided into Silver, gold, and diamond categories. Best girls and best performers get the diamond category. Which is more expensive but in exchange those girls are proven good performers. ( This can be understood better reading their website FAQ). Or simply visit their website clicking here.

As a rule of thumb, prices in THC are 250$-450 US$ for a session. I would say not super-cheap but average in Tokyo. And a fair deal for an unforgettable experience in Japan with a real AV star. 🙂

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6 years ago

Too bad no vaginal sex…

Scott McCloud
3 years ago
Reply to  Gino

for Y10.000, the girl allows you. I tell you, I was there.

6 years ago

Any others you’ve tried? Top 5 perhaps? Haha.

6 years ago

Hey Bakayaro,

Yea, cos I Googling got quite a lot of similar sites, not sure if they are reliable, thought maybe you tried some of them before. I guess we’ll have to stick to HentaiTokyo for now till others have been verified~~~

6 years ago

Thanks for the reply! I think price wise is unavoidable, just that the choices will be limited if it’s one agency since they have a few girls which have limited slots too.
Anyways, was meant to write in to thank you for the site, it’s fun reading your thoughts and comments on the videos and blog. =D

6 years ago

well that my first place to go next year

5 years ago

hey do think as a brown man (although born in the US) i will be allowed in?

5 years ago

im a brown foreigner born in the USA, do u think they will let me in

4 years ago

Its a pity that Shiho didn’t wprk recently

4 years ago

Seems to be only 3 there now

4 years ago

Can do nakadashi?

15 days ago
Reply to  Zazid

lord please ill pay extra

Mona Rudo
3 years ago


The Bee
2 years ago

Do they limit come shot?

10 months ago

Did anyone manage to date with Anzai Rara in that love hotels?

5 months ago

Vaginal sex is forbidden, so this means anal and oral sex are allowed?