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Kojima Minami Vs. Amatsuka Moe, An empyrical JAV study part 2

In a new edition of nerd posting, cough, I mean investigative JAV articles, now we compare Amatsuka “moe”, vs Minami “devil’s voice” Kojima.

Both of this girls are two S1 Style one Studio JAV stars and very successful ones. Before joining S1 they already enjoyed great success in their previous studios. For example, Kojima Minami starred at so many good titles in Alice Japan. They are also very comparable girls. They have similar careers and body types. I recommend them both highly, let’s check their bio:

Minami Kojima (小島みなみ):

Birthday: 1992-12-14 25 years old.
150 cm tall.
Active years: 2011 –
Debuted at 18 years old. Boom.

Blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/kojima_minami/
S1 Blog: http://www.s1s1s1.com/actress/-/detail/=/id=1010958

Amatsuka Moe (天使もえ)

Birthday: 1994-07-10 23 years old now.
155 cm tall.
Active years: 2014 –
Debuted at 20 years old.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/amatsuka_moe
Blog: http://www.bstar-pro.com/model.php?name=amatsukamoe&id=33

The Kojima Minami challenge Vs. Amatsuka Moe, An empyrical JAV study part 2

Minami SNIS-471 vs Amatsuka SNIS-291, Glimpses of Beautiful Tits

Winner: Minami

They both have very small tits. So I’m not sure this fetish favors any of them. But to be honest, if I wanted to be a perv, I would choose to looks through Minami shirt anytime any day.

Minami SNIS-255 vs Amatsuka SNIS-419, Made To Model Underwear

Winner: Tie

I will give a tie here. Amatsuka blowjob skills were amazing. But then Minami did a spectacular job too, giving one of the best performances of the whole series. She even shows ass!. Lol, a 150 cm tall girl showing booty. Go figure. I don’t think Minami is a believable OL. So for that, I will give a tie here.

Minami Kojima SNIS-361 vs Amatsuka SNIS-374, The Screams When ** Cums

Winner: Amatsuka

I mean, this is a screaming fetish JAV. Screaming. I will say that again= screaming for Minami Kojima. LOL. That’s dangerous for Minami, with that mini-voice.

I liked Minami hair in SNIS-361, but no way. Amatsuka wins.

SNIS-382 vs SNIS-249, Super High-Class Call Girl

Winner: Amatsuka

But not for much. I think Amatsuka Moe has the advantage when doing POV blowjob. But Minami also looked very good in the sex scenes. Very close call.

SNIS-641 vs SNIS-635, Peeping: Real Footage!

Winner: Minami Kojima

If I wanted one of these two girls to be my GF for a day I would choice Minami Kojima. I bet she’s really cool in real life too. And with that stupid voice, I could be laughing all day long. Yes, sir!.

Then again, Amatsuka looks fun too…

SNIS-317 Minami Kojima vs Amatsuka SNIS-440

Winner: Minami Kojima

Initially, this gapping series didn’t interest me much. Because I knew both of them are not shaved!. And that is a big turn-off, but well. Kojima really looks good, the sexy beast she is. Another point for her.

SSNI-090. Minami Kojima + Moe Amatsuka

Winner: Tie

A true Amazing JAV release. In which they act together in this reverse 3P JAV release.

Minami SSNI-011 VS Amatsuka SSNI-044, Otaku princess

Winner: Amatsuka Moe

One of the few landslide wins by Amatsuka Moe in this list. She looks so dreamy, she behaves like a superstar with the bunch of Otaku nerds.

Minami fails so much. She looks like she is being abused, and she looks uncomfortable.

The Kojima Minami challenge Vs. Amatsuka Moe, An empyrical JAV study part 2

Minami SNIS-213 Vs. SNIS-311, Ravaged High School Sluts

Winner: Minami Kojima

Minami drags in all acting roles. Except for schoolgirl JK. She looks really good as a schoolgirl and totally nails it. Even the ropes add value here. Hot!.

The Kojima Minami challenge Vs. Amatsuka Moe

The Kojima Minami challenge Vs. Amatsuka Moe

The Kojima Minami challenge Vs. Amatsuka Moe, An empyrical JAV study part 2

Best body: Tie

At times I preferred the Kojima body, especially when she was oiled up. Just a matter of choice. But in reality, they have a very similar type body build and attributes (ass and boobs), hence, I cant see a clear winner here.

Best face: Minami Kojima

Again matter of choice, because Amatsuka is extremely pretty too, but I prefer the Minami’s face more. She has a face that matches really well her personality, attitude, and mini-voice.

She’s just very moe and cutie.

Best acting: Amatsuka Moe

I think Amatsuka is the better actress and I will explain why. Minami doesn’t fit certain roles, because of her body type, Minami looks silly in certain roles. Such as OL or female investigator. Many cosplays wouldn’t look good on her. And not to mention more caliber roles like RQ, in which she would easily be a miscast.

Amatsuka, on the other hand, can fit well in a more wide variety of AV roles, plus Amatsuka Moe acting is solid too. She does a good acting job on the sex scenes as well.

Kojima Minami Vs. Amatsuka Moe, An empyrical JAV study part 2

Result and conclussions:

Minami Kojima: 8
Amatsuka Moe: 7

So Minami Kojima wins. She is also my favorite of the 2 girls, but as the score results indicate, not by much. Amatsuka is a very solid actress too, and very similar to Minami. But, with a very different flavor. 🙂

For the future I hope they keep on doing collaborations and crossovers. I feel those are very special and they really shine on those. Even if it’s only because there’s plenty of solowork JAVs that get released every month, in comparisson.

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Really enjoying these comparison posts. For me it’s a bit of a weird situation because while I slightly prefer Amatsuka over Kojima as a whole, unfortunately a lot of her flicks are rapey and seeing her in very submissive roles are hard to watch. Minami is more stomachable in both vanillia and rougher releases so I guess that makes it a tie.


Kojima Minami won 8-6 for me. Some choices were really difficult.


Moe >>>> Minami. She is perfect in every way. If only she were to do a crossover with Shiina Sora….


MOE all the way, she’s cutest


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