TOP 10 AV debuts of 2017

TOP 10 AV debuts of 2017

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111,556 views Posted: December 30, 2017

Well!. What about the new JAV stars that debuted this year?. We had a bunch new good AV star, and a handful of great debuts. I think 2017 has been a pretty stacked year.  And new girls keep on coming. Here I compile 10 of my favorite newcomers for this year. And well, making a girl debut in the JAV industry is not that hard, there are enough debuting AV girls, the real hard part is to make them develop a solid and good career.

I will add that even when I was finishing this post, I been surprised by the bunch of new JAV stars debuting just by the end of the year. Notably, the S1 STYLE ONE studio is pushing forward an unusual lot of new talent. Which makes me worried about possible retirements on their roster. Not to mention the awesome Kawaii studio, which is always promoting nice top girls. And let’s not forget that JAV debuts sell a good amount of copies.

The list goes like this:


1 EYAN-092 Morikawa Anna
2 SNIS-860 Yanagi Miyu
3 MIDE-391 Kokonoe Kanna
4 AVOP-303 Yoshitaka Nene
5 KAWD-792 Ichinose Momo
6 KAWD-838 Hoshina Ai
7 SNIS-823 Matsumoto Nanae
8 SNIS-917 Mizuto Sakura
9 STAR-828 Takeda Yume
10 SSNI-087 Minami Kasai

2017, a decent year

I like JAV debuts. Not only for watching a new girl that I never watched before, which is good enough itself, but also because the girls are noticeably fresh, pretty and young. They usually act ( or don’t act at all) in a really dumb way.

Debuting girls are sometimes so green, that they don’t know to move or behave in front of the camera. Which is a good recipe for disastrous results. This year we had a few. Is like Japanese producers think that hiring a pretty girl is enough, and putting inexperienced girls in front of a camera crew to have sex… doesn’t work that well.

But there’s no other way I guess. With some experience, a new girl can become the next Shoko.

Wazzup with this:

It’s worth mentioning that some of the debuting girls mentioned on this list retired are already (!). Not joking. So as I say in the beginning of the post, the real hard part for these cuties is to develop a solid lasting career.

Special mention also to the Top 10, Minami Kasai. Holy fug. Sweet damnation. As a last minute addition, debuting this December, this girl totally blew my mind. I’m really impressed by this girl, and I was tempted to put her straight in number 1. But I had to hold myself. 🙂

Also special mention of the number 4, Yoshitaka Nene, JAV rookie award winner. Of the whole lot I also like a lot Hoshina Ai.

The list was made and ranked by personal preference: Looks + quality of debut + relevance of career. Girls, that debuted early in the year have an advantage… but oh well.

Other almost honorable mentions:

TEK-094 Matsuda Yoshiko
KTKZ-011 Kasuga Miya
MUM-302 Amane Yayoi
SSNI-064 Kano Yura
KAWD-835 Momoiro Yuria

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6 years ago

For me Matsuda Yoshiko goes in the Top 10… also Kano Yura (you wrote Yukino Yura).
But I would not know who to remove from those you wrote.

6 years ago

Great list. Personally I would like to mention one more, and that’s Moritsuki Mayu (IPX-019). Sadly it seems her debut was only a one-shot which is a real shame because she has the perfect package: Amazing natural body, beautiful face, charming smile, and a positive attitude towards sex (she went from shy to seductive in just three scenes). And her reception was warm as well (4.4/5 average on DMM) so who knows. Maybe Mayu always planned it as a one-off or changed her mind about being in porn, but I hope she might return.

5 years ago

Well, of the 2017 debuts, my two favorite actors are Ichinose Momo and one you didn’t include on your list at all, Kimiiro Kanon. You do already seem to be a fan of Kimiiro Kanon. You praise her body to the skies in your review of FSTC-015, and her face and cheerful personality are also very, very awesome. And since no one asked me, I’ll list my favorite Kimiiro Kanon releases: FSTC-015 – This is one of the great JAV’s, IMHO. It’s a very quiet and simple film, and it thus allows itself to be dedicated to you appreciating just how luscious she’d be to have sex with. MDTN-314 – One of the better simple ‘pick up a JK and take her home’ releases. SW-509 – One of the few SWITCH releases I’ve really enjoyed. Kanon is a panty flasher, and the film gets a lot of sexy mileage out of constantly having her mom around as takes men home to have sex. MDTM-383 – Good, clean, soapland fun. One of the best of the genre. IPZ-982 – This one is intense. It’s another soapland release, but it’s got a massive amount of drama, as a brother re-discovers his long… Read more »

5 years ago

Yup! I don’t think I’d have posted the list of my faves if I hadn’t recently discovered “Kimiiro Kana” to go along with the “Kimiiro Kanon” fetish I already had. It clued me into a few terrific films of hers I wasn’t aware of.

And it gets even weirder! A couple of the “Kimiiro Kana” releases are just re-issues of “Kimiiro Kanon” titles, but missing some footage. For example, the really sexy MDTM-383 soapland release I mention above is also available under the “Kana” name from a different studio as ETQR-046, but it’s missing a full scene! I thought that was damn weird.

You should check her out further, whatever her name. Based on your reaction to FSTC-015, I think you’d enjoy more of her films.

And yes, Momo is 110% awesome. I posted a list of my faves of hers at your AMBI-088 review.