Atomi Shuri to retire

Atomi Shuri to retire

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31,379 views Posted: September 2, 2017

Well really sad news. Atomi Shuri had announced her upcoming retirement via twitter some weeks ago, and everything is indicating she will will fulfill her promise.

Shuri debuted in September 2015, so her career lasted a bit over 2 years. And she has starred in well over 250 JAV titles in just 2 years. That is a 10 titles on average per month ( Many are collaborations, but still Big WTF!). She is a very notable superstar in the industry and has been known for her teen/lolita JAV titles. Her petite and impossibly slim body.

In the past I even joked that at the rate she was releasing movies she was just making quick bank to retire early. And while that was a gut-feeling and a wild guess and just a joke, i never imagined it would be actually true.

Seems like Atomi Shuri wants to retire very early and give her life a new spin using the ( not little) amount of money she amassed during her JAV actress years.

atomi shuri retirement

As a fan i’m partially sad to see her go. Because i liked her. But also as a fan because she has released so much stuff, my appetite for Atomi Shuri DVDs is really satiated. And i think is a really smart thing to do for her to retire early and have a healthy lifestyle.

It’s unclear what she will do in the future. And she hasn’t officially announced retirement dates or how she will retire, so things can still change.

I think this story can still evolve, i will update if something new happens.

To add more sad news also some other popular actress announced their upcoming retirements:

  • Meguri (formerly known as Megu Fujiura).
  • Yuria Satomi (里美ゆりあ).
  • Rena Aoi (あおいれな).

Particularly sad to see Yuria Satomi go, Yuria is such a big star in the industry.

In any case these retirement announcements happened little time ago. Will confirm later on when they finally release their goodbye JAV videos.

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6 years ago

What a sad sad news 🙁

6 years ago

Rena Aoi is good.

6 years ago

talking about salary, how much does a JAV actress actually make? could you write some about it

6 years ago

A few weeks ago, for some reason I stumble upon an Jav talent website, it was the one where Abeno Miku belongs. It says there at the recruitment ad for AV model that they could get about 800K yen to more than 1 Million. However I can’t read japanase really well, so those are the only thing I could gather

6 years ago


nice idea.. to write about rumor how much top jav actress earn per movie or a year…

and it would be good if we compare earnings of jav actress with western counterpart especially female porn star from USA

5 years ago

When was this announced?

4 years ago

has she returned?

panda coco
3 years ago

Does anybody know what is her Debut JAV?