My experience watching VR JAV

My experience watching VR JAV

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20,723 views Posted: August 30, 2017

The idea of VR isn’t new. It’s been around for years, but recently in 2017 the technology is more popular, and it’s getting some kind of push.

VR is virtual reality, some call it 3D and I must admit to me this thing feels more like a POV device. I bought a VR device last week, and I been testing it for a while. I must say that my first impression has been not good.

Why am I trying VR now?

I was motivated to try VR for 3 reasons:

  1. VR devices are dirt cheap. I saw the cheapest at 10$ and even 5$, if it sucks is not a loss.
  2. More VR titles are being released this year.
  3. I saw Yua Mikami in some VR releases, and that was the final convincing reason for me ^^.

I bought the cheapest VR I could find, and it only cost me 6$ in total including shipping. Because VR should NOT be expensive. In the one I bought there is not technology in there, are just a piece of plastic and 2 mini lenses.

The problem is that the VR I bought is not comfortable, especially because it doesn’t fit my nose. So is really uncomfortable. I paid very little, but finally, I paid the price come back as expensive because it was not good nor comfortable.

If you guys want to buy a VR, I advise trying to read other buyers reviews regarding comfort.

I would not bother either buying a VR with a headset.

Watch VR AV online
This is the VR I got…


How VR works?

  1. Get your VR device.
  2. Install an APP on your phone (VR player free is ok).
  3. Get the movie ready: Download the movie in your phone, or play a stream.
  4. Set up the APP.
  5. Click play to the movie through the APP.
  6. You stick your phone in the front of the VR.
  7. Wear the VR in your head.
  8. Enjoy. (If all the steps didn’t kill your buzz…)

Is there VR without the need for a phone?

Yes but they seem hella expensive. I haven’t tried them myself yet, so I can’t say a lot. For now, I would not bother buying one of those. There is not a lot of movies to watch in them anyway.

Is it Phone-VR worth it?

IMO not so much:

  1. It’s cumbersome.
  2. It’s hard to set up.
  3. You need to put the movies on the phone.
  4. Not a lot of movies yet. Although we are seeing more in 2017.
  5. Quality of image will be bad unless you have a huge a*s file in decent quality.
  6. Can’t fast-forward in an easy way.
  7. Clips are usually just 30 minutes. It make’s a sense that they are just 30minutes long. tho, because is hard to fast forward…

What app to use?

VR player (free) was good. AAA VR Cinema is ok too.

In VR player you can play, side by side and bottom videos can be played. Dome and Full Dome are the view modes that make more sense for me.

Watching VR JAV

I got the Yua Mikami VR, and after some confusing time setting things up, i realized the video was like a 360p video or worse. So after that, i got the VR in 1080 and i will admit that the watching experience was much more decent decent.

After that, I saw another VR with AIKA and dirty words fetish. Well is not bad.

But needs to be better.

First JAV VR titles appeared on late 2016. Mid 2017 we saw more and more released. And now by the end of 2017, AVOP series will release a full collection of DVD’s, which i think will catch the attention of many people.

In conclusion, is VR PORN worth it?

In my opinion is not worth it. I would prefer to watch a 720p porn video anywhere anytime.

We must understand that VR is not a normal video substitute. Yet another niche, and simply a toy we can play with.

I will admit the 360º view was kind of nice, and it let me saw what’s the whole point of VR. I could move my head around and there is image all around. OK, that was kind of nice, but not much more than a glorified POV.

When you watch VR try to get the biggest resolution video you can get, 1080 or even more. Or it will be extremely crappy.

PS: Download VR AV here.

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5 years ago

I cklicked random and i got here.LOL!

5 years ago

Hey admin when I open URL video from your website it won’t work can you tell me why ?

5 years ago

I try to open it on VR Player free

5 years ago

I try to open it as stream video on VR player free . After I copy your website link to Open URL in VR player it came out black screen. And I use IOS does it work on IOS

5 years ago

I try to open it as stream video on VR player free . After I copy your website link to Open URL in VR player it came out black screen.for example I copy http//jav.guru34567 does it work if I copy like this ?

5 years ago

Ok I will try it

5 years ago
Reply to  Xxlover

admin it A huge file .I can’t download it . but can i play on openload and put it in VR?