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Where to buy JAV?, Legally, cheap and in amazing quality

Some people has asked me where i go to buy JAV. In 2017 the best way to buy JAV is to buy JAV online, from R18.com. R18 is the English international version for DMM.com. R18 focus in JAV, hentai and Japanese porn movies. For me this is the best and only way in to which i rely to buy JAV. Because is fast, cheap, safe and reliable.

Let’s break this down=


  • Faster. No delivery waiting time.
  • Cheaper. Buying on demand is often cheaper than physical DVD.
  • Anonymous. Both ways are anonymous, streaming has complete anonymous.
  • Safe. On paper, both ways are safe.
  • Discounts. I think streaming has better offers, and special-offers. But i would say this is another tie.
  • Availability.  Not all shops ship DVD’S outside Japan, and this is a source of constant headache.


  • Quality. DVD might have the upper hand when it comes to quality. However the stream has superb HD quality too ( 6000 kbps at maximum HD quality if im right).
  • Owning a physical thing, that goes in to your library. Looks cool, but takes space.
  • Not need to depend on your cable speed. If your internet sucks this might be a concern.



  • Amazon.co.jp
  • dondetch.com
  • Rakuten
  • www.javparadise.com
  • acejav.com

(Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated to any of these shops in any kind of way).


  1. Register at R18.com  (Free to join, and no credit card required. You also get a free DVD when you join.)
  2. Wait for the flash sales. Heavy discount on premium JAV dvds ( 1-3 USD for many titles).
  3. Buy a load of high quality DVDS for just about less than 10$.
  4. Enjoy JAV like never before :).

Number 5 step would be to buy premium content. New premium releases go for about 15-30$ per new title. If you are waiting for a particular release, of the new work of a specific JAV actress is ok to drop a few more bucks.

R18 features the biggest collection in the internet:

  • Movies: 200,000+
  • E-Comics: 13,000+
  • Models: 21,000+
  • HD Content: 30,000+

R18 also has channels that offer all the videos you can watch for a montly fee. Check it here.


This is subjective, as time goes by you will learn by yourself which ones are good, and you will have a few favorite actress. Also depending to what fetish and taste your have this might be hard to answer.

Also you can check my JAV blog to get a feel of what is good, or just watch the videos that i provide.

Look for RAnkings. R18 has categories, hot sales, and rankings. This is a good indication of what JAV are worth the while.

Finally you can also check our site: Jav.guru site or contact me for advice, i am always willing to help.


Watch free is ok, and many times the only way to know if a DVD is any good. But watch in super HD doesn’t even begin to compare. It’s much better.

Secondly, support the industry. Don’t let a good thing die :).


(Disclaimer: I am affiliated to R18 and loving it, super recommended.)



  1. Aldo Manuli

    Thank You for all the great work about JAV! I also would like to support the industry and buy my favorites video @ R18 but they cost a lot!! Too much! I can’t pay 10 or 20 $ for a videoclip… I’m not so rich… If the videos will be sell for 2 or 3 $ sure I will buy a lot! but you know… how I say? Thank You another time, gorgeous videos:)

  2. admin

    Haha, no problem, i understand what you saying. Ultimately you can just watch free the streams and resort only to buying DVD for the HD quality.

    But actually some JAV DVDs’s can be as low as 2 or 3 US dollar, and even 1.80$ as the usual lowest at R18. And i think i saw some under 1$ in some flash sales. Also they are full 2 hour (usually) DVD’s not video-clips!. Check http://www.r18.com/special/hotsales/ for titles on hot price.

    I also agree that 20 or 30 bucks is a lot when wanting to buy many JAV releases. But luckily the high price tag is only for new releases or specialty items. So surely there should be some handpicking involved when choosing what JAV to buy.

    The era of free porn is as popular as ever, and will probably continue to go on. Many people deeply think porn is free, and paying is not a good idea. But watching how the movie industry has evolved (i.e. netflix), is not crazy to think porn industry will try to follow the pattern and do the same. So is nice to know how to buy porn if needed.

  3. Swongy

    Support the golden era of JAV. Maybe JAV can give us some memorable each time we purchase a DVD.

  4. Bakayaro (Admin)

    Right, not everything deserves to be bought. But we had quite a few memorable releases this year.

    For example: SNIS-951, APNS-015, SNIS-854, SNIS-954… And many more.

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