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Top 12 JAV releases I bought this year from R18

Images link to video on this website. On the bottom of the article there’s the R18.com links to purchase this titles.

Top 12 titles I bought this year from R18

  1. SNIS-951. Asuka Kirara. Manga adaptation with strong visuals. Funny moments and pretty Kirara.
  2. SNIS-964. Mikami Yua. Yua Sweating galore and what an amazing rocking body.
  3. SNIS-940. Mikami Yua. National idol maid, one of Yua best releases ever.
  4. SNIS-602. Suzu Takachiho. A gem that I bought in 2017 due to my Suzu starvation. And I enjoyed endlessly… like the Suzu mark I am. Fight me about it. 🙂
    Also, I have purchased every single Suzu Takachiho DVD ever released. Yeah yeah.
  5. SNIS-939. RION. Extremely pretty RION with an epic attire. Superb.
  6. SNIS-656. RION. Cosplay 8 scenes, this was good.
  7. MIDE-471. Shoko Takahashi. What if you married Takasho? the gravure idol. A very well done JAV.
  8. MIAE-128. Futabi Akari + Hoshisaki Seira. 2 slender goddesses crossover, f*cking perfect.
  9. IPZ-921. Kana Momonogi. Ace Momonogi the Otaku princess. DAMN.
  10. KAWD-815. Sakura Yura. Slender maid. This JAV might not be for everybody. Action pace is very slow, yet Sakura Yura does great here in my opinion.
  11. TEK-077. Shoko Takahashi. 2016 Takasho debut video. A historic and epic video that broke the internet last year. Bought this jewel this year with a heavy discount like a boss 🙂
  12. IPX-023. Yuuzuki Himawari. OL goddess.

Thanks to the reader of my blog who suggested making this post. I think it’s a pretty decent idea.

Criteria to make this list:

  • Ranked from 1 to 12 randomly in no special order.
  • Just a purely subjective list selected from the almost 100 titles I bought this year from R18.
  • The list leans toward 2017 releases because is what I bought the most in 2017, but I also bought some older stuff.
  • Not included AVOP titles. I’m preparing a separate list for that.

The list was really tough to make, and I miss a lot of stuff. But, oh well :). Also, you guys might think that this list has a lot of SNIS titles, and you are absolutely right. I watch almost everything that studio releases, so it’s only natural.

Very honorable mention that I also purchased on R18:  REBDB-131 ( The other Suzu Takachiho jewel I bought this year. Was going to include this instead of number 4, SNIS-602, actually).

And I’m not including AVOP titles in this list on purpose. I will make another post dedicated to this year 2017 AVOP releases. Which was pretty juicy after-all?

I really recommend to buy all the stuff linked up there.

Buy JAV on demand in R18?, OK, but I’m not rich…

Neither I’m I. I buy the bulk of my stuff when the movies go on discount.

The smartest way to buy JAV, in my opinion, is online which is cheaper than physical DVD’s. Although physical JAV DVD’s also have a certain appeal.

They way I recommend is by visiting the Movies on sale in R18. And buying HD videos for download of 6000 kbps which is a quality not available anywhere. For SD videos I just post that quality on this website, and often even much better. Rent is OK too, and really cheap.

About the prices at the moment of writing. The cheapest movies go for:

  • Download & Streaming. 7.83 USD.
  • SD Download & Streaming. 4.36 USD.
  • Rent 7 days. 1.78 USD.

For example EBOD-544, starring Tia. Can be bought for that price right now. Among many others, and the discount catalog changes often.

Buying a movie on discount is also a good way also to test if the R18 service suits you guys. Reportedly, some people don’t like to buy VOD movies there… In my opinion is the honest way, and pretty much the only way

In my opinion is the honest way, and pretty much the only way to buy JAV VOD.


R-18 Links to Videos in this list

  1. SNIS-951.
  2. SNIS-964.
  3. SNIS-940. 
  4. SNIS-602. 
  5. SNIS-939.
  6. SNIS-656. 
  7. MIDE-471. 
  8. MIAE-128.
  9. IPZ-921.
  10. KAWD-815.
  11. TEK-077. 
  12. IPX-023. 

Links open in a new tab.

Next week, the next posts I will do is the one I promised about Asuka Kirara. And another about Shiina Sora. Another about my verdict about the AVOP titles of this year, and yet another post about JAV actresses and the industry in general. That I had promised.

So what JAV titles did you guys really really enjoyed this year?. 🙂

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11 Comments on "Top 12 JAV releases I bought this year from R18"


I have seen all the titles proposed except MIAE-128 and I completely agree with you.
Your blog post I like a lot and it always makes me happy to read them and interact.


Do you have DASD-400 by izumi ran?

Polisi Tidur

yeah…. an awesome blog post has been published

I can not wait your post about AVOP 2017 titles. Probably you can add some AVOP titles from 2014-2016 release because eventhough they are old release but still good for consideration


The post for AVOP releases will be very interesting.


Great master of all JAV, could you help me with an obscure title? I have chopped up pieces of “DVDPS-420 Lesbian Student Station Orere-Ola! Brazilian Lecturer Hen”, but would really appreciate the full movie… any chance of you procuring this one?


Guru of gurus, unfortunately it didn’t contain the video, and the depfile link feels so much like clickbait it hurts. 😀

Thank you for the help… I guess I’ll stick to my 360p choppy version for now. If you ever bump into this gem, please post! Really hot for those who like some Japan-West lesbian action.


SNIS-602 is an epic.

The greatest body/face combo in jav history.Just my humble opinion.


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