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[STAR-782] I Became Small And My Longing Wife Shiraishi Mariana

[STAR-782] I Became Small And My Longing Wife Shiraishi Mariana

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This is a worse fate than being blacked, Marina Shiraishi what are you thinking?. I for one, despise this release, but seeing it has gather such interest with the fans i have no choice but to post it here, and, lets face it, this is one of the (freak) interesting releases of may 2017.

STAR-782 is a Shotacon release, ( if you believe a midget can pass as a shotacon). According to the Japanese description “Shiroishi-san went to the house to play, take a bath and a nap together, and even to f*ck. Because it’s cute, I will be forgiven whatever you do!“. Yeah, so innocent for a shotacon!. Like last releases Shiroishi-san could not perform even if his life depended on it and popped like a few minutes (he should not be in the JAV (corrupted) industry to begin with).

Well, this is a shameful display by SOD studio, thank god they also released some other decent titles like STAR-780. Welcome to the freak show.

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3 Comments on "[STAR-782] I Became Small And My Longing Wife Shiraishi Mariana"

travis Daye

The video is decent but the person who posted it is a dick. “a fate worse than black” ??? WTF? Racist much? Then goes on to shit on shotacons??? and call JAV industry corrupt as if they are the only ones. GTFO you lame!

travis Daye

1. It happens in all industry, in american porn too, bro.

1.1 cool bro

2. i don’t know you i retract that racist label, bro. i’m not PC but those countries are different of opinion on that one, bro

3. yup i know about him and his age. agree he not shotacon but you made it seem you hate the genre and you can if your opinion

4. all industry corrupt bro, no one better

thanks for response and keep up the good work

you still lame 🙂


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