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My top 3 favorite JAV actress (May 2017)

  1. Iori Kogawa

  2. Miri Mizuki

  3. Tsujimoto An

This are my 3 favorite JAV actresses of may 2017. Got to add that April was a great month in terms of quality and quantity JAV releases. Asuka kirara and Usa Miharu won dmm awards, and even i like them, i would not include them in any favorite list. On the list above you can find all the videos of this 3 models that i have.

Iori Kogawa

Iori-chan debuted many years ago and never really caught my attention. But after revisiting some of her old titles i can say that some of them are pretty good. Until nowadays i saw one of her recent SOD create studio titles and is amazing how she evolved in to a cutie top-model tier. Her body is more slender than ever was and her acting evolved a lot, and her smile is just pure gold. Way to go Iori.



Miri-chan is just too cute for porn. She the is kind of girl you would marry if you won the lottery. She is pure sexyness in every scene. What shocked me to know is that she is only 155 cm tall, with those long legs, who would have guessed. Miri is spectacular, really beautiful girl, that surprised me she isn’t a bit more popular.


  • ABP-531
  • BGN-035 ( Debut title, awesome)
  • ABP-479
  • ABP-497
  • ABP-531
  • ABP-505
  • ABP-549
  • CHN-109

I will be releasing more videos of her this may, stay tuned.

Mizuki Miri is certainly very spectacular.

An Tsujimoto

I think Tsujimoto An is truly my number 1, but i am placing her 3rd here on this list because i was already following her. And the first 2 girls are somewhat new to what i follow.

Tsujimoto An shocked me with AVOP-005 and left me literally breathless, is one of the very few JAV titles that i kept on revisiting. I said a few times that Tsujimoto An is pretty much the only perfect 10 girl in the JAV industry of today, other titles are also good, so shes not a one-time wonder. Her TeamZero DVDs were so much great, and she joined S1 studio more recently.

I will also be releasing more of her, including that REBDB which are always fantastic, but hard to find.

Honorable mentions:

  • Atomi Shuri
  • Ichinose Suzu
  • Tsukasa Aoi
  • Ichigo Aoi ( revisited her old stuff, and my head is still spinning, wow.)


Shameful display:

  • Suzu Takachiho


Ok is not her fault. Just S1 studio fault forreleasing 2 horrible scrap titles, and next they will release a compilation. I mean, a compilation?!, of what?, her 3 initial titles? What a joke…. I put a good word many times for S1 studio, but this just idiotic and corrupt…

Just insulting and a terrible idea. And is making me think they staged a fake comeback.

What is your favorite JAV actress of 2017??

Let me know on comments section.

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I just found the video I requested last time.
I just want to ask if you have any more video of the first girl get fucked whose name is sayaka yuki? I googled it but the results were all about another girl name sayaka yuuki


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