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Muscat night fever 11th [ENGLISH SUBBED] 2017.06.21

Not sure if i have any readers that follow the Ebisu Muscats. But here’s the last episode of Muscat night fever english subbed. Aired at 2017.06.21.

For those that don’t know them, Ebisu Muscats is a J-POP idol band without a fixed composition of members. The members are composed by gravure idols and AV actresses featuring many of the top AV actresses in the JAV industry: Asuka Kirara, Aoi Tsukasa, Tia, Iori Kogawa, Tsujimoto An, and many other top tier AV stars.

Is interesting to watch them outside of a JAV environment. You get to see for example how crazy hot Tia is. And how Kirara has a 10/10 body, or some other members being quirky and funny. I for one, i am still pretty bummed that Ayano Nana left the band.


  1. yazz

    This may be a stupid question but…. how do you turn on the subs? lol

  2. Bakayaro (Admin)

    Not stupid, it was my mistake, it seems subs are not included in the re-upload i did. And i thought they were.

    You can download subs here https://my.mixtape.moe/vxxxsm.ass

    Or better download the whole episode with subs included here = https://mega.nz/#!84kXybrL!e5utlxL0cep9H1Nhj_t8ZaZ22b5gxBl8VyCnN_CKwys

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