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KM Produce studio will release a “your name” parody : XRW-320

So our friends from KM produce studio had the amazing idea to make a “your name” (Kimi no Na wa – 君の名は) anime porn parody: XRW-320. And dub it “Your rope”, so yeah, there will be ropes.

Kimi no na wa is a Japanase anime movie released on 2016 which gathered amazing success and popularity. The cover of this movie is so recognizable, and i can only describe as a stroke of pure genius to use such cover design to do a JAV parody about this.

Synopsis translation:

Ayane is a school girl  born as a daughter of a venerable shrine maiden and she was decided to engage as a shrine maiden as soon as she graduated from school. It is indispensable to clean your body with bondage in the ceremony of the birth of a shrine maiden. Ayane who has a thick religious mind also has handicaps of Aki’s age, and Ayane begins to grow awareness as a shrine maid gradually while being puzzled by the surrounding environment. Eventually the sexual feelings also rise, and the mind and body grow together. 【DVD release date released June 23, 2017】

Original Synopsis: 女子校生あやねは由緒正しい神社の娘として生まれ学校卒業と同時に巫女として従事する事が決まっていた。巫女誕生の儀式には緊縛で体を清めることが必須。信仰心が厚い許婚アキの手解きもあり年頃のあやねは周りの環境に戸惑いながらも徐々に巫女としての自覚が芽生え始める。やがては性感も上昇し心身共に大成していく。【DVD発売日2017年6月23日発売】

The girl: Ayane Suzukawa (seriously?)

I think the bad news is just called Ayane Suzukawa (涼川絢音), im not particularly a fan ( nor she does have that many fans). In fact, at the moment of writing this, i don’t have any JAV videos of her, because she never catch my interest. She does mostly collaborations, which tells you right away that she doesn’t carry a-lot of star-power.

Now that i revised her filmography, perhaps MDB-783, IESP-606, KAWD-538, and NHDTA videos, which are always decent, might be interesting. She did a lot stuff thought.

Sad, i think if this title featured Atomi Shuri, Hatano Yui or Asuka Kirara and done by one of the major studios the JAV world would have just imploded…

The studio: KM Produce

KM produce studio is behind various labels, like REAL works, Sleazy, SCOOP, M, etc. This particular release will go in to the REAL works label, XRW dvd series, XRW-320 ID. And this JAV will release on June 23 2017. With the potential to be one of the releases of the year. On time i will publish the full JAV, as always.

Sources: https://www.km-produce.com/

PS: To be updated later on.
PS2: Original title: “君の縄。 涼川絢音 (限定特典:直穿きして電マを当てたパンティと着用証拠チェキのセット付き)(初回限定) / REAL”



Got the JAV today, pretty average ( if not mediocre), in any case here’s the video:

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