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Hasegawa Rui retires and Ayami Shunka to graduate from prestige

We knew a few days ago about Hasegawa Rui retirement plans. Retiring at 24 years old, after a somewhat short JAV career. If we think she debuted in late 2014, for a run of barely 3 years.

She also doing some events in Tokyo nowadays, related to her retirement, if anyone can go see her live, this might one of the last chances, (maybe?).

Hasegawa-chan graduated from Ebisu muscats not that long ago also, which was a clear first sign that something was not right with her. If we follow this logic, the next top girl to retire will be Tsujimoto An?. :/ mmm.

Quite a lot of big retirements lately, including the recent Minato Riku surprise retirement. And the weird dissapereance of Aoi from S1 studio, she basically went missing and disappeared.

Also, Ayami Shunka to quit prestige studio

This graduation is quite a hit for Prestige studio too. If we think it compounds with the upcoming graduation of other of their top stars: Ayami Shunka. Probably their top star alongside Sonoda.

Still, we don’t know which studio Miss Ayami will go. But probably to any she wants since she is a big draw. Most probably to one the biggest studios: S1, IP or MOODYZ.

Hasegawa Rui retires and Ayami Shunka to graduate from prestige

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A new video by Aoi will be released next month, even if it’s from the voyeur series.
Always if I remember correctly.


Recently I heard that JAV stars have unions, and are protected by the ministry of labor. So what do retire JAV stars do? I doubt at their level, Rui can go back to an ordinary life.


Is nao wakana retired too?


Ayami Shunka is joining S1. Her first movie with S1 is coming out next month.


Did Kumakura Shouko retire in the industry? Haven’t seen her JAV for a while…


And the retirements continue…Wakaba Onoue just announced her retirement on twitter. She thanked the support of her fans for the past 6 years and apologized to the foregin ones whom she didn’t had a chance to meet (namely the taiwanese ones). She says she’s proud of her work as an AV actress but now she wants to move on, marry one day and have kids.
For a while I actually worried she might make this announcement because she has been really quiet on her social media for the past month, and now that she did, it bums me out. Really liked her charming, upbeat personality and girl-next-door attitude. 🙁


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