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*This is a developing idea.*

Lately i received quite a few JAV requests, and that’s amazing. I have no trouble posting the requested JAV.

Now I am thinking to start accepting contributions. This is, accept articles about the video, critique, long opinions and such. Basically looking for collaborators on the writing side.

If you are interested, check this guidelines:

  • 300 words per article minimum. Longer and highly descriptive is better.
  • DVD Code must be provided, if you want to write just about an actress i can give the codes.
  • Content must be original.
  • English mainly. If you can Japanese or Chinese i can accept and publish that too.
  • If you haven’t watched the vid you can do a request + contribution.
  • If it’s a future release let me know, i can send you the link to video as soon as 2 days before official release ( this hugely depends, but basically might be around that).
  • I might refuse JAV that aren’t good (on extreme cases). If it’s not good, or funny or relevant i don’t see any point in posting it.
  • Focus on new releases mainly. Anything older than 3 years can be accepted but might be already too old.

I will give away rewards to those who contribute often and good.

Rewards quantity might range from a Starbucks coffee worth of $ via Paypal (or other method) to a low-end smartphone worth of cash, if the video goes viral and depending on how popular is your stuff. What i really mean is that i will be very generous sending thank-you-gifts to those who impress me, and specially to those that i can develop a trustworthy relationship with. I.e. to those who send me more than 5 contributions.

If you are interested contact me:


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