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[BKYD-038] No Questions Asked Special Force Destruction Uterus

[BKYD-038] No Questions Asked Special Force Destruction Uterus

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ID Code: BKYD-038

Release Date: 2003-12-26

Category: JAV

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For the guy who wanted more BKYD videos.

Sensitive guys beware. Some bits of this movie is very rough, borderline tasteless. I felt bad for some of the girls appearing here, but we should remember is just a movie. And is scripted.

In any case, this is the last BKYD I am posting cuz I don’t have anymore. If someone else has unposted movies and wants to share them, can contact me.

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1 Comment on "[BKYD-038] No Questions Asked Special Force Destruction Uterus"


Jesus Christ on the holy cross. I’m not the squirmish type and usually don’t have a problem with rougher JAV’s but this is a level that is just plain fucked up and depressing. I know it’s all scripted but it looks frighteningly realistic. Like watching a snuff movie.
So yeah…this not my cup of tea.


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