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Jav.guru 1st anniversary

So it’s been 1 year since I began this blog/website. Or should I call it Japanese adult videos tube… Well, doesn’t matter much. In any case, it’s been one year since I began publishing AV daily.

I used to be a JAV fan like everyone else. But when browsing releases I always had to open several titles before finding something worth watching. Or in other words, there was a lot of garbage releases, with only a few good JAVs scattered. This inspired me to attempt to open a tube, in which content is selected (mostly) by quality, or relevance, or JAV’s that feature top actresses in the industry.

So my focus has been to publish the top 20% of best JAV that gets released and omit all the other 80% not-so-good JAV’s. Everyday about 50 (?) or more JAV’s get released. That’s a ton of DVDs, and nobody can humanly watch em all. Many of them, even produced by professional Japanese porn studios, are just 500$ budget crappy amateurish videos, and most of the time worthless releases that are not worth watching.

This, of course, is purely subjective opinion. I know quality is a subjective thing. Any JAV that I regard as crap, might be a jewel to some other avid fan. But for the most part when publishing this blog I try to satisfy the majority of people while maintaining certain quality criteria.

I am very keen on the feedback from my viewers. Your feedback is very important to me. So I can notice what good JAV’s might I have missed. And include the good stuff always.

Therefore feedback is very important for me.

Also, I try to avoid on my site:

  • No abusive premium subscriptions.
  • No ad-fly.
  • No malware. (Recently added SSL, to add an extra layer on safety).

On the guilty side, I could not avoid for my page to have Pop-unders/tabs, because Openload has them, and those are annoying. But this is some sort of inevitable choice.

I would look for another hosting if there was a better option.

Also, ads keep the site alive, but if you guys do visit my site daily I recommend installing Ad-block on your browser. I think for mobile there is ad-block too. That helps.

About ad-block:

I don’t use any reversal-blocking method to block ad-block, although I could, and I know doing this might hurt my ads income, but as the JAV fan that I still am, i think using ad-block, is the non-lame, bossy way to go. :]

White-list my site in ad-block if you enjoy it. Or buy JAV’s at R18 through through my affiliate by clicking here. This helps me A WHOLE LOT too, and cost nothing extra.

Jav.guru sections

  1. JAV. Main section. Censored.
  2. HD, 1080. The section is a bit of a mess, tbh :D, and Openload compresses down quality. In any case i uploaded a lot of 1080 JAV videos that look good for the size, and are suitable for streaming.
  3. Uncensored. Adding videos, this section looks promising.
  4. JAV English subtitles. I added this section little time ago, and i have over 100 videos to post. Watching JAV with English subtitles is really fun.
  5. VR JAV. Coming up very very soon. VR JAV catalog is still very small but some people might be interested, i guess. This will be a downloads section.

Also i will provide Torrent magnets and direct Download links for certain key releases.

I might also begin a section of JAV for woman, but I don’t know if there’s enough people interested in this. Or if i have enough woman viewers to begin with. These type JAV’s focus more on the man, and the male actors are much more attractive. Let’s simply say this JAV movies try to appeal more to the female watchers.

Let me know in the comments section if anyone’s interested.


In the first year i published a mixture of old but great videos. And new, very very fresh releases (some even at pre-launch dates ;]). And i tried to keep this site b*llshit free. And  had good fun doing so.

It was, to my surprise, way harder than initially expected. But i learned a lot of things and i watched a lot of JP-babes!.

For another year of kicking ass.
Thank you.

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Congratulations! I’ve found this site for less than a month and I find it very good, choosing Openload for streaming is excellent.
I had never written because my English is very bad, but this is a special occasion.
I’ve watched more videos of different genres, admiring more actresses.
My favorites are: Ai Uehara, Shoko Takahashi, AIKA and Ayami Shunka, but I’m discovering other very interesting XD

Sorry for my English, I hope you understand what I meant.


Many thanks. You are like the oasis in the dessert of JAV.

Keep doing. I will continue to visiting.


thanks a lot for putting up this site.my only minor complain is probably openload, because somehow it loads so slow. but if you think its better than any other player out there, its fine by me.


some sites use google player, its quite fast, but the major drawback is it kinda has viewing limit (i dunno the certain number). and you cant right click – save video hahaha.

well, guess openload is fine for now.


Hi, I just found your web like a month ago, and I really appreciate your ads policy and video selection. I really like subjectivity tags 🙂
Today I see this post and I thought, only 7 comments? Oh come on, you should have more supporters, haha

So, happy belated 1st anniversary, keep up the good works and I hope you get enough income to keep this site alive 🙂


I love this site, I wanted to do a JAV blog for a long time but did not have time/too lazy so when I found your blog it was a miracle. I just turned off ad block today and will leave it off for jav guru *thumbs up*


Congrats mate ! And thank you! You are a godsend


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