Top 10 JAV – 1st anniversary special

Top 10 JAV – 1st anniversary special

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93,529 views Posted: August 26, 2017

I made a little top 10 JAV selection to celebrate our 1st year anniversary :). Criteria is simple: 10 JAV that were posted in this site during this first year and were very good. List is not order from best to worst, simply compiled randomly. I had 2250 titles to choose from, so it was hard to choose :), but i clearly remember some of this JAV to be best.

(Link to stream on top, link to buy on bottom):

1. SNIS-940

SNIS-940 in R18

2. XVSR-060

Ayano Nana is such an angel, and also a very quirky and funny girl

Last December she left the group group Ebisu muscats, and began taking an undefined break that is still on-going.

Looking to her recent twitter photos, is a bit sad how chubby Nana has got. I am to some extent convinced she wont make a come back.

At least we can remember her watching at the amazing titles she released in the past.

XVSR-060 in R18

3. KAWD-815

Sakura Yura decided this year that she wanted to retire at 22 years old. Sadly.

After watching KAWD-815 i was seriously impressed by how good this JAV was, and i expected her to become even more popular and a top JAV girl. Oh well. She might do a comeback, she had a break too in the past.

She leave us with this jewel.

KAWD-815 in R18

4. AVOP-005

Avop-005 is one of my favorite releases of all time. Period.

The cowgirl scene is just legendary.

Tsujimoto An, absolutely nails it in this movie.

I said in the past she is one of the few girls in Japanese porn industry that is a 10/10. She out-stands in every possible way. Including having a very recognizable and unique, yet charismatic, way of acting and composing herself.

AVOP-005 in R18

5. MIRD-167

Every-time i see this cover, i get a raging boner like never before. One of the best Harem JAV done ever.

And Atomi Shuri shines so bright in MIRD-167, that it makes my dick diamonds.

The whole MIRD series specializes in Harem fantasy, usually with top girls.

And it’s funny too, that Japanese tag this category as “lucky”. Meaning the guy is lucky. Some sort or Japanese porn industry insider joke.


6. LOVE-98

OK, i could have handpicked many other lolicon JAV releases, because to be honest there is a whole lot of good releases and actresses in this sub-genre. And i have a very nice and extensive loli JAV collection. But there’s something nice and special about this LOVE-98.

I really like how Tsuchiya Asami looks half retarded in all her videos (this is a compliment, yes :] ). Perhaps what i mean, is that she has a very unique and innocent way of acting. Always with a very sincere smile, and an impossibly slim tight body that makes me nuts.

Asami Tsuchiya is such a legendary girl. And pretty to say enough too.

LOVE-098 in R18

7. SNIS-951

Our piece of crap leader, Asuka Kirara :].

God, i love Asuka Kirara. She is my favorite girl of the group Ebisu Muscats, alongside with Tia.

Also is funny how Kirara has quickly become one of the richest (if not the richest) and best well paid actresses in the Japanese porn industry. Spent 3.6 million yen for a dog, that’s awesome girl…

In SNIS-951 she took on the Himekano manga role and nails it perfectly.

Who could have guessed this ex-cabaret club employee could be such a wonderful actress and porn-star.

SNIS-951 in R18

8. SNIS-886

This title totally blows my mind.

This 3 actresses are so wonderful:

  1. Hoshino Nami
  2. Minato Riku
  3. Mitake Suzu

I am a huge fan of them three.

Mitake Suzu is my favorite. An absolute perfect angel in every way. Still to this day im hoping Suzu Mitake changes her hair permanently to what she had in here.

Hoshino Nami is another awesome top JAV actress, with a 10/10 body and face. I will make

Minato Riku is the veteran of this group,  yet still a very beautiful actress that complements the trio very well.

Is one of my favorite releases EVER. And the money best well spent when i bought this in HD at R18.

SNIS-886 in R18

9. SNIS-583

Another of my favorite titles.

I talked plenty about Suzu Takachiho in this blog, and i guess for JAV fans the story is well-known.

The farm-girl Takachiho debuted in the most prestigious and top Japanese porn studio in the industry: The DMM owned S1 STYLE ONE. She did star in 3 titles and vanished after-wards. Just like that.

With one of the most spectacular slim and tall bodies we have seen ever. She became more popular with only 3 releases, than many well-established and hard working JAV actresses, without heavy marketing work, just pure godliness.

Some time later S1 studio recompiled her old discarded scenes…patched it together, and tried to pass it as new material, LOL!.

In any case Suzu Takachiho remains retired, and we still miss the teen Suzu. A lot.

In any case since i discovered Nanae Matsumoto i miss Suzu a bit less. Nanae is the ultimate Suzu substitute.

SNIS-583 in R18

10. HXAD-015

This release is amazing. I often re-watch it, and always delights me.

Emiri Suzuhara is such a goddess. And this HXAD-015 title always leave me really speechless.

Really a jewel. Love it.

Emiri Suzuhara doing JAV in pantyhose

XHAD-0015 In R18


Very special mention for Takasho and his debut in TEK-077. I was going to include it, but for whatever reason DMM didn’t include her pictures :p. Shameful. So… tough luck!.

So what JAV title did impress you guys?, let me know in the comments section.

For another 1 year. Enjoy.

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5 years ago

Since no one asked, here’s my Top 10 All-Time JAV list. My criteria was full-length movies with lots of hot action, but also some kind of story or situation that keeps you involved enough so you can happily watch in one sitting for at least 90 minutes. In other words, I eliminated movies that are just random hot action, no matter how hot.

While some actresses I like have multiple entries, it’s not just a list of my favorite girls. For example, Rena Aoi is one of my favorites, but she doesn’t have a full-length movie that works. And Shiina Sora is not my single favorite actress, but for whatever reason she’s been cast in a huge number of full-length movies that really work.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

My Top 10 is in no particular order, but I do have a Number One JAV Of All Time that I’ll list first. And now, the Best JAV Ever Made is … (drum roll):

NKKD-012 Atomi Shuri

It’s hot. It’s got story. It’s rapey. It’s lovey-dovey. Atomi Shuri has never looked sexier. The filmmakers make a lot of brilliant decisions, including some unusual ones. At the end of the day, it all just works. It’s number one on my list, and nothing else is even close.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

The rest of my Top 10 are in no particular order:

NKKD-011 Shiina Sora
MCMA-010 Yazawa Mimi
LOVE-363 Yazawa Mimi
SHKD-806 Aoi Kururugi
PRED-092 Aoi Kururugi
BLK-318 Shiina Sora
MIAE-056 Shiina Sora
MUM-154 Suzu Ichinose
IPZ-982 Kimiiro Kanon
MIGD-751 Atomi Shuri

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

And why not go for 20? Here’s my next 10 best in no particular order:

MIDE-476 Chinami Ito
HBAD-324 Mio Oshima
DASD-409 Mai Nanase
WANZ-507 Atomi Shuri
WANZ-534 Shiina Sora
T28-510 Shiina Sora
HND-340 Shiina Sora

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

And finally, some honorable mentions:

NKKD-089 Kokoro Amami
MUM-144 Saotome Yui
MUM-137 Kagami Shuna
MUM-193 Atomi Shuri
KTKZ-013 Kojima Ririka
HRRB-029 Rena Aoi
PRTD-015 Arisaka Miyuki
SNIS-746 Amatsuka Moe
MIAE-025 Shiina Sora
HND-555 Hoshizaki Rin
KTKL-044 Hoshizaki Rin
MIDE-622 Hikari Ninomiya
BLK-393 Nagisa Misuki

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

(I should note that I did not include MUM-184 because you can’t watch an unwatermarked version for love or money, and I hate watermarks. But if I did include it, it definitely would have been in my Top 10. Since Shiina Sora has 3 movies in my Top 10, I’d pull one of those out.)

5 years ago

It might be fun to put up a new blog post asking folks to leave comments with their Top 10 JAV, or their Top 5, or whatever. There are a bunch of commenters with good taste, and I’d bet there would be some interesting choices. And unlike back you put up this post, a new post would definitely get attention.

4 years ago

good choices, sir