Sakura Yura to retire from JAV at 22 :[

Sakura Yura to retire from JAV at 22 :[

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22,728 views Posted: August 14, 2017

Sakura Yura announced some months ago she will retire this year due to medical condition, at just 22 years of age and after releasing some of the best JAV titles of her career. Her retirement video KWBD-223, was announced, so very sadly it seems her retirement will be fullfilled.

Sakura Yura is a girl from Tokyo, 156cm tall, which debuted 4 years ago at 18 years of age. Her videos are in general very good, she’s quite a looker and an awesome performer. I was actually betting that she would left Kawaii studio and join soon S1 STYLE 1 studio to become a top girl in the industry. Quite the contrary she is unexpectedly leaving us :(.

She also left the girl group Ebisu Muscats, and goodbye JAV,  KWBD-223, will release soon.

Sakura Yura retires, why?

In short, nobody knows why. She says is medical reasons. Butor kawaii studio will fed us whatever story they want to make up.

Sakura Yura was already missing for half a year for personal reasons, because her father suspected she was doing JAV. I have a feeling this was a cause of on-going problems for her and might be real cause of her retirement.

The other rumor is that she found a serious boyfriend and she wants to raise a family and such, well!.

I can only wish her happiness, even if it’s very sad to see her go. But i think anyone should deserve a life turn-around. Also she was very inactive already on twitter and social media. Probably she was unhappy doing JAV to begin with, due to family problems.

What Sakura Yura JAV’s are good?

These are pretty awesome=

  1. KAWD-815. Which left me shocked and i think will be  one of the best JAV of the whole 2017.
  2.  KAWD-680. A lesbian special collaboration with S1 actress Moe Amatsuka. So epic.
  3. KAWD-785. Maid costume, cosplay and cowgirl. Where Sakura Yura shines bright.

I will be posting more of her very soon, i intended to post more JAV of her already some time ago but my backlog has been terribly long lately, and i never expected that she would really retire this year.

Sakura Yura, you will be missed

Just last month i included Sakura Yura in my favorite list of actresses for July. I really had high hopes for this girl to become a really huge superstar, so it’s really sad to see her go this young.

Now all we have left is to watch KWBD-223 after release, i’m really expecting this title now.

Is not crazy to think Sakura Yura might return in the future, but i wouldn’t hope too much and another long absence will definitively hurt her career.

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Leon Lee
6 years ago

nooooo =( She’s my current favorite. Please if you know of any JAV stars that are similar to her leave me a reply!

6 years ago

I will miss Yura Sakura, she is my favorite JAV actress. May I ask if you will going to upload her retirement video? 🙂 thanks!