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[SNIS-905] JK Walk Suzu Takachiho

[SNIS-905] JK Walk Suzu Takachiho

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So finally, i got my hands on SNIS-905. I can confirm the material is new and not a repackage of old-new material. However, sadly, this is another so-so release with nothing interesting other than one of the most hot JAV actress of this decade: Suzu Takachiho, but yet another failed opportunity.

SNIS 905: Analysis of a mediocre JAV with a goddess actress

First scene: Suzu in sailor uniform with a older pervert guy, she looking amazing and extremely hot. However this scene did trigger me: the old dude spit on Suzu mouth, preposterous!. After that, some role-playing, she puts a rubber on the old dude and they have sex, nothing special. The final pop in the mouth was nice though.

Second scene: This is the JK (schoolgirl) scene. With another old dude, (yeah, this JAV is about old dudes, sadly IMO). Again nothing special, sailor uniform and sex in a room. The guy pops rather fast, probably because he never fucked a girl so hot as Suzu.

Third scene: Bokki Sugihara scene…., the old dude we all love to hate. Another bedroom scene, some funny bits. Bokki acting himself as the pervert old dude. Suzu acting herself, as the slim shy hottie. The blowjob part was good, probably the best of this dvd. Then they have sex on the bed, Suzu being clothes and fully shaved looks good here.


Hardly a 6/10 release, come on SNIS!, we need more and better!. This girl has the best body we seen in the JAV industry in years. Far better than any girl awarded at the 2017 DMM awards, she just need to do something interesting.

Suzu Takachiho is still the perfect 10/10 girl that delighted us, i hardly can think of other active perfect 10 Jav girls other than An Tsujimoto and a very few others. But Suzu Takachiho will be past her prime soon is she releases so few, and boring titles.

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Just curious, when you say “other active perfect 10 Jav girls other than An Tsujimoto and a very few others”, who are the very few others? I enjoy Suzu and Tsujimoto a lot so i was curious who the other girls you liked were. But I’ll admit, her two most recent releases aren’t very good.


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