May 2019 JAV digest

May 2019 JAV digest

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155,427 views Posted: May 31, 2019

May was a lovely month with a good amount of good releases. Sakura Mana collection can be checked here, and peeps voted for Aika Yumeno for June.

So this month I enjoyed this videos (among others) =

3. HNDS-062  

9. BF-576  
12. ABP-859  

  1. WANZ-859. Julia is the boss but her subordinates are a buncha horny bastards.
  2. IPX-309. Momonogi in Idol mode = Godly mode.
  3. HNDS-062. Goodbye to Aya-chan. Will be missed.
  4. DASD-542. Reona Kirishima problems with his neighbor.
  5. SSNI-473. Yua addiction continues.
  6. IPX-316. Akari is back at what she does best.
  7. IPX-306. Pardon my french, but this is some f*cking epic Momo, in teacher costume no less.
  8. SSNI-466. Aoi was seriously pretty here.
  9. BF-576. Lots of Eimi videos this month, this was the most sought after.
  10. IPX-311. Swimsuits galore and big tits, why not.
  11. DASD-541. Small man getting cucked, and his wife loved every second of it.
  12. ABP-859. Shocker body and good visuals, can’t ask for more.


AVOP 2018 winners were announced here with AVOP-401 as a notable winner, and Aizawa Minami coronation happened at Dmm awards also in May. Also:

  • Suzumi Misa (涼海みさ) announced her retirement.
  • Seems Yume Kana will graduate from Maxing in July.
  • Mizuno Asahi retirement code was announced as HNDS-063 which will be released mid-June. That’s good for her, with HNDS she’s *almost* guaranteed a good farewell video.
  • Shida Yukina will leave MOODYZ.
  • Mana Riona (真奈りおな) from prestige will get a new name: something like Rio Cocona.
  • Kimiiro Kana is back from inactivity and also has a new name.
  • Mochizuki Arare is back.
  • The “six-languages” girl Takami Haruka (高美はるか), is graduating from SOD.
  • Mita An returning with a new name: Kawada Miharu.
  • Tsukushi Mika will retire.
  • Ayano Nana to retire from AV forever, what a flop.
  • Kotone Suzumiya (涼宮琴音) also known as Shirosaki Aoi will return with new material in August.
  • Kasai Ami announced her retirement by the end of the year.
  • Narumiya Rika also has retirement plans.
  • Male actor Taku Yoshimura announced he is getting a break.
  • KAORI will be retiring too.

And now stand up in respect for the Ebisu Muscats new Anthem =

They’re super duper cute, but this kinda hurts my ears.

HNDS-063 Asahi Mizuno JAV retirement cover.
Mizuno upcoming last.

Willingly taking a break from a never-ending stream of extremely hot girls, that’s stress for ya.

Hitomi doing Hitomi things & getting trolled.
Just being right is not important for trolls, Hitomi-chan! Ah, we love Hitomi. 🤤  Her Instagram can be found here. A whopping 1.8 million followers!

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4 years ago

some 6 months back, news like some JAV pornstar is retiring got me worried… but not anymore. i got to like JAV because of the amazing plot/acting and the passion they put in making these videos, but these days most of the JAV videos are almost like western porn just no plot build up, etc, etc… just plain hardcore sex. in the west 70/80’s are called the golden age of porn, i guess 2010’s is the golden age of JAV and has now come to an end it seems. all good things will end 🙁

4 years ago

Do you mind subbing Yumeno Aika’s vids? They look like they have an interesting plot 🙂

4 years ago

Iam glad that Mita An is back. I love her videos.

4 years ago

Was just wondering if anyone knows any videos like this one? MDB-733

4 years ago

Mio mikijima for next girl of the month pls

4 years ago
Reply to  Semarabawa

kimijima is similar to mechanical tennis rocket launchers .- mete and shoot, put and shoot …

4 years ago

one thing I can say about Karen Ishida (not liking her new name) is that she really likes riding her men in DASD 542 plus the added cream is an extra bonus, whether real or not … Momo Sakura is extremely hot in IPX 306 and she’s getting good in these JAV drama videos (Tsukasa Aoi is still the best for JAV drama, IMO), I prefer these drama videos than those straight up sex scenes she used to do… remember IPX 279 with Taku?, Momo pissing on Taku is such a glorious sight… one last thing, Mihiro is still so hot and can definitely stand her own against those younger girls in that Animal Anthem video…

4 years ago
Reply to  jamesp08

I love how in a lot of her videos Karen keeps her eyes open when she’s making out with a dude. That’s so hot. And she’s really aggressive at times.

4 years ago

楼主 你好, 请问你知不知道即将发行的 HND-684 是大约在描述什么样的剧情啊?

看到我那心爱的女优被羞辱的封面, 我的鸡鸡都硬了啊

4 years ago

Holy hell this Heisei to Reiwa-era change and Akiho Yoshizawa retiring really started something because now we have two veterans Sho Nishino and Jessica Kizaki both throwing in the towel. To be fair they both stuck around waaaay longer than expected (Jessica was like only one from IdeaPocket’s golden years who didn’t retired back in 2015/16 and Nishino…I didn’t even knew she was still doing AV). This really just says that times indeed change:

4 years ago

Ai Uehara is back in social media and she looks better than ever. I’ve grown so used to her classic black hair doll look that I almost didn’t recognize her, which is probably what she’s going for tbh. It’s kinda weird if a kid walks down the street and looks at you funny, and then you just know that he’s watched you get absolutely hammered by cocks in every hole.

4 years ago
Reply to  eosoo

Link please

indo janggoro
4 years ago

That song is worse, i thought yua mikami and kana momonogi has a good voice. oh god. The dance too. it is too pandering to untapped market of weird ROCKET-esque fetish. Is all ebisu muscat video like this ?

4 years ago
Reply to  indo janggoro

I mean, other than Yua Mikami they’re all just gravure models and AV stars. I doubt they got the same dance training as a group like AKB48 nor do I think the company they work for care enough to make it look and sound top notch. It’s just to showcase the girls, get them some exposure and make money.

jason smyth
4 years ago

Hello Admin could you sub Asahi’s last performance? I was watching a bit of it and they do some candid looking interviews, Asahi even cries before here first scene, it would be amazing to understand what’s shes saying, thank you!

4 years ago

Saw a quite disturbing rumour flowing around: Ichika Kotone who apparently has cancer, had a meltdown on Twitter saying that her friend Aida Asuka killed herself and even he made weird suicidy tweets herself. One tweet was like “that cancer must be punishment because I couldn’t save her”. Of course these were quickly deleted, but given that Asuka hasn’t tweeted since the end of February, it might just be true. 🙁

4 years ago

I read an article on a Vietnamese website (I made a huge effort to translate it) in which it was said that Aida Asuka committed suicide and that her agency hid the news to continue earning with her name because there were still works to be released.

4 years ago
Reply to  Definiant99

sad, they are too young. my condolences.

4 years ago

I hope to return to inspiration and be able to write something worthy for this interesting and enjoyable site of jav. it happens that I do not like to praise the size of hitomi, or the amount of tablespoons of breakfast semen of these goddesses. I beg forgiveness.

4 years ago

Where is my Jun Aizawa she is retired? she have tattoo on my left hand

4 years ago


3 years ago

Bro please bring back the blog . It was so cool.