Poll for May ‘019

Poll for May ‘019

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46,860 views Posted: April 1, 2019

All the girls were picked in random order from the last poll who was held here. Note that this time there are 2 votes & 8 choices =

2. AYA

  1. Sakura Mana
  2. Miyazaki Aya
  3. Ayumu Sena
  4. Hirose Umi
  5. Hashimoto Reika
  6. Honda Misaki
  7. Nishinomiya Konomi
  8. Kawana Minori

Quite a lot of people participated in the last poll, so thanks for that too. 🙂

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5 years ago

For the next poll I would recommand Ichikawa Masami, i think she’s got some good old videos

Tommy Lo
5 years ago
Reply to  Home2

She looked totally unrecognizable than her debut years….

5 years ago
Reply to  Home2

Lately I’ve been getting into her more and more. I think her shorter hair is more to my liking. I usually don’t like shorter hair but she is good.

5 years ago

Go Sakura-Chan !!!

5 years ago

My vote goes to Kawana Minori and Honda Misaki. And still waiting for the subtitled version of URE-032.

5 years ago
Reply to  Ethos5418

me too 😀

5 years ago

hmm, i think youve already uploaded like 80% of Minori’s releases already.

5 years ago

same, i voted for both of them

5 years ago

It feels weird to include Sakura Mana on a poll like this. Isn’t she super popular in Japan? Like close to rank 1 for a period of time popular? When you get to the top 10 at least once, it feels less about merit of girl and more about preference. Like picking between Ai Uehara, Yui Hatano, and Hibiki. But I guess she isn’t as popular overseas.

5 years ago

I wanna see Mihiro in the next poll please

5 years ago

Honda Misaki!

5 years ago

HiroseUmi Konomi or Aya will be fantastic please

5 years ago
Reply to  Umi

Agreed sir!

5 years ago


5 years ago

Mana Sakura, the only one !

5 years ago

go go go Minori-chan

5 years ago

Aya Miyazaki… for ever!!!

5 years ago

Mihiro and Riri Kuribayashi for next poll please..
Need some classic jav with a little mosaic 😀

5 years ago

Nagai Mihina for the next poll please

5 years ago

Yumeno Aika or Nagase Asami for next poll, please!

5 years ago

Mizukawa Sumire Please 🙂

5 years ago

misaki honda is one of the best ever

5 years ago

So , few years back I watched this video in adulydailycare.net , which website is not anymore.
The story goes like this , mother and tutor and her son. Mother was forced by his tutor and the son has got to see the video and the mother do it with her son.
If anyone know this story and know the link , will be much appreciated.
I have been searching back for long and couldnt find it.
Thanks in advance

5 years ago

Please, Mihara Honoka for next poll.

5 years ago

any news on Tia? it’s been awhile

5 years ago

Admin: Megu Kosaki, I know she was active 2010-2014 don’t know after that. She is sexy in a similar manner to Jessica Kizaki, Aki Sasaki and Asama Ogawa. If you could track down some of her vids it would be much appreciated. I’ve seen her in VEC-019 with very little mosaic where she gets banged in front of her husband, there is some poetic justice when you see who her husband is. She is gorgeous in NADE-774. DRS-071, JUC-401, MDYD-583. Haven’t been able to get JUC-381, and don’t know how many more she has out there. The ones I have listed are pretty much cuck videos with some NTR but not in the Attackers harsh, violent way. A sweet, beautiful lady who could wrap me around her finger in a heartbeat. Thanks, as always.

5 years ago

can you upload TOMN-131

Lakad Matatag
5 years ago

My vote goes to Hirose Umi of course!

5 years ago

Miyazaki Aya gets my vote !!

5 years ago

Kawana Minori, she is my top girl XD

5 years ago

My vote is for Mana and Reika.