March 2019 digest

March 2019 digest

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106,196 views Posted: March 31, 2019

Arisaka Miyuki will be the girl of the month in April.

Some of the movies I quite enjoyed on March include these (among others) =

  1. MVSD-376 
  2. SDDE-573 
  3. SSNI-432 
  4. DASD-521 
  5. SSNI-434 
  6. MIAA-037 
  7. SSNI-428 
  8. PPPD-738 


  • Last day 3/20 and until May 7, 2019, DMM started to accept online votes here, for upcoming DMM awards that will be held 12 May.  More on this later, but the nominees are these = 

Best Actress:
– Aizawa Minami.
– Aoi Tsukasa.
– Amatsuka Moe.
– Ichikawa Masami.
– Shiina Sora.
– Nanasawa Mia.
– Hoshina Ai.
– Miura Sakura.
– Mitani Akari.
– Yoshitaka Nene.

Best New Actress:
– Arimura Nozomi.
– Itou Mayuki.
– Kawai Asuna.
– Sakamichi Miru.
– Takarada Monami.
– Tadai Mahiro.
– Tomita Yui.
– Narumiya Rika.
– Honjou Suzu.
– Masuzaka Mia.


  • Shunka Ayami retires just today 3/31, she will have a special event, and a retirement special video soon: SSNI-446.
  • Sasaki Aki retires at 39 on SDNM-061.
  • Himawari Yuzuki announced her retirement on Twitter.
  • Seems Hosho Riri repackaged herself once again under a new name: Ichika Kotone (一花琴音).
  • Akky recently revealed on a TV program how much she was earning yearly working as a pornstar: she said about 50-30 million yen per year.
  • Apparently, @yano_purple will be gone soon.


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5 years ago

What do you mean “@yano_purple will be gone soon” ? She is no longer in AV industry or she will deleted her Twitter account and live a normal life ?

5 years ago

Admin, could tell me if hanon hinana retired? I haven’t see any news about her or any possible films in the future.

5 years ago

She’s leaving the Muscats too.
Health issues IIRC. She had another hiatus last year.

5 years ago

Apparently Mayu Satou/Ayu Satou retired 30 March. I’m devastated!

5 years ago

It’s retirement time… Kitagawa Erika will be gone in a month. Sakura Kizuna announced her retirement in one year’s time.

IIRC Acky said the most she made was 50 million yen a year back in the day, and that currently it was over half of that, so some announcer jumped at that “so you’re making 30 million now!” and she couldn’t deny it.

5 years ago

Who is topic click girl

5 years ago

Erika Kitagawa made her retirement official, April 30, 2019:

The reasons are the usual: Longevity, lack of motivation, wish for a new, normal life. Her social media will still be active. I think her mom’s stroke and the retirement of other girls also played part of making this decision.

Angry Trev
5 years ago

Not surprised to hear about @yano_purple. I think she went into the business completely under-estimating the physical standards needed but if she kept working at it, she could’ve been successful. I believe her last video was an uncensored one? Either way, she had a unique look that set her apart but she stopped dyeing her hair.

5 years ago
Reply to  Angry Trev

Don’t think she really had the looks to become one of those S1/Moody type contract girls to be honest no matter how hard she worked at it. The other girls who are not in those types of contracts seems to be on the hard daily grind for less money instead of the lax monthly schedules.

Angry Trev
5 years ago
Reply to  boomk

Certainly not S1/Moodys territory but enough to establish her own niche.

5 years ago

What does Igarashi seiran’s tweet mean? Is She retiring?

5 years ago
Reply to  Red

I like this pretty girl, she wants to be a singer av-idol?

5 years ago

Himawari Yuzuki went downhill since she left Ideapocket. how she looked post her IPX days showed how good the makeup artists in Ideapocket are.

Angry Trev
5 years ago

Hasn’t Azuki retired? There’s been nothing from her for close to a year?

5 years ago

Just read that today (April 5) there were 80 new releases, man if that’s true when do you sleep? Akky has also said she gets tested for STD’s every month. After that story about the unknown actress with HIV, no test – no work.

Curious Person
5 years ago

Just wondering if there’s any reason why Sora Aoi had all her stuff pulled from R18 .com? I know she recently announced her pregnancy, but I don’t get why that would suddenly pull her material.

5 years ago
Reply to  Curious Person

Actresses can choose to have their videos removed after 5 years. She probably elected to do that because of the pregnancy.

5 years ago

hohoho it’s finally here. Aisu Kokoa’s comeback has landed. MIAA-068 with Moodyz out on May 13. She joined T-Powers less than 2 months ago, went to business right away with Moodyz and her video is out in less than 3 months! And I just realized she’s changed her twitter profile and describes herself as a “Moodyz x WANZ double exclusive (actress)”. So it’s going to be 2 videos a month. Her Wanz video should be announced on May 1st (out sometime in June), so she probably spoiled the news there. Looking at her SMS pics, I thought she’d lost weight, but I was so wrong! Judging from the preview & screenshots, she’s still cute and her ass remains awesome. She’s got some flab around her belly but IIRC she said she was working on that on twitter, and everything else is looking fine so it’ll be OK. They just have to avoid hard pounding from below and angles that make it most visible in reverse cowgirl (there was a bit of that in the preview which they should have cut out if you ask me). Nanasawa Mia congratulated her and said Kokoa was one of the reasons why she got… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  javver

Kokoa is back!? That’s awesome!

She had very good videos like DVDES-716, BBAN-066, KAWD-554, MIAD-726
and many others.

Damn, if the thing you say about Mia it’s true, Moodyz have an obligation to give us these two working together.

Please Admin can you put Kokoa in the next girl of the month poll to celebrate her comeback?

5 years ago

I’m sometimes a bit confused about what some JAV stars get up to after retirement. I get that some disappear into private life, and that some try to earn money with their fame in non-porn ways. But then you have someone like Yazawa Mimi, probably my favorite JAV star of all time. Her last shoot was more than a year ago, she seems to have stopped doing soapland / escort work, and doesn’t seem to be doing anything else fame-wise. But she’s still tweeting kawaii photos at @mimitan__dayo. Maybe Mimi-kun is just unusually chill about having worked in JAV – she seemed to be a no-drama kind of girl. And don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly nice to still have her visible, but it just seems weird to my American sensibilities for her to not disappear but also not try to make money off her fame.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

As far as I can see she’s doing “delivery health” at the moment:

5 years ago
Reply to  javver

Huh. That explains why she’s still tweeting. Google Translate kinda chokes on the page, so I can’t read the details, but I assume it’s one of those $700 per session things I’ve read about. And FWIW, it just blows my mind that you can screw your favorite JAV star for a relatively low amount of money. If I were Japanese, I’d be saving my pennies to visit Mimi-kunn as much as I could. I know that a good number of US porn stars escort, but it’s the kind of situation where you have to know someone who knows someone to get a session with them. For anyone to be able to easily book a JAV star through a website is just so cool, and so surprising from an American POV.

5 years ago
Reply to  Chucky

What is the name of the website? Is there a website that you can buy japanese pornstars used panties?