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28,857 views Posted: February 3, 2019

Last month  won the monthly poll. Which doesn’t happen often for retired girls? Seems actresses popularity fade very quickly, and JAV fans prefer those girls who are currently active. Or at least that’s my take from all the polls we had.

Anyhow, vote up, this are the girls peeps suggested =

  1. Mion Sonoda – It could be cool to repost those old S1 Sonoda Mion videos. She also has a few image videos and VR. An impressive female.
  2. Naruse Cocomi – She has a truckload of great and juicy old videos from many studios, and as anon said, my lack of Kokomi is alarming. 🙂
  3. Matsushita Saeko – Saeko is great, Nuff said. I will post every single one of her videos if she wins.
  4. Sora Shiina – Already posted plenty of Sora. But those very old videos from her look great. She looked really gorgeous a few years back.



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5 years ago

I swear to god if Mion Sonoda doesn’t win this…

5 years ago

is this another 10 year challenge?

5 years ago
Reply to  its2019

I think it’s a time-travel challenge.

5 years ago

Why Saeko ?
You have already uploaded a lot of her video.

5 years ago

Again Sora Shiina? Since her month has already had, this time I voted for Sonoda Mion.

5 years ago

Sora Shiina’s movies becoming stale lately. i agree that her older videos are arguably better. Saeko’s latest movie is awesome tho.

5 years ago

once again, my girl (Kokomi) is in last place. almost went for the god Sora but we’ve seen plenty of her. sonoda looks so typical/fake, seems to be the flavour around here each month.

5 years ago

For the next month put in the poll Kawana Minori.

5 years ago

The nominations (23) for the AVOP Awards have been announced:
– Aramura Akari
– Hachino Tsubasa
– Hamasaki Mao
– Hanasaki Ian
– Hashimoto Reika
– Hasumi Kurea
– Hatsumi Rin
– Hoshi Anzu
– Ikuta Miku
– Kawana Minori
– Konno Hikaru
– Kuwata Minori
– Mihara Honoka
– Mitani Akari
– Nagase Asami
– Narumiya Iroha
– Ririka
– Sasaki Aki
– Sunohara Miki
– Takarada Monami
– Yamai Suzu
– Yuuki Iori
– Yuutsuki Kokona

5 years ago
Reply to  SalvoPanda

Man, I have a problem. I login when I enter the site but every time I move from a page to another, it log out. Can you tell me if it’s just my problem?

5 years ago

Miss saeko all the way. Cant seem to get enough of her. Wish she is more active this year!

5 years ago

Btw i think miss akari mitani should be included in this poll

5 years ago

I voted for Shiina Sora. Like everyone else, I like her older videos more than her new ones. But so many of her older videos are just amazing. And it’d be cool if she wins because some of her very best videos aren’t up at this fine website yet. For example, NKKD-011, BLK-318, WANZ-534, T28-510, and HND-340. She may not be my favorite girl, but she’s been in more movies I really like than any other girl.

5 years ago

I voted Naruse Kokomi. She is really cute and deserve to have more of her works here.

5 years ago

Would like to include Minori Hatsune for next month’s poll pls.

5 years ago
Reply to  Javlover19

This would be great

5 years ago

Sora Shiina does nothing for me…Naruse Cocomi has a large backlog….Mion Sonoda is beautiful, but not enough of a backlog…would be great to have all of Matsushita Saeko backlog, all on one site..Saeko gets my vote!

5 years ago

Next month can we do Miku Ohashi? She is truly amazing

5 years ago

Go go Mion Go..I basically rooted for this girl

5 years ago

Please upload more cocomi even if she didn’t win 🙁

Jason Stokes
5 years ago

Hello Guru in honor of Asahi’s retirement, could you sub A Slut And 20 Single Men Under One Roof Please Spend The Day With Me And Be My Creampie Manager Asahi Mizuno (HND-322) its an awesome video of her as a landlord visiting her property with single men where she finds a way to fuck them all, thank you in advance!