[MPD-035] Outdoor Exposure Married girl (26 Years Old) Sakai Chiaki

[MPD-035] Outdoor Exposure Married girl (26 Years Old) Sakai Chiaki

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64,859 views Posted: August 5, 2018

I haven’t posted any of these public nudity JAV videos in a long while. And this one is very juicy plus the girl is very attractive.

Now, the girl is Sakai Chiaki. She used to do loli videos in the early 2000’s, and so in this video, they claim she has 26 years old. In the video itself, Sakai Chiaki walks around the city. Hops on the real train subway, and flash herself naked in the real outdoors to real random people. Goes to a real pachinko parlor and has sex outdoors. Not a bad day at the office!.

If I usually claim everything in JAV is staged. This one isn’t. They even interact and talk with random dudes in the street. Which by nowadays standards is pretty crazy. Needless to say, as we are now on the smartphone and in the internet era, this kind of video would be impossible.

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5 years ago

ah, this video is legendary, and her ass is amazing. kudos for the upload.

5 years ago

I know iam nasty but i hate this video and producer this video very crazy

5 years ago

This video came out in 2008

5 years ago

her butt is perfect

4 years ago

there is another one with this girl is it? the third one

4 years ago
Reply to  bullkuantan

or the second

2 years ago

others.. MPD-006 & MPD-021 and few more..