[SUN-098] Railway bento exhibitionist. Loves carrying-sex!! Pounding the shaved little girl!

[SUN-098] Railway bento exhibitionist. Loves carrying-sex!! Pounding the shaved little girl!

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33,060 views Posted: September 18, 2023

Yura Kana is such a national treasure. Fantastic actress.

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5 days ago

Really loved this outdoor sex and the way he creampied her in mid air at the beginning. Do more of this videos. Plz do this type of sex with with Kuramoto sumire.

5 days ago

omg I love this cute Japanese bento

142cm of pure bliss

5 days ago

She keeps shrinking

5 days ago

What does this have to do with railroads?

5 days ago
Reply to  Jeffrey

Quite a question. I looked at how other sites had translated the title.

JAVLibrary and JAVTrailers went with:

Ekiben Exposure I Love Hug Sex! ! Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread Bread Girl!

JAVLand went with

I Love Ekiben Revealing Cuddle Sex!! The Little Girl With The Shaved Punch Pang Pang!

The original apparently being: 駅弁露出 抱っこSEXが大好き!!パイパン微少女をパンパンパンパンパン!Ekiben roshutsu dakko SEX ga daisuki! Paipan bi shōjo o panpanpanpanpan!

Googled Ekiben (駅弁) and at first found it means either:

boxed lunch bought at a station (often a local specialty)
お昼は駅弁にしよう。Let’s have one of those boxed lunches they sell at train stations.


variety of sexual positions

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5 days ago
Reply to  Jeffrey

Next Googled Bento. Found

A bento (弁当, bentō) is the Japanese iteration of a single-portion take-out or home-packed meal

Next found one of the wikipedia articles on Ekiben begins:

Ekiben (駅弁, railway bento) are a specific type of bento boxed meals, sold on trains and at train stations in Japan.

But there was a disambiguation hyperlink, that led to

Ekiben (Japanese: 駅弁) is a sex position that consists of a person being carried by their partner while having sex with them.

There is a picture that is captioned:

“One partner stands while holding up the other similar to the box it is named after.” (Can’t say I saw how the picture looked like an Ekiben food box. . .)

But apparently the position was called “the Suspended Congress” in the Kama Sutra and Ekiben in Japanese

Apparently, haimen ekiben (背面駅弁) or reverse ekiben is the same thing only with the person being penetrated facing in the opposite direction

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jav npc
4 days ago
Reply to  Jeffrey

Because he is railing her.

Mang kanor
4 days ago

Sobrang sarap nyan sigurado lalo na pag risky ang kantutan sa public man o sa bahay please make and release a movie mom and son carrying position without pulling out na penis of son for 60 minutes incest sex games na risky situation dahil ang father is around the house kumbaga tapos bawal mahuli dahil kung hindi walang prize na makukuha I want to see tabichana Mary at Ipa pa.