[DUND-002] 近藤あさみ Asami Kondo – Bishojo Gakuen New Chapter

[DUND-002] 近藤あさみ Asami Kondo – Bishojo Gakuen New Chapter

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51,053 views Posted: June 7, 2018

BUND-002_DUND-002.part1.rar (1945.6 Mb)
BUND-002_DUND-002.part2.rar (1945.6 Mb)
BUND-002_DUND-002.part3.rar (381.6 Mb)

Too much Kondo

Although technically this is not JAV. This Idol release itched my curiosity way too much. Asami Kondo is a very popular gravure idol and given that now she is 18-year-old, and after watching this DVD, I can only say that my brain is going to melt and I’m going to need a dick transplant.

Asami Kondo is so godly. She is perfectly slender yet somehow her buttocks have a certain volume and meat that looks good. The face is probably her best feature, and her smile is so killer. Or should I put it this way, Asami Kondo smile can make me warm on a rainy day.

The production team did an awesome job on this release and the camerawork is very comfy and well-done.

And as much I want Gemma to debut in JAV, I don’t want Asami Kondo to debut in JAV, not at all. She is so pure I love it this way. Ha!.

As a final note, BUND-002 is the Blu-ray version. DUND-002 being the normal version. The download links I include here are of better quality, however, they have some minimal watermarks.

And then, this June another Asami Kondo will release 6/25: BFAA-004 (cover below). You guys can preview the image below, and I am seriously considering buying the DVD.

PS: Kondo twitter, also fun: asami_kondo

bfaa-004 preview Idol cover

Asami a goddess kondo

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6 years ago

Asami Kondo finally comes of age. Would feel a bit wrong to see her doing AV hah.

I don’t suppose you know if Mashiro Tachibana ever switched from softcore stuff to AV? Is she still making videos? She was my dream girl a few years back

5 years ago

i hate this no nude iwan to see niple

5 years ago

Where to buy these dvds?

5 years ago

Lovely. My favorite idols are the Higashi Asaka and Okita Ayaka duo. They too must be about to reach 18. Have you seen them? Know if there is anything new from them?